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August 18, 2010


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Hi, Simon
It is really a fantastic essay. It is a simply great. I have one question like You have just written only one sentence in conclusion, that is excellent without doubt, but do we need to tell something about first part of question like some of the ways in which we are damaging the environment? or it is alright to mention only about solutions from government and individuals in conclusion?
please do not mind, I am just asking not assesing your work.

Thanking you,


Hi Jay,

I´m glad you like the essay. Don´t worry - your question is really useful.

You are right that it would be a good idea to mention the problems in the conclusion as well as the solutions. However, this wouldn´t change your score. The conclusion is much less important than the main body paragraphs. If you´re in a hurry at the end of the exam, a one-sentence conclusion will be fine.

All the best,


Thanks kindly, Simon

No problem Jay

Hi Simon.

Just thought i would let you know how i went in my IELTS exam.

Got my results on 16th August. I got L8,R9,W8 S7.5.
I am happy overall, but disappointed with speaking. My examiner was very unfriendly. She did not smile even once during the exam. I had feeling that i was talking to the brick wall. Very unpleasant experince indeed.

Well, it is all over now.


Hi Andre,

I'm sorry to hear you had an unpleasant speaking test, but your scores are excellent!

Well done, and good luck for the future.



No problem Hend

Hi, Simon.
i have a question" Is it Ok if I use the following template in answering the problem-solving type of questions ?

A little background + In this essay, I would like to analyze the reasons for this problem and propose some possible solutions.

I am not sure if I can use the " I would like to " structure in this IELTS writing.


Hi Adverb,

Yes, it's fine. Personally, I'd just write "I will" (I'd probably use "I would like to" at the start of a spoken presentation) but it's not wrong.

All the best

I have a mania for your lessons, Simon. Thank you.

I'm glad you like them Captain.

hey simon really liked it helped me a lot. i have one question you should mention someways globalwarming affects plants and animals.

Hi Vishaal,

You can mention global warming, but you don't have to. The question just says "explain some of the ways..." so you can choose which problems to discuss.

hi simon
The world’s human population has passed 6 billion and continues to increase. The growth in the human population and the increase in the standard of living are putting strains on the global environment.

what do u think, is it good introduction for this essay?

You've got the right idea Julia.

Can i ask you what kind of essay is this??????????

Hi Wael,

We call this a "problem / solution" question. You have to explain the problem (damaging the environment) and suggest solutions (what can governments and individuals do?).

Word 297

People are harming the environment in many ways because lack of awareness or negligence. As a result many negative consequences like global warming, landslide are happening. In such worsening condition the government and individual must take action to solve the problem.

The main reason of the environmental pollution is increasing trend of transportation and industries. The smokes from the vehicles are the main reason of the environmental pollution in major cities like Kathmandu. These old vehicles emit harmful chemicals and gases like nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide, which are harmful to living beings and also destroys the earth protecting ozone layer. In addition the chemicals are being highly used in the industries; as a result those harmful chemicals are left into the rivers and land, which is being the major cause of water pollution in Kathmandu. And the usage of plastics and plastic products cannot be neglected.
The government must organize awareness programs for public. People must be aware of the causes of environmental pollution; so they could avoid mistakes in the future. In addition, the government should take action immediately to stop deforestation by strict law and monitoring. Furthermore, sewage management is the biggest problem in Kathmandu Valley, it should be well organized. Moreover, law in the sector of industry and transportation should be implemented strictly.
On the other hand, individuals should take responsibility to save own community. Firstly they need to keep their own society neat and clean. In addition waste management should be considered seriously. Secondly they need to think of alternative natural resources rather than using chemicals like bio gas, solar energy.
To sum up, pollution in environment is increasing day by day in most of the part of the world. So, governments and public should join hands together to solve the problem.

I would be really grateful, if anyone could point the problem in my essay?

