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September 24, 2010


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Today, I sat for speaking test. Part 1, asked me to talk about sea, what is your feeling about sea. Part 2 was about a gift you gave to someone and why. Part 3, we discussed about the value of charity, talked about charities in your country..... It was tough! especially in part 3.

Hi Tan Seow Ket,

Thanks for sharing your questions. I hope you get the result you need.

Good luck!


Hi Simon,
Last afternoon I had the speaking test. In part 1 the examninor asked me about my hometown, leisure activities and city improvement. Part 2 was about what kind of sport I would like to be good at and part 3 was about sports industries.

Part 1 and 3 was not so bad, I think. But in part 2, because I don't like sports and I have no idea about it. I just said some simple answers like I would like to be good at swimming because it makes my health become better, etc.It just took about over 1 minute. Will I lose a big band for this? I'm really worried.
The language centre told the candidates that the speaking test would start at 1:15P.M. When I arrived, it just was 1:10, I thought it was a bit early. Suprisingly, they said that I was late and I was the first speaker, the teacher was waiting for my turn. Is it make a bad impression of the examinor about me?
Will my band under 5?

Hi Anh,

Don't worry about arriving late - that won't affect your score. If you only gave a simple answer for part 2, that could affect your score. However, it's impossible for me to say what score you'll get - it depends on many things, and maybe you did better on part 3.

Try to relax and forget about you result until the letter arrives.

Good luck!


Thank you very much, Simon.

No problem Anh.

hi simon,

Your site is interesting and informative.I think,you are a big help to people who can't afford to review in a review center like me.

I should have known about your site earlier so i would not be resitting for the IELTS exams because i wasn't able to reach the required score for the speaking element,instead of a 7,I get either a 6 or a 6.5 band,and this is the only element that I scored low and ironically,it is the only specified element that needs a score of 7,how lucky could i get?
And now,i am going to take the exams this month and I am pressured to get the 7 bandscore for the speaking because my application for a visa will expire on December and this will be the last chance to take the exams or the application will be forfeited which will incur a lot of expenses again when i reapply for a visa..Please help me so that this time i'd be successful in my speaking exams..I hope you could post more of speaking part..How to's?...etc..
It's just so frustrating to score low when you know that you did your best and you followed every tip and advice...Do examiners sometimes score subjectively?...I hope to hear from you before i sit for the exams again..whew..Thank you very much

More power to you.

Hi Catalina,

I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties.

My best advice for the speaking test is that you can prepare many of the topics in advance, especially for part 2. You shouldn't necessarily memorise whole descriptions, but you could definitely prepare and memorise some good ideas and some 'band 7 vocabulary' for common topics. Make sure you have a person, place, hobby, object, event etc. in mind before you go into the exam. Also, remember that using real examples from your life/experience is the best way to develop a 'band 7' response in part 3 of the test.

Go through the speaking lessons on this site again, and prepare as much as you can before the exam. Practise repeating your answers until you feel confident that you can deal with all of the common topics.

Best of luck. Please let me know how it goes.


hi simon,

thanks a lot for your feedback..I really do appreciate it...I hope i'd be able to read all of your tips and advice (and put it into memory) especially re the speaking part before i resit for the exams..(my dreaded part of the exam)and i'll tell you how it goes...hope and pray this time i'll make it already..

more power simon..keep it coming...


No problem Catalina. Best of luck!


Hi Simon,
Thank you so much for the great efforts you have done in this excellent website.I really enjoy it .it does work with me.Thank you again
God bless you

No problem Marya. I'm glad you like it.

Hi simon,
I will take my test this week ,but i don't think i have prepared well enough,i am so scared now,what can i do now.
actually i have not prepared too much topics, i am nervous!
help me ,thank you!

Hi Shelly,

I'm afraid there is not much you can do in only one week. Just review what you have already done - don't try to learn anything new at this stage.

Be confident and just do your best!

Good luck


hi, Simon.
i was wondering why the questions use past simple but in answer you use present simple.
can you explain it to me?
thank you very much

Hi Tosiba,

You could use past or present tenses. I think I started to use the present because I said "I've seen the advertisement everywhere" - this makes it clear that the advertisement is still used now.

hi dear simon
this information was very useful ,i used alot. i 'm glad that you reply the alot of questions, i appriciate you so much.
i hope you be successful in your life
God bless you

No problem Goli.

hi simon
i will have speaking test in August 15 2011.
i practiced well but i 'm worry about that they would ask the topics that i didn't practice them. In these last hours please give me some tips that be useful for me. My original language is persian and I have never speaked with a native so it is very difficult for me ,i think i couldn't underestand their assent.
thanks so much

Hi Goli,

Read this advice:


Good luck!

