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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


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It is right that university graduates should earn more money than less well educated people, but they should pay the full cost of their education.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?
There is a proposal suggested that university tuition fees should be refunded by the beneficiaries graduated from the institutions . nevertheless, the salaries of these graduates is higher than their peers who do not have a university degree. Although some people might disagree about the proposal for their specific reasons , I do agree with the proposal in terms of finance and investments in other sectors , and, independency
The fact that the wages of the new graduates from university is not as high as other graduates who are studying the same degree because these new employees are still in the primary stage of the career ladder. Paying these fees may not be a problem because these fees are taken from individual’s salaries by instalments and therefore the proportions taken from salaries are unnoticeable and minor. This will boost the governments budgets and help to improve other sectors in the country. For example, if the government invests the money that was allocated to refund the educational bodies of their students into cancer research in the health sector , more people may obtain the chance to recover from this disease in long term.

It is crucial to be acknowledged by the admission department of the university during the study in the university that the government is not responsible for their study. This may motivate the students to work harder and encourage them that the life is not easy and they should depend on themselves when they graduate. For example, if a student is studying science in one of the universities that has very good reputation in the country and he knows that he does not have to worry about tuition fees in the university because it would be paid for by the government , he would not be enthusiastic about passing and might take a longer time to finish his study.
To conclude, it is important to bring up our generations with the fact that it is our responsibility to help the government in all sectors and contribute to mitigate the financial issues that may they may encounter , such as the education sector.

{other graduates who are studying the same }
I think it would be better we omit (who are)

i have problem in spellings , so what do i. advance thank you

This is my essay. However, I am not quite confident with some vocab. so that I put them in Italic and hopefully you can tell me if they are correct.

In some countries, having a place in universities means that the career could be guaranteed and students must study really hard to pass the university leaving examination. From my point of view, I agree that university graduates deserve to receive better income than people who stop at lower education levels. However, I oppose the idea that these graduates should be responsible 100 percent for the tuition fee at universities for several reasons discussed below.

There are two main reasons explain why graduates should have higher salaries than their peers who are less educated. First, university students must invest a lot of time into gaining their qualifications. Usually, an university course takes students approximately four years to accomplish and this is such an expensive opportunity cost because student obviously could use this time to run their own business, for instance, and make money very early. Second, graduates are perceived to be excellent at their major and play an important role in the progression at any enterprise. They can use specialized knowledge studied at universities to solve problems which a normal person is not capable of. Understandably, high payments are definitely appropriate for their efforts.

On the other hand, although there are some concerns that a tolerant policy of tuition fee could cause negative effects to the national budget, I still think that university graduates should be deducted from the cost of their education or even awarded complete scholarships in case they have good performances. Because without support (bailout: may i use it to replace support) from the government, it is clear that some talented students coming from poor families will not be able to across the financial boundary and might quite studying soon. I do believe that the short term loss in economy could also be compensated by the long term gain from a brighter future of young generations.

In conclusion, whereas I am for that university graduates should earn more money than less well educated people, I am against that they should completely pay the cost of their study. Instead of discussing about who should take the responsibility for this expense, it is more effective to call upon sponsors who have needs to invest into education to share the burden that exists.

Hi Simon
Thanks this is really helpful

If you could please collect all past IELTS writing topics and publish it in a book, that would be really great idea.

With the arrival of the economical recession, universities’ fee rose dramatically in a number of western countries. There is even a taught putting a further pressure on higher degree awarded students to pay the total cost of their study, since they earn relatively higher during work compared to schools graduated employee. In my opinion, it is better to look at the benefits of higher education in a wider scale rather than an individual.

The fact is that scientists serve for a nation interests. If they develop a plan for construction of infrastructures in the country, the real and long terms benefits of the work go to the public. Take civil engineers with higher salary as an example who design roads for the country. They often try to design a cost-effective project which not only shorten the existing distance, but also do quality work and improve a country image that will save public budget in long-term. Given that these are the highly educated people who often develop a country economy, generate job opportunities and make people’s lives easier through innovation in technologies.

Moreover, it is extremely important to cultivate the culture of appreciation of highly educated workers, so human rights are preserved. Several constitutions in civil societies nowadays guarantee people’s basic rights for their citizens, which includes the right of education. Virtually, there are a common practices that some people are more responsible towards others and always try to effectively use their time, while others live like parasites. It is not fair to ignore people efforts, since this leads societies toward inequality which is often known the source of conflicts in the countries.

It is therefore suggested to be grateful for those who graduate from degree course rather than penalize them for their contribution to the humanity.

