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June 20, 2010


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Hi Simon,

I came across the phrase "being obtained" in your ebook. I am not sure how to use it in the sentence. Can you please explain it?


Hi Felora,

'To obtain something' means 'to get something'. 'Being obtained' is a passive.

I used the 'ing' form after the phrase "there is a risk of" e.g. "There is a risk of the flight being delayed" (passive)

I hope this helps you to understand it.

Hi,Simon.Could you give me some advice about answering IELTS Writing Task 2 and speaking part 2. Thanks.

Hi Sunny,

I don't really have any extra advice. All of my best advice is on this website already. Have a look through the lessons again.


Hi Simon, I'm a bit confused whether I should state my side with this type of question or should I just discuss both views without mentioning my favored option?

Thank you! And I would like to apologize ahead if this question has already been raised. You will be bless. *_*

Hi Minx,

The question above just asks you to "discuss both views", so you don't need to give your opinion/option.

The question will always make it clear when your view is needed e.g. "discuss both views and give your own opinion".

Hope this helps

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