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August 22, 2010


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Hello. I took tests all the test in August.

Actually, the way of questions seem to be changed. Those are belows.(not the same as the sentences of the test,but the meaning is almost same)

The increasing crimes of teenagers.
- Why is this the case?
- What punishment would be appropreate?

14th. Aug
- What problems for the young people living in major city are caused by the city development?
- How to solve?

Most charites and organisation publicize some activities giving a name as a special day. For example, "a Children's Day " can encourage people to treat their children........

- Why do these organisations use this way ?
- How effective such ways are?

Acually, this type of questions are more difficult for me in making some structures for expressing my opinions.But, those who have many ideas and exercise brainstorming may be beneficial. Because, most applicants would be not familar with writing this type of essays,thus losing scores in the Task Response. Contrary, the former applicants would relatively get a better score.
This is just my opinion. But, I felt that this is a little difficult for me. ㅠ.ㅜ
However, if I practice more and many kind of topic, I could got the score what I dreamed.

Always Thank you for your contens on this blog

Thanks for sharing your questions Chloe.

Best of luck with your results.


Hi Simon,

this my exam in 5th.Aug

Reading test about:

1. Agricultural tourism
2. Photography
3. The effect of the increased amount of salt in the Australian land

(( I think its so difficult ))

Writing test about:

Task 1 (a report)

We had a table describing oil consumption of some regions in the world as a percentage of world oil consumption in 2004 and also a prediction for 2014

Task 2 (an essay)

Some people say that modern children’s games affect negatively the development of their skills compared to traditional games. To what extent do you agree or disagree

(( please Simon can you give us some ideas about this issue and how we can answer this question ))

Speaking test about:

Cue card

Talk about a well known TV or radio presenter, in your speech
- describe the presenter,
- say what the show was about,
- what characteristics the presenter had.


- What do you think about TV news presenters expressing their opinions on certain news topics?

- Are newspapers neutral in the way they report certain topics?

Thanks a lot Emy. I'll think about the 'games' question for a future lesson.

hi i took my exam twice last june 2010
this is my question for task 2

Does a tourist contribute to a country in terms of economy, what are the disadvantages of having them in the country.

speaking test <2 minute part> was about

any event in your childhood that you cant forget
when does it happen
where does it happen
how does it happen

then i took it again july 2010
task 2

Does health care companies should ask for the people to pay for their needs in terms of health. what are the advantages and disadvantages can it bring to people.

speaking <2 minute part> was about:

describe a special dish that you wont forget

how did you prepare it?
why is it special?

the question wasn't stated exaclty like that but the meaning was the same, i have a hard time in writing task i always got above 7 in all modules execpt writing skill i am always upset when i receive test reports and its always 6.5 i tried to appeal but their heartless i need to score in all modules at least 7,ill be taking it again this 16th of september.can you give me a 250 words sample with that kind of question?it will be highly appreciated.any sample of task 1 task 2 in my email will be appreciated.thanks

Hi Mae,

Thanks a lot for sharing your exam questions.

For an example of an "advantages and disadvantages" essay, have a look at this lesson:


The following lessons also contain full essays:



If writing is your problem, I really recommend getting my ebook. It's full of ideas for all topics, and I send extra writing materials to everyone who buys it.

All the best,


September 9, 2010
writing part2: about animal testing by drug companies, discuss and your opinion
speaking part2: describe a modern building in your country
part 3, discuss about buildings, old buildings.... conservation stuff
September25, 2010
Writing part 2: teenagers addicted to TV, what problems it cause to them, family and society. How to tackle it
Speaking part2 : gift you gave to someone,
part 3: about charity, talked about charity in your country, should these organizations be transparent, why are they important and your view on them.

Thanks for sharing your questions Tan Seow Ket.


Hello Simon I am Mana in London, thanks for your usefull posts in your blog.

This is my recent IELTS Test Questions in London 25 Septemper

Writing Task 1: chart about process of taking the driving test in USA.

Writing Task 2: Many problems have impacts on the world, so good relationships between different countries are becoming more and more important. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Speaking Part 2: Describe an interesting advertisement that you have seen. The impact of adverts.

Thanks for sharing Mana. I hope you got the score you needed.


Thanks Simon , but unfortunately I didn't get the score which I needed, my problems was the reading part which I got 5.5 tough other parts also I got 6.5 and 6 instead of 7 I have to retake the test.


I'm sorry to hear that Mana. Keep working hard and you'll get there in the end.

Best wishes


Thanks a lot simon.

No problem Mana.

Hello Simon

My previous exam was held on Oct9th

Writing task two:
Air transportation must be restricted due to the harmful effects to the environment and high amounts of money that governments have to spend to provide their fuel.
Agree or disagree? Explain

Speaking part two:
How would you improve lives of others by means of environmental intervention that you can make?

How was the exam?
I found it a good, simple and satisfying exam, except the writing section that I didn’t get to review my answer. I needed at least 5 more minutes.

Yours sincerely

Thanks Mamzi. Good luck with your result!


Hello Simon
I just finished my exam a few minutes ago and I found your lessons practically effective. I would like to thank you for your generous guidance.
For the first time, I had extra time in writing section and I used that for checking my answers and lots of minors errors got fixed.
Writing task 1:
A bar chart demonstrating the pre-valency of unemployment amongst educated people of a certain age group, in a two years, in five different countries. Pretty simple
Writing Task 2:
An increase of social, educational, and commercial stress on children is observed.
What are the causes? And what are your suggestions for facing this problem?
Reading section:
-Getting ideas from nature and using them in modern life
-Tanzanian tiger and what different scientists did and think
- How can advertisements and salesmen influence customers and marketing
I will mail you my speaking topic, as soon as I'm done
Best regards

do you think people have less free time that they had before?
is free time useful in peoples lives?
and how could people possibly serve public using their spare time?