Dear Simon,
Hope you find this intresting.
Thank you for your effots

I tend to agree that that the academic qualifications are necessary to improve your career and get more income especially in those jobs need well-educated staff. However, tuitions could be either fully covered or subsidized by governments or civil institutions.

Initially, when you study in a university that means you will lose job opportunities to assist you in the life. Whereas, you are suffering from time pressure to meet study requirements with a part time job to earn some money to cover the university tuition. Therefore, Years of study should be accounted when employers offer a work for who has a university degree. In addition, the changing and the developments in the life have made jobs and works more and more complicated particularly in certain areas medical, engineering, or accounting to name but a few. Those led us to carry on our study after school to be able to fill the positions even they take a long period. So their efforts and difficulties they faced should be compensated through higher benefits.

In contrast, Students need to help by society to pay all of study cost. If we don't assist them, we will lose huge energies of talented can change our future. Consequently, governments have responsibilities against citizens towards their education taking into account its investment in the coming generation. From other side, After financial crisis , in particular, people can't afford more living expenses which affects on their decision to enroll universities or not.

To conclude, there are vital factors supporting the statement that qualified people should be paid more wages because of their efforts in studying at university. As well as, many critical jobs need skilled and educated workers which mean paying more money to attract them. On the contrary, alumni should not put up with highly cost of study when governments or parents could play this role.

I am not very good to take photographs. OR
I am not very good at taking photographs....

People are tired to hear politicians' promises about terrorism. OR
People are tired of hearing politicians' promises about terrorism.

which sentences r appropriate in writing plz give feedback briefly about that complex sentences..

Thanks for sharing your essays.


Hi Vishal,

My advice is: every time you make a spelling mistake, write the correct spelling on a list, and learn the list. Also, use a dictionary when you are not sure. There is no easy way - you just need to keep learning.


Hi Dongqtrung,

I'm afraid I don't correct essays, but my advice is not to use "a tolerant policy of tuition fee" or "bailout".


Good idea Bryar!


Hi Jay,

'at taking' and 'of hearing' are correct and appropriate. The other 2 are not correct.

thnx simon

Don't worry Simon, I don't expect you correct all my essay. I just wondered if these words in Italic are right :)

Can you show me an alternative for "a tolerent policy of tuition fee" (I am talking about tuition fee is subsidized partly by governments)?

Thank you so much for your guidance!

In today's world, students work extensively to obtain excellent marks and be enrolled in one of the well known universities in their hometown. One might say that this puts tremendous amount of pressure to those aiming to be on the top-notched school in order for them to get a better paying job than those people who are less educated. However, I do not agree that students who came from high standard university institutions are required to spend more money on their education.

There are lots of things why graduates deserve good salaries due to the fact that they invested significant time and effort into gaining their qualifications. Some even have spent most of their leisure time to studying instead of going out with there friends to play sports every weekend. In addition, they even value so much of their time and money to projects and researches which puts humongous stress on themselves. Furthermore, newly graduates have adequate knowledge, skills and training needed for their employment, which in turn not only an asset to company but also to society.

On the other hand, some may say that it is brutal if we let the students to pay the full cost of education that could lead to reduction of student applicants in a university because they cannot afford and sustain the expenses to finish the courses.
This problem also causes to place students in a great deal of debt by resorting to student loan.

In summary, I personally agree that by giving something in return for those graduates who achieved excellent grades, is indeed, deserve to earn higher amount of money than those who do not. Nevertheless, educational institutions should at least lower the tuition fee cost for those student who strive hard by giving scholarship rather than pressing another pressure on financial aspect of student's life.

This is my introduction
thanks Simon

It is certainly true that college graduates earn significant more salary than lower educated people in society. Although I accept that graduates earn far more than other. However, I disagree with the idea that they pay whole fees to finish their education degree.

this my full essay Simon
Please comment if ?
It is certainly true that college graduates earn significant more salary than lower educated people in society. Although I accept that graduates earn far more than other. However, I disagree with the idea that they pay whole fees to finish their education degree.

Firstly, higher qualified people are assets of our society. The time they spent to gain education and skilled eventually beneficial for community. It is not abnormal for graduates to event new technology which provides advance features to access information such as latest I phone, and computer technology in this way their skills and education helps to built future of nation. Moreover, this new technology especially in health discovered by graduates provides assistance for sick people. Brain scanner for instance provides accurate result of patents problems within a few second it not possible in early life. As a result, graduate deserve some subsidies fees instead of pay full amount.

