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September 07, 2010


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Hi Simon,

1. I think means that she wanted to change her life
3. Concentrate on your work
4. if you failed, try to follow eight categories that person mentioned in his talk.
5. Workfrolics means the job or work which is not boring and instead is with fun (I think!)



Can I use these phrase at the beginning of the sentence for writing part 2?
'Generally speaking' or 'to begin with' following by comma. Are these phrase are the same as 'firstly'?

Thanks Simon

Sorry again Simon,
In the following sentence do we HAVE TO write the word those as I normally don't write it.

It is clear that all of the figures for
developed countries are much higher than "THOSE" for developing nations.

This is a nice one. I especially love the CRAP part:D


1. She wanted to do something useful with her life (and be successful).

2. "TED-sters" are the people who attend the TED conferences (usually successful people). He's going to explain what motivates these people / what makes them successful.

3. Concentrate on your work / do some hard work.

4. Failing that = otherwise / if that isn't possible / if that doesn't work.


Hi Felora,

Thanks for your answers.

You can use the phrases you mentioned, but they don't mean the same thing as "firstly". "Generally speaking" means "in general", and "To begin with" is more similar to "firstly" but I'd probably use it in other contexts (not an IELTS essay), although it isn't wrong to use it.

You don't have to write "those" but it would certainly impress the examiner.


Hi Jack,

I liked that part too!


Hi Simon,

I just don't understand the part showing CRAP.

Could you please give an explanation?

Thank you.

Hi Cuong,

The word "crap" in this context means the bad things that you have to deal with if you want to be successful ('crap' actually means rubbish, junk, or human excrement!).

As a joke, the speaker uses each letter of the word "crap" to make a new word (criticism etc.) that explains the bad things in more detail. For English speakers, this way of playing with words is funny.

I hope this helps

Hi Simon,

Thank you very much. That's really helpful.
I got it now.

No problem.

Hi Simon:
I am a new guy in English area. I think this is very useful for me.
Thanks for your work!

Best Regards!

Thanks for posting this video here Simon =)
I'm taking IELTS in less than 2 weeks, yet I've been pessimistic all way. Everything somehow seemed to get worse, and I'm not confident. After watching this video, I just know right away what I should do -get down to real issues, and get real! Bye-bye CRAP!

Best regards,

-she want to achieve something in life.
-what make Ted-sters or Ted audiance surprize or amazed them.
- get involve completely into task.
- if your failed in something, do these eight thing e.g. idea, persist,focus,work,passion, push, serve,and good.
- Workafrolic means someone enjoy doing his work like his passion and hobby.

1. she want to work hard and make a difference for her future life.
2. I will let you know why people are encouraged and inspired by Ted speaking,
what makes the speakers in ted success and share their experience.
3. be really cautious and sensitive about something
4. otherwise

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