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September 25, 2009


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Dear Simon,

Thank you very much for sharing all the useful information!

I am wondering how my speaking would be graded if I make a presentation less than a minute or one and a half minutes in part 2? How bad could it be? It often happens when I have unfamiliar topics.

Thank you for your feedback in adavance.

Hi Tomo,

You are supposed to speak for 1 to 2 minutes. It's best to keep going if you can - if you speak for less than a minute, the examiner will not be very impressed (I think that part 2 is your best chance to impress the examiner).

One and a half minutes is fine, if what you say is good - some people speak quickly and can say a lot in this amount of time.

My best advice is that you should practise speaking for as long as you can. Give examples or tell a story about yourself. Practice makes perfect!!

Good luck

Dear Simon,

Thank you for your prompt response.

I understood and I try my best to practice until my next IELTS, which is coming this end of month.

Again thank you very much!

No problem Tomo

Dear Simon,

Thank you very much for sharing all these information.

I'm taking my IELTS exam (academic) on March and I would like to know how the overall band score is calculated. Is it the arithmetic average? 25% for each part? Thanks again.


Hi Charles

I'm glad you find the site useful.

Yes, each part is worth 25%. Good luck in March!

Dear Simon,
why our conversation is recorded in speaking test...??????

Hi Sukhwinder,

It's recorded so that another examiner can listen to it if there is a problem, or if you ask for a re-mark.

Hi dear Simon
Thank you for Your amazing website.I did IELTS test last week.something happened,I want to know what is the meaning? examiner wrote number on the piece of paper.I saw he marked 2 at least for 3 times but after that as his speed was very high and I had to concentrate , I couldnt see anything. Is it possible to let me know what were those number.
Thank you in advance

Hi Nesa,

The examiner was probably making notes or writing down minutes. Don't worry - he/she wasn't writing your scores!

PS. Try to ignore what the examiner is doing - focus on your answers.

thank you very much. it was kind of you to reply me

HI Simon,
However, it was my first time to visit this site but i find this site very useful for my test. i have registered for 22 october 2011. I would probably need further help of you. thanks

Hi Sameer,

I'm glad you found the site. Keep following the lessons - I'm sure they will help.

Hi Simon,

I just got my result yesterday, sadly
Listening 7.5
Reading 9.0
Speaking 6.5
Writing 7.0

I need 4 bands 7.0. Are there any chance for me, if I remark the test? I took the ielts test in IDP Australia... :(
Please give me some advices

Many thanks

hi Simon thank you for question and answer. i want some more practice of section 2 or 3 in speaking. than you so much Simon.

Is ielts target band 7 and your ebook available here is the same book?

Hi Mel,

Yes, there is a chance, so maybe it's worth trying. Good luck!


Hi Zainab,

'Target band 7' is not my book.

Hi Simon,

Is the examiner you meet in the test room the same person who marks your test? I ask this because after the examiner had told my friend that the speaking test was over, they proceeded to engage in an extended conversation about various topics and the examiner asked a lot of personal questions. I think he was the last candidate for the day.

To me this seems a tad unlike what an examiner in official capacity would do.

Hi Simon,

Another question I'd like to bring up is: how safe is it to express strong opinions? For example, if the topic is about sports, and I say, "Well personally I HATE football...", and the examiner happens to be a loyal ManU fan, have I just shot myself in the foot?

I suppose this pertains to the writing tests as well, but on the speaking test it's harder to resist the urge to reach over and grab the collar of the guy who just plainly stated that he hates your favourite sport. I know examiners try their best to be impartial, but nobody's perfect after all.

I suppose it's safe to assume that controversial topics such as religion and politics will never appear on the IELTS.

Hi Jean-Luc,

Yes, the examiner you meet (in the speaking test) is the person who decides what score to give you. I guess your friend's examiner already had a clear idea of the score, and just felt like having a chat - I agree that it's not normal procedure though!

You shouldn't worry at all about giving your true opinions about things like sport. Examiners are told very clearly in their training sessions to focus on language and not opinions. You're right to assume that truly controversial topics are avoided.