Secondly, obtain graduate degree is symbol of their scarification, individuals spent enormous time and sometime they give up their earlier job to get graduate degree. They spend their huge amount of time to reading and finishing assignment instead of part time work. In addition, higher qualification is expansive today therefore individual cannot afford to pay full amount of their education fee without earning. Hence, it is clear that individuals’ graduates need some financial help to finish their education.

In conclusion, it is certain that well educated people receive more money than other people. However their education symbol of their hard work and helps society in many ways, therefore I think that they not require paying full fees of education.

hello simon..i cant actually understand one part of the question .."they should have to pay the full cost of education"..can you pls further explain the meaning?..pls pls..tnx so much...

more power and God Bless..=)

Hi Dongqtrung,

You've almost answered your own question - just write: "concerns that subsidising tuition fees..."


Gwapo and kb,

You seem to have the right idea.


Hi Mya,

It means 'pay tuition fees to the university'.

Thank you a lot Simon. Wish you a nice weekend :)

They can use specialized knowledge studied at universities to solve problems which a normal person is not capable of== of which a normal person is not capable


there is no room for doubt that the university graduates have the right to earn higher salaries than others. Although the tuition fees is expensive, but there is strong motive output from a desire to self-realization.

A majority of people believes that individuals with a higher degree deserve a higher pay than their counterparts without one.However, not everyone agrees with the idea of a mandatory return of a college loan that was barrowed while studying.There are many reasons to support this point of view as will be explained below.

There are various reasons why university graduates should earn more money when compared to those who have chosen to work right after high school rather than pursuing their academic degree.
Often times, university graduates have to invest a cosiderable amount of time and effort into gaining their qualifications.They had to undertake a long period of study to aquire knowledge, skills and training required for important jobs.For instance,doctors are required to complete a university and usually a minimum of two year training to be able to work in a medical workforce.Therefore, it seems that it is reasonable for university graduates to make more money than other less qualified individuals.
Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there are many reasons for which college graduates should not be required to pay the full costs of their education.
Many people believe that professionals with high qualifications are an important asset to society. Doctors, lawyers and engineers are contributing to health, legal affairs and the development of our infrastructure.If people were not encouraged into such professions we could find ourselves in a situation of skills shortage.
Imposing college costs entirely on individuals would definitely deter many young people from going to university in the fist place.
Moreover, those graduates will contribute to the wellfare of the general public by paing taxes when they start to work.
To conclude, professions which are crucial to society and require from an individual a significant commitment are deserving not only higher salaries but also incentives so they can be debt free when they graduate.


This is very informative since it was clearly stated above how to appropriately write an answer. IELTS writing examinees could greatly benefit from this because they can practice writing in a correct manner. TheIELTSSolution.com

Thank you.

Dear Simon, I know you don't assess the essays, but would you please advise me whether I am close to get 7 or not? I am going to have the IELTS in 5 days!
Thank you very much!

Without any doubt, employees holding university degree deserve higher salaries compared the other people with lower education levels. It does not seem to be fair to request the complete costs of the university education from individuals who tend to attend universities.
It is obvious that a university degree requires intensive effort and study at least for (for at least?) four years. In addition to that, students cannot have the opportunity to work in full time jobs and earn enough money to meet their basic needs during their university studies. On the other hand, graduates have various valuable skills and knowledge regarding their professions. Education enables them to approach professionally and adapt rapidly to the technical problems regardless having real work experience. Taking all the above mentioned points into consideration, there is no doubt that educated people should be paid with higher salaries than the others.
On the other hand, well-educated individuals provide valuable and infrequent workforce which is crucial for numerous sectors. Education has also positive effects on society’s life in terms of social and politic aspects. Furthermore, statistics demonstrate that people with high education levels also play a significant role in the scientific achievements compared to the ones without university degree. Eventually, it is clear that well educated workers are valuable for both companies and the society. Therefore the authorities should promote university education by supporting the students in economic ways rather than billing the complete costs to the young people who have tendency to receive university education.
In conclusion, people should keep in mind that education is a significant investment for the prosperity of every nation. I am of the opinion that education costs are being exceedingly paid by the educated workers in long terms and governments should keep supporting young students during their studies in order to establish a well-educated nation.

Hi Onur

You seem to have the right idea. Good luck in your test!

my handwriting is very bad. So how can i improve it?
and i also have spelling mistakes.

Hi Bhupinder,

You probably just need to practise more, and slow down until your handwriting improves. Use a dictionary, and when you spell a word wrongly, learn the correct spelling by heart.

There's no easy/fast solution - just keep working hard!

