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September 23, 2009


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Dear Teacher Simon,
I'm preparing to take IELTS in December.
Regarding the bar chart, I'm totally lost when there are many bars e.g. Cambridge 3 Test 2 pp 51. So will you please explain the simplest way to group such graph?
I'd also like to say thanks for your daily lessons.
I'm always wait your daily page and study them.
Yours sincerely,

Hi Pinky, I'll write a lesson about bar charts on Thursday. Thanks for commenting, I'm glad you like the daily lessons.


Dear Simon,your ideas on structuring a good Task 1 essay are very helpful.
Finally something makes sense.
Please keep it up.

Thanks Vicki, I'm glad you like it

My appreciation of your works is more than words can ever say, this kind of unconditional contribution to the strangers is incredible, much better than so-called paid program. Many thanks ^ o ^

Thanks DT!

Dear Sir
I will b appearing for my IELTS on coming Saturday i.e. 13th Aug 2011 and have to apeear for General Category exam. My query is in writing task 1 will there b a quest abt letter wrtg or a graph, map ........
Pls guide me to d right track.

Hi Vaishu,

The GT exam question will be letter writing. I'm afraid I only cover the academic test on this site, but there are some good books and other websites that cover the letter writing task.

No problem Sir the information other than letter wring are similar and the main thg u r providing us with the baic idea. wht else v need more than dat

Thnks 4 ur advice
I got the clear pic abt writg part 1 q

No problem Vaishu.

Good Day Mr. Simon!im new to your site and i just would like to ask whether the General Training category do not include questions about graphs or charts.. Thanks....

In relation to my previous comment,what i mean is the Writing task for general training..thanks

Hi Jobelyn,

No, you don't get a 'graph' question in the general training test. Writing task 1 is writing a letter, and task 2 is discussing a topic (task 2 is the same as the academic test).

I'm afraid I don't cover general training task 1 on this site, but you can use the task 2 lessons.

Hi Simon,
Would appreciate if you could include advice for writing the letter. Which is the task one in General IELTS.


hii simon.is ur site help for ielts idp test takers of academic module??

Hi Simon,
I am astonished to see the fantastic materials you provided in the site. Really these are helpful and productive. I think if I practice like your guidelines I surely succeed in my goal. But I remind myself that I need a very good score. Friends! if you practice IELTS you can reach me at my skype id: salim.8287. Again many thanks to Teacher Simon.

Salim Chowdhury

dear sir,
should i include all the data given?

Hi, Simon i am preparing for my IELTS and need to get a band 8. so can you please tell me what i need to do and focus on in order to achieve that.
Thank you

Hi, simon
I was disappoint my IELTS result, I just got L - 6.5, R- 6.0, W-5.5 and S-5.5 overall 6.0, but I want 7 band overall not less than R-7 and W-7, please help me.


very nice effort.god bless you

Dear Simon
U r site is very helpful for all the student .thanks ....

dear Simon

Dear Simon I always read your excellent essays for task one and two.I have understood your essays but I cannot be organizing as you. Could you send me some suggestion for improving writing skills.And If I send an essay for writing task one Could you check it?

Sir tommorow is my IELTS exam can you guve me some tips for writing task 1. Last time I got Band5 in writing .I do not know how to improve please help me.

Dear Mr.Corcoran,
First of all, I`d like to thank you for your site which,to put it directly,was a great helper to me.
I was wondering if you don`t mind answering some of my questions.Looking through the recent ielts tasks i noticed that in different countries absolutely identical questions are being given with a few-months diference. Moreover, today in writing task2 only a couple of particular questions are used.Therefore, you can predict which topic you are likely to receive on the exam. I`m taking an exam in april, so i`d be really grateful if you can tell me topics that i`m most likely to get.
your most sincerely,


thank you.

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