Dear Simon,
i don't know how long i spoke for in the second part of my speaking test because i didnt have a watch with me to time myself. will it affect my score if i did not even reach a minute and how much damage can that cause?

dear Simon,
I gave IELTS test 22/09/2012 in Dekin University at Burwood (melbourne) Campus. My complain is about Speaking Test only.

My Speaking test Date was 22/09/2012 at 13:20. So I gave my speaking test very well but at 15:20 they called me on my mobile saying that they didn't record my test but examiner had scored your test. It took alomst 3 hours to realize them that they didn't record my speaking test. I was surprised and worried because It was my 4th attempt to get required IELTS band but it never happen before and I didn't heard from anywhere else like this.

Well they said you have to come back to test centre again so that they can record my speaking test as they said examinor already scored my test. I trust them and coprate with them and I came back at test centre same day around 17:00 but they just didn't recorded my test again, in rush they took a totaly different Speaking test again, they didn't explain me that I will get score according to my previous Speaking Test or according to this on. So I was confused and couldn't get this that If they saying that examinor already scored your test and they only want to record of my Speaking Test again then why they took a different Speaking Test again. so they will give me score accordingbecause of occured harassment and unusual circumstances(after spending my all day in the test centre I was tired and in rush to get back to test centre on time) effect my speaking test so I only got 5.5 band in Speaking test. But before in normal circumstances, in my two recent attempts to get required IELTS band I had scored 6.5 in my Speaking Test.

So I wasn't satisfied with the alternative arrangements made by Dekin University staff test to record my Speaking Test again.

hi simon..plz help me out if u can im having a problem with my left finger in which d authorities take fingerprint during d listening and speaking session nd i was banded with my finger in which dey take my biometric nd im having exam nearby,so what should i say them they wont allow me if i didnt give my finger print so what shall i say them dis made me very tensed rather dan my xam thinking
thanku plz see my comment nd reply..

Hello Simon
I took the exam last June and had it remark as I was really confident I got the required grade which was 7 in speaking. Unfortunately when I received the grade, it was only 6.5. I paid the re mark fee and had the result yesterday which was 8.0. Do this things happen? Why is the big discrepancy. Isn't ielts checking suppose to be standardized in all institution. I am just a bit annoyed because this is my __nt time to take the exam. And if I have not requested a remark, I need to re sit it again. I hope you can enlighten me on this. At the same time, I want to thank you and your website for all the help I got.

hello simon,

what is the least band in iets speaking did a below average student can get.
pleas reply as soon as possible .
thanks in advance

hello everybody, I'm the first time in this web-site, and I'll pass IELTS exam 2 month later, please help me...

Hi everybody
My question is if a person speaks for more than 2 minutes and gets stopped by examiner in ielts speaking task 2, does this effect your scores?
should one try to answer all questions within 2 minutes?

dear All

kindly if you could advice me in which topic I should focus on , what is the expected topics for writing task 1 and 2 for the exam on 10th of May 2014 on Saturday

thank you so much

are there any negative marks for speaking for less than minute??

Dear Sir,

Actually i am able to use several phrases as well as vocabularies,but I am not able to execute them in term of speaking.

can you please give me some helpful tips?

i do need to score 7 or 6.5 at least in order to get approval of my VISAs.

i am going to take exam on August 16th 2014.

dear sir,
during the interview i have seen the examiner wrote down 765 on this page that has lists of something (maybe names), what does this mean? were those my score for each criteria?

sir, i had given my speaking test today! i think i spoke about 50 secs but i told it clearly does it affect much of my marks?

Hi,i had my speaking test, in which examiner put some numbers on sheet like 5.20, 5.80. Can any anyone tell what does it mean ?

My examiner said to expand my answer in task 2. Did that mean i will get a low score of 5.5?

