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July 30, 2010


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Ah awesome information on children's toys. In fact toys are the robust mean to sooth and entertain the kids, whether these are electronics, animal stuffed toys. Is it Easy to choose and buy the toys online http://instantoys.com

Thanks toneyahuja

My answer:
1. Yes, I think it is definitely true. Because it is already proved fact that the boys primarily prefer playing with boy’s toys and girls tend to play with girls’ toys. Also the toys are special tools to form a good behavior and character in children. While playing with cars, trucks, aero planes and trains boys will have a good skill of managing, constructing and even repairing in case of getting broken. Similarly girls playing with dolls and kitchen tools will gain a sense of motherhood in their later life.

2. I agree with this view but under some conditions. If a child goes to nursery school it is not good to buy only educational toys for them in order to play with in their pastime activity. Because children sometimes need to play adventurous games with their peers, such as hide-and-seek. Otherwise, if a child has a private teacher at home and doesn’t attend any pre-school he or she will probably need many educational toys, such as puzzles to play with in order to work their brain logically.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Dear All,

Here are my answers:

1) Well, since I have a pretty traditional way of thinking, I would say that boys should only play with “boys’ toys” and girls with “girls’ toys”. If I had a boy, I would encourage him to play with toy cars or robots because I believe that’s how it should be. In fact, I would feel very uncomfortable if my boy played with Barbie dolls!

2) I think it is OK for parents to buy “educational” toys, but they shouldn’t be the only kind of toys children play with. It is understandable that all parents want their children to learn new things all the time, but I think it is also important to give children their own time to relax by playing with toys they choose. Even when playing with action figures like Superman or Ironman, children can have fun by making up their own stories or games, which I think is essential to any kid’s growth as it helps to develop their creativity and imagination.


Dear All, I hope my answers below are found helpful.

• No I don’t believe it is necessarily true for boys to play with boys’ toys and for girls to play girls’ toys. However, I suppose boys generally have a tendency to play with more actionable toys such as cars, trucks or guns whereas girls tend to play with dolls. I don’t believe it does really matters for any child to make a preference with toys to play with.

• Yes, I believe it would be a very constructive approach for many parents to only buy educational toys for their children rather exposing meaningless and useless toys to them to play with. Such examples include guns or tanks which are associated with violence and may give a wrong impression to our kids at a very young age.

Dear All
Here are my answers:
I think the boys interested in boys children the girls interested in girls children so they play toys it which enjoy

it is very important that the parents should buy educational toys because it will learn with playing

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