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June 01, 2010


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Hi, Simon,
Why can't I turn the subtitles on when I visit the TED.com?

You should be able to. They always work for me. Did you click "English" after clicking "view subtitles"?

If it still doesn't work, it might be an access issue in your country.

That`s very impressive video. thank.

Hi Anne. Glad you like it!

I think the speaker makes a great point here.The problem is just that in China, we have such a large population. It is almost impossible to conduct individualized education to suit every child. But anyway, I think this is the right way and by doing this we can help our children better develop their talents. A very good example is me myself, I think if my parents had seen this video...like 20 years ago, things would be very different now.

Thanks for your comments Adverb. I agree that it's not easy to implement the speaker's ideas (in any country). In fact, a criticism of this talk could be that he doesn't suggest any kind of action plan - how exactly would governments implement these ideas in reality? What do we do with schools?...

From my perspective,I agree with his words about reform education.Because education is not evolution,it is revolution.The government should change to new policy.Moreover,talents in our spirits are the most important part to do better things.If you concentrate on something that you love so much,the positive outcome will show you immediately.

Thank you for this video

Thanks for your comments CC. I'm glad you liked the video.


I have difficulty understanding "We create our lives symbiotically as we explore our talents in relation to circumstances they help to create for us"

Can you help me?

Hi Adverb,

Yes, it's a confusing sentence. "Symbiotically" means living together and helping each other. I think he means that our talents help our circumstances, and circumstances help to develop our talents.

Dear Sir
I missed out a word in the poem. Will u pls tell me wht it is

of blue and the dim and the dark .......

I m inquisitive to know that word.

I'm afraid I'm not the person to ask about poetry.

sry sir just a word from a poetry. d pronunciation of dat word is not clear. if poss...........ible

Sorry, it's only IELTS here.

its ok sir no problem

It's "the blue and the dim and the dark cloths".

Thank you Simon for your ideas as well as TED

Awesome speech.

Great video,Sir!Thank you!

hi,Simon thank you
I don"t understand the main purpose of this talk properly,i got only thing that it is about developing of eucation .But can someone write the overview of this talk?

Why I can't watch the video?

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