Today i had my ielts exam.in the part one,i ddnt hear a question and i asked the examiner to repeat the question.is it going to affect my results.btwy i spoke in lengthy as examiner ask me to stop.but my test was conducted only for 10 minutes,...i am really confused whether i am not going to get a good mark?pleas anyone who have experienced these kind of a situation just comment

Today i had my ielts exam.in the part one,i ddnt hear a question and i asked the examiner to repeat the question.is it going to affect my results.btwy i spoke in lengthy as examiner ask me to stop.but my test was conducted only for 10 minutes,...i am really confused whether i am not going to get a good mark?pleas anyone who have experienced these kind of a situation just comment


Have you heard about the ielts for ukvi? I'm planning to take it but I don't have any idea with the test format?

Thanks a lot.

Hay i got band in rechecking. I got result with in 2 weeks and also i got 1 band extra in my speaking. Yuuuu huuuuuuu thanks God

K didnt speaked well in my exam. I was soo nervoua that i couldnot pronounce the word properly. Will that effect my marks? What is the least marks is i could get frm my speaking.

I didn't speaked well in my exam. I was soo nervous that i couldnt pronounce my word properly. Will it effect my marks.? What is the least marks i could get from speaking.?

dear Simon
can you help me check my homework ?
following you it would be how much score???

It is believe that mobile phone should be prohibited in some cases like smoking. while i accept that it is anti social to some extent, I belive that it has more benefits than drawbackes so it should not be banned
On the one hand,the uncontrolled usage can cause antisocial like smocking. the fact that these devices might disturb necessary silence in these places as library, class, workplaces.... Due to the lack of individual sense. Besides, the use of mobil phone can cause the lack of time for interation with friends and families. Instead of playing sports and joining in social clubs, which are useful for them to perfect thei interpersonal skills and widen their relationships. Consequently, they can feel bored and isolated.
On the other hand, we can not deny the indisputable fact that mobile phone has beneficial effects on individual and society. The main reason for believing this is that we can find easily many various types of information for studying research, business or others needs, which it would take us much time to seek in the library. Besides, we can make easy contact together even the distance is between continents. For businesses, this is surely a necessary tool to complete jobs favourably. For individual the parents can follow their children in school by getting in touch with their teachers or understanding behavious of them in school. As a result we have a more convenient life and control full of information
In a word, for the aforementioned, it can be affirm that its advantages outweigh, disadvantages. Therefore, it is highly recommended that we redress balance between the usage and situation around to obtain highest results

thank you so much!!!!

Thanks u so much!

What I found, when you applying for IELTS, do not mention you have degree or higher, and say if you need 7 each to apply ICT category, mention your occupation category something different which require 7.5 or 8 in each.

You will get score 7+ as you required in this way. there’s no issue with this on migration process.

What is the meaning of numbers that examiner writes on the paper during the speaking test?

I saw she wrote 1 and 11, what is the meaning of them?

Regarding Part 1, could you clarify the number of questions asked by the examiner? You said 10-12 normally, within 4-5 minutes must be answered, but all the official sample materials only provide 4.

Similarly, many online resources only have 4 or so sample questions.

I'm studying with a friend, and want to get comfortable with the format, not be surprised on the day of the test with an examiner continually cutting off the answers.

It's definitely 10 to 12 JP.

Hi Simon,

I just want to say thank you. Your website is very helpful.

Hi simon,
I've given my speaking test but I'm little confused as in part 2 examiner asked me to speak more and in part 3 I gave him answers with a medium length but my part 1 was good enough and at last she was happy. I'm worried about my scores and what you think that how much bands the examiner will give me ?

Hi simon, during my speaking test in the cue card section, i felt as though the examiner less than a minute to prepare. Or maybe I didn't realise time flew so fast. During practice session and mock exams i would not face this. And feel that 1 minute is a long time. So I let the british council know. If i am wrong about this, then will my IELTS score be cancelled or disqualified? Pleaae reply fast i am scared

Hi Simon, I just want to thank you for this great website and its various content. I got 7 in IELTS UKVI and the credit goes to your website. Thanks again and I hope the best for all ielts examinee.

Hi Simon. Firstly thanks for your very helpful shaaring. I've a question : at the end of my speaking test my examiner ask what center did I prepare for the ielts test? So is it normal like just for a survey or anything else ? Many thanks in advance.

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