Thanks for sharing your questions Mamzi. I'm glad you found my lessons effective.

Best of luck. I hope you get the scores you need.

Hello Simon!
I took my exam on October the 30th in Ukraine and i just got my results from test center. Its 7.5/7.0/6.5/7.5 with 7.0 overall.
Writing task 1: 4 pie charts showing how average student spends its yearly budget(food, accommodation, school supply etc)
Writing task 2: There are a lot of languages that are widely spoken but some languages are "dying" and not spoken at all. Is this a good or bad development?
Speaking part 2: Describe a popular kind of music in Ukraine.
I took my exam with mere preparation time(about 1 month) and you blog help. Thanks for doing such a great thing for test takers.

Fantastic scores Olga. I'm glad the blog helped.

Thanks for sharing your questions, and good luck with whatever you decide to do now that you've passed IELTS!


Hi Simon,
After struggling for months, I finally got the scores I need. They are 7/8/7.5/7.5.
Just want to say thank you. Your e-book and website are really helpful.
These are some questions I came across in last two tests in Perth.
Speaking part 2:
1. Talk about an event that you were late. What, When and what happened and the consequences. Then followed by discussion on the important of punctuality and time management.
2. What can we do to protect our environment in relation to global warming. Then discuss environmental issues, all the answers are in your ebook!
Writing part 2:
1. Some people think that as a good citizen, the only duty is to pay taxes, while some others think that there are more we should do. Discuss both views and your opinion.
2. Some countries are trying to cut working times and have longer weekend, what do you think as to why they do so?
Writing part 1:
"Multiple bar charts" is very popular recently.

Hope these questions are helpful.

Thanks again!

SK Tan.

Thanks for sharing Tan, and I'm glad you found the ebook useful.

Great scores by the way!

Congratulations, and good luck with whatever you are doing next.


Hi Simon,
1st of all I'd like to thank u so much, ur blog has been so helpful to me.

I sat for the test on 4th of November 2010 in Cairo, Egypt.
- The writing task 1 was 2 tables with average working hours in both males and females in 3 European countries compared to the average European in 2 different years.

- Task 2 was about leading a healthy life style, is it the responsibility of the individuals or the governments? discuss both views, support with examples and give ur opinions.

- Speaking part 2 was about describing an advertisement.

That was my 2nd time to set for the test, I need to get 7.5 in listening and speaking, and 7 in writing and reading to continue my postgraduate education.

1st attempt, I didn't use ur website, I didn't know about it, I just used cambridge books, I got 8.5 reading, 7.5 listening, 7 speaking and 6.5 in writing.

2nd attempt (4/11/2010), I used ur website, it was particularly helpful for me in writing where I got 7 (up by 0.5 mark and the required score in that field), I got 8 in reading (down by 0.5 mark but still above the required), 8 in listening (up by 0.5 mark), and 6.5 in speaking (down by 0.5 mark) which was shocking for me. I think the human factor plays a great deal in that!!!

I'm confused Simon, I don't know what am I supposed to do to get the required marks in speaking, I followed ur advices in writing and paid very well, I did the same in speaking, but It didn't, I don't know if it is a matter of more practice? Do I need to get a conversation course? it would be very difficult to attend such a course, because of my heavy work schedule. I don't know what am I supposed to do now? and If I decided to set for it one more time, how much time should I give before I do pick a date?? and How I plan my preparation, in my weak areas side by side my stronger ones?

Thanks a lot for your help and precious time

Hi Mohamed

I can see that you have a very good level of English, so I'm sure that you are close to getting the scores you need.

It is probably just a matter of more practice, but my advice is to focus on vocabulary for the speaking test. Work through the questions in the Cambridge books and try to prepare some good words and phrases for each one.

Also, it might be a good idea to find a private teacher for a couple of lessons so that you have someone to speak to. Otherwise, recording yourself speaking can be a good idea. Listen to yourself and try to analyse what you hear.

Hope this helps

Thanks Simon A lot for your help, I'll try to do my best.

By the way, Do you think it is advisable to remark my test in speaking only, giving my higher scores in the rest?


Hi Mohamed,

It's difficult for me to say. If you feel that your speaking test went really well, maybe a remark might be worth doing.

Thanks Simon

No problem Mohamed

Hi every one,
I am from Vietnam.
Here are the topic that I did in recent test 27th of Nov.
Writing task 2:
There are a number of small-in-town stores are going out of business because people now moving to a large-out-town for shopping. The people who have a car will easy to get into this change. The number of car will increase.
Do you think advantages outweigh disadvantages?
About speaking test:
Topic on task 2 is " tell about a friend you ever had for a long time. Who are they? Why and how you were a friend with them?
Then, examiner asked some personal question related to this topic.

Thanks for sharing Nhung.

Hi Simon

Finally I took the exam on 27th Jan. 2011. As I mentioned before I was stressed out during the exam (particularly Speaking), I hope I get a good result. However, I wanted to share the questions I remember:

Speaking Task 2:

Describe a friend who has the power in leading (or something like that), followed by some questions about management.

-My friend's question: Describe a noisy place you have recently been.

Writing Task 2:

Problem Solution: Big cities are becoming overcrowded, having more problems, why is that? Your solution? (Obviously, It's not exactly what was written)

Thanks for sharing Sajjad.

Best of luck!

No problem

I wanted to add that the exam was held in Tehran-Iran.

Good Luck Others!

Ok, thanks again Sajjad

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