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June 09, 2010


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Hello Simon, i have got 8.5, 8, 7.5 and 7.5 in ielts exam, thanks for your e-book and lessons.

Excellent scores Sukhbir! Congratulations and all the best for the future.


i have some ideas to share about this topic:
the benefits of private hospitals:
1)Faster access to treatment with nearly no waiting time.

2)Choice of when and where you want to be treated.

3)Choose your own private health care doctor or a private specialist.

4)Access treatment to fields, which are not covered by the NHS.

5)Treatment and consultation can be done quickly and at a time convenient to you.

6)Payment is either by private insurance or you can pay directly by the 'self-paying' method.

Thanks Cao, great ideas!

Hi Simon,
I am a litte confused about this sentence "Many people prefer to pay for more a personal service.
". Should it be corrected as "Many people prefer to pay for more to recevie a personal service.


Hi Lei,

I made a small mistake. It should be "for a more" not "for more a".

Both of these are correct:
- Many people prefer to pay for a more personal service.
- Many people prefer to pay (more) to receive a (more) personal service.

Hi Simon,

Now I get it. Thanks a lot!


Hi Simon

I met the problem that i can't get enough ideas of the disadvantages of the private healthcare system. It seems that the only problem in the private healthcare is just the "money". If in the writing problem, i can't have the idea of the topic enough just like this, how can i solve the problem? The problem is not from the English but the little idea of the topic?

Hi Chiao,

That's the big problem with task 2 - if you don't have good ideas, you probably won't be able to write a good essay. More planning time might help.

Health care system has become imperative in today’s world, where people are prone to health related problems. With the development of privatization, many public hospitals are privatized by owners or masters in field of medicine established their own clinics. But, there are many pros and cons associated with private healthcare.
Firstly, with private healthcare you often have the option of choosing when you will be treated. For example, many private specialists will offer appointments outside normal working hours, even on weekends, so people don't have to take time off work. Countries with government controlled healthcare often have the problem of long waiting lists for doctor-depending upon the treatment is needed. Secondly, there is a greater choice and variety of specialist in private hospitals. A person who need a doctor’s advice many want to consult with a certain master that has a good reputation. Finally, private healthcare patients normally get their own room when being treated, allowing them to keep their privacy.
However, there are cons that need to be weighed against pros of private healthcare. A severe downside with private healthcare is that it leaves many people uninsured. This means that people without insurance may have to pay medical bills that can reach extraordinary figures. If you are funding your private care yourself, this could get very expensive. If it’s paid through an insurance company, it may not be happy with the situation.
Thus, above mentioned factors make it clear in spite of, having convenient facilities and services there are drawbacks in the private healthcare system.

Thanks for your useful ebooks which helped me get over all 8

Private healthcare system has some benefits and drawbacks. In this essay, I will discuss both pros and cons of having a special medical care.
One of the positive points for the personal medical care is that patients have access to better and more convenient facilities. This may leads to a faster and more satisfactory treatment process. With the public health care, people normally have to be in a long waiting list and they can only visit their doctors in certain times and dates that suit their doctors. Therefore, their options are limited and it is usually determined by the doctors or hospitals. Most of the times, people have to take some hours or even days off their work in order to consult a specialist. For example, in my country, treatment in private clinics is not only much faster, but also much safer. This is due to the excellent quality of equipment used in private hospitals compare to those applied in public hospitals.
A drawback of having a private healthcare is that it is expensive and many ordinary individuals can not afford it. It is not fair because only wealthy families can pay for such insurance. One of the benefits of state health care is that it is affordable for many citizens and it is a just system because the money for the public medical care is coming from the taxes paid to the government. For instance, in my country almost everybody is insured with the governmental public health. This means that all people are provide with the same quality of care and treatment.
In conclusion, there are several advantages and disadvantage of possessing a special medical care. The positive aspect of it include the quicker and better cure, while the high expense is one of the main negative feature of it.

Few individual,think that private sectors is good.Whereas,Other's vocalizes that the government of the country should take the responsibilities in providing free health services for the its people.If so,will there be quality and standard health care services provided to every individual? However I strongly feel that both the government and the private health sectors should work hand in hand for the people
Firstly,to discuss about the government services towards health care,I believe that there would be a gap in the quality care ,although it is easily accessible and feeable,Inspite of its highly beneficial scheme to the affordable people in the country.I often analyse that the government in my country should improve in its standard in providing health services though the availibilties of primary health sectors in every area of the state.
In contrast,Private sectors are way to developed in its technologies and standard,knowing the fact that they are much more expensive when compared to the government services.To illustrate about their well trained professional which brings in much belief in the mind of an individual.If the private sectors do not provide health service in collaborating with the government there would difficulities in the nation likewise epidemics and unemployment
In conclusion, The government should provide free service with high quality and standard likewise private sectors should play an vital role in filling the gaps in the healthcare where the government are unable to reach

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