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September 05, 2010


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I really like what you wrote SIMON. you have encouraged me to complete my challenge with IELTS.

I agree. Complaining can serve as an outlet for frustration, but we have to do practical things. If IELTS is so important to our future, there is no reason we don't put our effort into it. After all, there is no use to complain about things we don't have control over, but improving one's own English skill is totally within one's control.

Hi Simon,

How about ielts E-book task 1 ??

Hi Simon, Bought your book few days back n Really liked it....n Even i liked the advice you gave.....Thanks.....Its a good encouragement...U r d best...:)

I'm an English teacher from a remote area in Vietnam. It is difficult for me to buy your ebook though I really want have one.
I have read all of your posts in this blog and I found it very useful not only for learning but also for teaching.
I wish I could have your ebook, it will enhance my teaching much.

Abdulaziz and Jack:

Thanks for your comments. Your positive attitudes are sure to lead to success!



I'm afraid I haven't written a book for task 1 yet. Maybe soon!


Hi Meenaxi,

Thanks for your feedback about the ebook. I'm really glad you like it.


Hi Nguyen,

Several students from Vietnam have bought the ebook, and I know a teacher over there who is also using it. PayPal definitely works in Vietnam - if you want to know more about PayPal, just google it in your own language. I'm sure you'd find the ebook useful.

All the best,


Thank you for your email. I have solved the " post comments" problem and can give my comments and feedbacks on this website.
Definitely,Your ebook is helpful for me to improve my English writing ability and your work on this website in really impressive. thanks again!

No problem Johnny. I'm glad you like the ebook.


you are right Simon..

Glad you agree Nishad.

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