Simon, how do you write your introduction here? Is it balanced view? I don't know how to introduce a topic that you agree in the first view then you disagree on the second one. I hope you will help me here.

words: 290

Many people argue that education has direction relation with the income in their life. Personally, I believe that university graduated students get high salaries than who have not. However, I don't think young people should pay full fees to get university graduation.
It is true that the students who go to university invest their valuable time of their life in study. To gain knowledge, skill and experience they have to give years in the university with professors and lecturers. For instance, to become a doctor or engineer students need to dedicate four to five years. In addition, they also need to pay high cost and their effort in study. As a result they get knowledge, skill and training required for high paid jobs. And they become an important asset of society.
On the other hand people argue that they have to pay full fees for education. However, i think if they have to pay expensive fee structure, it will deter young people to joining the university. There must be subsidy for talent and passionate students according to their academic merits. For instance, if a young school pupil wants to become a doctor in Nepal, it cots around half a million rupees. It will lead them to high debts in the future. If they get scholarships in education, they will serve the society and nation and also pay taxes to government later when they start to work.
In conclusion, it is obvious that young people who have invested their time and effort to gain professional knowledge earn more money. However, it is not acceptable that they should pay full expensive tuition fee to the university. Government and other sectors should provide aid to develop needful and skilled manpower for the country.

Hey fellow students

I need your help as I'll take the exam in less than a week for the fourth time, and I am not sure if i would score 7 with such lousy style and grammar.

My answer 40 mins 295 words:

The income of every single person depends on his own skills and knowledge, accordingly when someone graduates from University he gains new knowledge, which will give him the capability to receive higher income than high school graduates. But in return University graduates are supposed to pay in return for the information they gained throughout their education.

When we take a close look on any of the University graduates, we can see that they gave few years out of their time just to get graduated, the graduate was able to invest those years on any job that does not require high education, and he was going to be able to gain a suitable amount of money and to enjoy the best years of his life as well. Furthermore, University students needs to go through several exams, resulting in a lot of stress and pressure during the exam time, for example, an engineering student got a nervous breakdown while he was discussing his graduation project with his tutor.

When we compare all of those obstacles to the skills and knowledge gained by university graduate, we will find that it is almost nothing, as he was just helping himself. The University gave the graduate education, knowledge and in some occasions work experience, while the graduate gave away nothing in return. In addition the Universities needs to cover their own expenses. As a result when the university asks for the cost of its education we should comply without arguing.

To sum up the ideas, University graduates sacrificed their time and effort to get their certificates, while universities spent money and wasted their facilities on teaching students an optional knowledge and skills. So I totally agree that university graduates are supposed to get higher wages and to pay for the education they got.

it is really useful.but sometime i write a essay correct in between forget my focus and write all unrelated though in it

Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for professionals with the right qualifications and expertise. Although it is reasonable for university graduates to receive higher salaries than people with lesser educational attainment, I believe students should not be burdened with the full cost of their education.(45)
University graduates should be paid higher since they allotted the time and effort to finish their degree. The knowledge and skills that they acquire from universities are extremely useful to their respective industries. Furthermore, the knowledge and skills that they obtained could be taught to their colleagues. In other words, they are qualified to conduct trainings and seminars. In addition, degree holders are expected to be more efficient and knowledgeable than trained workers. For example, a registered nurse is more efficient in caring for a patient than a licensed practical nurse thus, registered nurses are paid higher. (94)
University students however, should not be tasked to pay for the entire cost of their tuition fees. The government should somehow help the students financially so that students may be able to finish their education. It is the responsibility of the government to support university students since they are the country’s future professionals, professionals who will later on be very useful to the society. There are many ways that the government could aid the students such as low interest loans and scholarships. Scholars who become doctors, nurses, lawyers and engineers help the nation through the services they render and the taxes they pay.(93)
In conclusion, degree holders deserve to be compensated higher. I also argue that university students should not be responsible for the full cost of their education.(26)

From the down of time, education plays an important role in determining in amount of money earning and their hierarchy. it is true that after graduation students' earn more than less literate ones but I disagree with the statement that graduates should pay their full educational expenses. firstly, educated person are asset of our country .They have tried very hard to get graduation. so, it is there right to get well-paid job. They should get more salaries than who are less educated. Graduates have education and skills which can be used in the welfare of society. One of the way to do that is by encouraging them by giving high salary. Secondly, while reading in university they have to give their full time to their studies. That's why they cannot work. so, it is impossible for them to pay their full cost of education. In additional, higher education is very expensive today even parents cannot afford their full fee. hence, it is clear that student should be provided financial aid while completing their graduation. In conclusion, compelling student to pay their full fee at university and giving them less salary and earning opportunities after completion will hamper and demoralized them for getting higher education .so, it is my notion that society and government should take care of these problem and solve them.

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