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April 13, 2010


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we can download the video from the link:


here's the subtitle:


I prefer British speaker than Amrican

thnk you simon

Thanks for the links Jason.

Hi Karimah

Unfortunately they use all kinds of accents in the IELTS Listening test. However, this video is more difficult than IELTS tests because it contains real native speaker speech.


Thanks for your help.
I got a effective link-http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic-art/1513870/72199/Richard-M-Nixon-and-John-F.

If you can't access youtube and the link given by Jason,my link maybe a good choice.

Thanks Simon for this great debates.

Thank Simon I enjoyed with this debate

Thanks Evan and Basheer. I'm glad you liked the debate.

Thanks for the extra link Evan.


Hi Simon
Hopefully u r right

I was happy by this debate

nice speakers


No problem Saud.

I completely prefer JFK's speech. He was very sympathic

I surely liked JFK's style of communication!

Hi Simon

I liked the debate. and i think it very easy to understand as the pronunciation is prominent and clear, and strong deep voices makes it different without seems to be it created many years ago.
I liked speech of keneedy has something better than nixon.

Have i made sentences wrong?


Hi Simon,
thanks for the video and suggested collocations. I personally preferred Nixon's speech. His voice is more clear and his looks is more convincing.

thank you.

thank you Simon

what an amazing listen different subject totally enjoy it ,
thanks simon

its perfect site. enhance our ability to learn english. thanks Simon and the team

You made my morning. Thanks Simon!
I seem to be the lastest in this conversation but I'll catch up soon.


how interesting speech
thanks Simon :)

It seems to be difficult for me....@@

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