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September 22, 2009


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Is there any tips or technique for true/false questions & paragraph reading to fasten the pace ?

Read more and have a good reading habit.


Hi simon
I have noted all vocabulary which you had given on your website.And it proved to me most beneficial and I found that there are 199 words of vocabulary which you had given.
I hope you will continue giving it
Thank you A lot.

Thank you for your advice Simon.
I am going to start from here.

hi simon please tell me how to comprehend reading passages fast.....i always tend to read slowly and get confused....

I took my IELTS exam with AEO and it was my 10th attempt, I was pretty sure of getting 7 atleast or above in writing because my writing tasks were really remarkable this time, and in speaking I always get 6.5 or 7 and this time I got 6 in both , Writing and Speaking... its really funny... I cant stop myself laughing

I forgot to mention... it was my first attempt with AEO.. otherwise I always take my tests with british council

Hi simon
what about ielts general reading?????

Hi asmaa,

The techniques for general reading are the same, so all of my reading lessons here on the site will help you.

Although the techniques are the same, the general reading test is a bit different from the academic test. In fact, it's easier!

Have a look at this information on the official IELTS website:


Thank you very much. I will begin here

Hi Simon,

I had a quick look at your posts, but I couldn't find any update with regard to my very recent experience in the Academic IELTS exam that I took on 14th Oct here in Canberra at the University of Canberra.

Although I had taken this test several times around 2013, the recent test was a little bit different.

Long story short, this is the way that test happened respectively.

First we did the writing for 60 min; as usual.
For second we did the reading for normal designated time; 60 min.
And listening came to be the last component to be taken.

I thought it might be a useful thing to be shared.

I would like to simply say thanks for your useful website.

Daniyal Ravandeh

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