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July 24, 2010


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one speciel toy that i remember it was meccano toy .It was my year 1 graduation present from my grandparents .Ican remember exactly how old i was cause I cant forget this gift . I was in year six of my age .
the amazing thing of this gift was it was like a big big box contains a hundreds of pieces of meccano .And this pieces came with a different collor also with a large poster and this poster has had alot of pictures with instructions about how to build shapes from the poster .It was very easy to make it .but the funniest and the hardest thing was all the instructions in an english languge and i hadnt knew any english word at that time .then my father taught me how to use the dictionary . I was very happy when i was learn any new word in order to help me to build any shape i want .
when i finshed all the pictures ,they looked amazing and i felt asense of accomplishment .

thax simon plz check it for me

Hi Saif,

This is a good description. You've followed my advice well - describing the story of what happened and how you felt.

There are a few grammar and spelling mistakes (spelling doesn't matter because it's for the speaking test), but you've got the right idea and have included some good vocabulary.

Well done!

Hi Simon,
I have a question: does it sound unusual when someone use " moreover, furthermore, therefore..." in speaking?
I'm not a native speaker, so I don't know can i use these words for my speaking test?

Thank you.

hi simon
thank u for ur advice but can u show me my grammar mistakes plz

thankx alot

Hi Azzurra,

I sometimes say "therefore", but I probably never use "furthermore" or "moreover" when speaking. "And" / "also" sound much more natural.


Hi Saif,

I'm afraid I have to stick to my rule of not correcting people's mistakes. A lot of people have asked me to do this, and if I do it for one person, everyone will send me their work.

I don't mind answering specific grammar questions or correcting one sentence, but I can't offer to correct more than that.

Sorry. I hope you understand my reasons.


hi simon, this is me, zula
i've just written a doll, what do you think about it?

 Well, when I was a child I have a lot of toys. But I loved my doll very much. She was the present from my sister when I was 6.
 My doll was a very big and had big blue eyes, long eyelashes, and had pink dress and pink cute shoes. When she was standing, her eyes are open and, when she was laying her eyes were closed. I thought she was Russian doll so I gave her the name Lisa.
 I liked playing with her very much. She had long curly yellow hair and I always combing it in different ways especially plait. Also I loved playing with her as she is my daughter. I said her that “wash your hands, why are you playing always outside, just be at home, eat your food” just like my mother told me what to do. I bought her umbrella and baby buggy because she was my favorite doll.

Hi, simon . Can you give me an advise about my writting.

Well, one of my special toys that i remember getting was a beautiful doll. It was a gift from my father of a busisness trip to China. I can't remember exactly how old i was but i was probably about 9 or 10.

What i can describe about the doll is pretty big doll. I was impressed by the size of the doll when it was nearly tall as me. She got a yeallow curved hair and blue eyes. And she also worn a luxury dress. The thing rhat i never forget is i used to put her in my bicycle and take het to wherever i went. The amazing thing happened that people asked me she is my younger sister. I guess that it was a joke. But with a 9 aged girl, i though people got mistake. and i felt happy when they did. Anyway, she was a good part in my life that i loved her as my lovely friend.

Description of a toy

One special toy that I remember getting was a doll. I was a festive present from my parents. I can’t remember exactly how old I was, but I was probably about 8 or 9.

The special thing about the small doll was that I had to design its clothes by myself. I used to play with her every day when I came home from my school. I brush her long straight blond hair. She was worn red shoes and dressed up variety styles clothes by me. After all, I put her in the box that likes a castle with sleeping princess. It took me dedication to make, and required a lot of skillful hand.

When her dress was worn on her that looked great, and I felt a sense of accomplishment. I seem to remember that I used to play with her very much; the fun part had been the process of design clothes for her.

Hi, simon . Can you give me an advise about my writing.

In my childhood i was very naughty and i had probably broke all my toys.But there are still some toys which i still keep it with me.among all this toys i would like to speak about my electric train which i received on my 6 birthday from my parents.i spent really memorable time with this toy.train had 3 other compartment including engine. it also had a separate engine. it had 5 artificial plastic tracks so when i was put my train on track it run over it.a whistle type of voice had also occurred in that train.

Hello,Simon.I have a question for you "The pieces came in a box " what do you mean "came in " i am confused about this useage about "came "

One special top that i remember was a doll. It was a ordinary present from my mother. But i remember that i made it the best toy ever for me. Because i was 6 or 7 years old and those years were my first times that i met the creativity.
I cut doll's pink hair, painted it's face and found some different clothes to dress it up.


I remember my childhood with a lot of barbies. I loved them, and my mom too, so for this reason she bought me some in my birthdays or in christmas and i was so happy. They were blondes and others had brown hair, all were skinny and so beautiful, I also had a Ken and a Kelly and I played a lot all the days, I created many worlds in different situations, I also remember that I had the barbie´s car, barbie´s camera, barbie´s pijama, barbie´s house and in december when de commercials on tv take place, I told to my mom something like "Oh mom, I fell in love with a doll, is the pastry barbie, please I want it for my birthday" and always my parents give it to me.

They were good moments

Hi All, Hope my answer below is found helpful to you!

I am going to describe my first bicycle that my parents gifted me on my 11th birthday. The reason why this gift was so important for me is that it was my first bicycle and my parents surprised me with this unexpected gift.

The bicycle came with a user manual and some unarranged parts such as extra wheels so that I had to build some parts of it from start. It was colored in green and also had a bike basket in front.

In the beginning, it was very challenging for me to learn how to ride a bicycle, however as I practiced more, I managed to be a very good rider by time. My friends and I used to ride together around the neighborhood and enjoy our time together.

Well, when it comes to a toy, I would like to talk about a toy gun from my father for my birthday. I can't exactly remember how old I was at that time, but if I remember correctly, it should be between seven or eight years old.
The special thing about this toy gun was it's capability to release a fire, a real fire. It was big. My father knew that I had been dreaming about this toy gun which was on the local supermarket shelves about 30 minutes walk from my house. I used to ask him to buy it for me and he eventually bought it for my birthday.
The gun is still in my parents house. Everytime when I see, it gives me a nostalgia about my childhood. That is why I still keep it because it's sentimental value.

One special toy that I remember getting was toy soldiers. The toy soldiers were given to me from my father's friends when I had a minor surgery.
The special thing about the soldiers was that they had movable joints. It was first time I saw this much realistic toys, so I was quite impressed.
They were toy soldiers but I remember playing football with them using small paper balls instead of fighting them.

well, I have a myria of toys when i was a child. i would like to talk about my animated book that was the most beloved toys to me. i received it from my sister on my 7 birthday. U know, it was a lovely book. it talked about the process when a turtle gave birth and how hard they survive in the wild. what i impressed the most was not only a meaningful story but also it's fantastic illustrations because it decorated by a lot of lovely animated images. so i spent times on reading from cover to cover.
Well, i found that this book broaden my horizon to natural world. Additionally, it also boost my curiosity so i have a strong passion to get to know more about turtle and their habitat. At that time i also dreamed of becoming a biologist when i grew up.
Until now, i still kept in on my bookshelf to appreciate my sweet childhood.

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