It is true that people are the major cause of environmental consequences. To maintain the damaging environment governments and individual people should work together to overcome the problem.
Human are destroying the environment in several ways. Firstly, human made factories, industries and vehicles are the major causes for air pollution. The emission and exhaustion of fumes from industries and vehicles are destroying the ozone layers. For instance accumulation of carbon dioxide in the environment is creating the global warming. Secondly, people are cutting trees for land and furniture. Such deforestation of rainforest is the major cause of flooding and droughts. Finally, people are using non-biodegradable plastic bags for packing of fast food and many various consumer products. That is also another considerable factor.
Governments must make strict law to protect the environment. They need to limit the emission of harmful chemicals by industries and vehicles. Promoting public transport, trains can be the better solution to reduce increasing transport pollution. Condition of vehicles must be assessed properly very often. Moreover, public awareness campaign can be fruitful to aware people about serious issues like global warming.
Along with governments, individual people should take this case seriously. They can use public transportation rather than using single private car for office and other works. They also have to use less flight for holidays to protect the environment. In addition they can plant some trees in their garden to make environment green. Using biodegradable bags like paper bags can help to reduce further damaging of the environment. In addition, they can make rubbish bin to separate different types of waste in their home.
In conclusion, humans are mainly responsible for damaging environment. So, government and individual people should collaborate to protect from further destruction.

hi simon
Can I improve my ielts writing ability by memorizing your essays ?

Here is my first two paragraphs, wish someone who can see it give me some comments. Cheers!

Recent years, many examples of extreme weather such as the snow in the North America and the flood in the Pacific countries alert the awareness of the public. Many human activities should take the responsibility for the environmental problems and it is necessary to figure out solutions both from social and individual perspective.

The main reason causing environmental problems is the traffic. Numerous cars running on roads generate tons of carbon dioxide which is a major component of the greenhouse gas. The emission of carbon dioxide along with other incomplete burning gases from the exhaust tube can prohibit the earth’s heat losing. As a result, the inevitable temperature increase will lead to the world climate change.

i am glad.

It's an useful website for learning Ielts. Tks Simon

It is really a fantastic essay.. Thank u so much.
Really eminent
Thank u so much.. I'd need it urgently

Hey,Simon is it ok if i print this out and use put it in my school project?

Hi Sean,

Yes, that's fine.

I hv difficulty in speakng section...could u plz help me


Dear Simon,

I have a question regarding the fourth paragraph of this essay. In the second sentence , you used "they" to address "individual people", while in the last sentence, "we" was used instead.

Does it mean that in this kind of essay, "we" and "they" can be used interchangeably?

Thank you in advance, I'm using your website on a daily basis to prepare my IELTS exam, it is really really helpful.


Hi Yishu,

Yes, both words can be used in this context.

I'm glad you like the website!

Hi Simon,
thank you for your essays.
In December I tried to take IELTS test and for writing I've got 6.5, I need 7.5 for each part.
My Task 2 topic was: Nowadays environmental problems are too big to be managed by individual persons or individual countries. In other words, it is an international problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
I couldn't find any ideas what to write about.
Please advise, if I'd used ideas from your essay above, would I answer the question of my topic?
thank you in advance

Hi simon ,
I need some ideas regarding the topic traffic pollution has become a major threat to waste the time of people. Why it happens? What steps can be to reduce it? What alternative can be used?
Please advise me if u have some ideas
I m very thankful to you in advance

Nice post Simon. Glad to be here.

Thanks a lot for sharing.

its nice to see and helps us to write essay on same topic if it arrives in ielts exams

Dear Simon Thanks a lot for your incredible efforts.
I noted you used problems three times in the introduction. Can we use other synonyms such as matter issue or something else to ensure higher scores.

Hi Farooq,

Well noticed - yes, you could use "issues" for example.


Hi Mr Simon could you post STRUCTURE OF OPPONION ESSAY please!

All means of travel should be made more expensive in order to help protect the environment. Do you agree ?

Hi Simon!!!
More and more people are choosing to study at colleges and universities in a foreign country. Do the benefits of studying abroad outweigh the drawbacks? Would it be possible if I give my opinion in the introduction part?

Hi Fiona,

Yes, the question is asking for your view, so you should give it in the introduction and explain it in the rest of the essay!

Thank you very much (tashakkur!!!)

Dear Sir Simon!

This essay is very useful for me, thank you very much.


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