I have bought ielts target band 7 , but my result still maintains the same scores. Help Please
I have repeated the IELTS 16 times??? :-(

Hi Mais,

"Target Band 7" is not my book. That's from a different website.

This is the advice I give my students:

1. Try to follow the daily lessons on this site.
2. Use the Cambridge IELTS books for test practice.
3. Try to find a teacher or native speaker who can check your work, correct your mistakes, and help you to improve.

Hi dear simon

I am a student at university and I have to study hard because this term is my last one and I have to get a good GPA.
I want to apply for Ms and I want at least 7.
Because of my little time I can not study English Seriously until I graduated.
Considering that I will study 5h a day.
Do you think I can get it 3 month later?
please lead me ,I am very worry about this mater.
Thank you

Hi Negar,

5 hours a day is good! My advice is to follow the lessons on this site, use the Cambridge IELTS books for test practice, and find someone who can check your essays and help you with speaking - maybe take a few lessons with a private teacher because it's difficult to improve without feedback.

Good luck!

Thank you very much for your answer dear simon.

Dear Simon,

I'm wondering, would a description of one TV commercial fit this question? or I should only describe an ad in hard copy (ex. ads on magazines or newspapers)?

Thank you!

Hi Anne,

Yes, a TV advert is fine.

Hi, Simom,

Can transfer this question into a touching advertisement?
I may start with that I don't recall an interesting advertisement but I'd like talking a touching advertisement now.

Is this Okay, or I still need to say an interesting advertisement.


Yes, that's fine Ohya.

Ok! Thanks you!

Hi dear Simon,

I am Negar from Iran, I commented here Monday, December 19, 2011 at 18:09 and shared my problem with you. I am here again to tell you your advice was really helpful, thank you very much. Finally, I got 6.5 (S 6, R 6.5, W 6.5, L 6.5) and I think it is enough for my purpose.

Thank you again.

I've had this theme today ! I didn't read this topic before, but my speech was almost the same, as Simon wrote !

Hi Simon!
This is the 1st time I am in this web. I'm really passionate on English. And I want to improve my E. so i find this web quite usefull.

Well i had a soeaking test today n the topic was in advertisment,i did fair enough but got stuccked for few seconds,will this effect my band score,im really worried about this,also in part 3 i coudnt understand ine of the question but i replied what i knew

Dear Simon,
I am a student at English language center in Australia.However, to enroll in university I need this score(6.5 overall, 6.5 in listening,6.5 in speaking and 6.0 in both reading and writing).
Although I tried four times IELTS test, unfortunately I didn't get the required score yet.
I am unable to achieve the score in spite of practicing all IELTS material including your books.
Please help me to do it, by the way my weakness is reading and writing as well.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Dear Simon,

I'm Huyen from Vietnam.
Thank you very much for being very supportive with your helpful website for many Ielts takers like me.

I have a small question for you. As it appeared in the question about the past (what it was about
why you think it was an interesting advertisement). However your answer is written in present tense. Is it acceptable?

(It's similar to a question of a film you found interesting. you should say: i) when you saw this film, why you decided to see this film and what happend in the film). Do I need to give answer all in the past tense?

Hi Huyen,

Well noticed! It really depends on the situation. I made it clear that this advertisement is still being used - that's why I changed to the present perfect and present simple.

Usually you will probably need to stay with the tense of the question.

Dear Simon,
I don't have any question or problem. I just want to thank you for your amazing site. you know, IELTS exam make me more informative and curious person about every thing. In my point of view, it is not just learning a language. it is about exploring ideas and knowing a wide variety of cultures. I have speaking test 10 days later and I will try my best to get a acceptable score.
God bless you.

describe an advertisement you have seen recently.

Hello sir,

Could you please tell me about my upcoming sentence, because nobody knows about it.

The routine of frequently working never lets people getting bored.

My exam was on 16 march 2014, I scored
Listening 8
Reading 7.5
Writing 7.5
Speaking 7.5
I need to score 8 band in speaking.
Hey guys help me practice speaking......my skype id is [email protected]
I hve bookd my nxt exam on 19 june...
We can improve speaking by taking mock test of each other....
Thnx n gud luck

hey simon!
can u post your all answers of speaking test,which are asked by above candidates?
it will help me to improve my speaking..

Hi simon.I am great fan of your site.Simon,i have taken ielts 6 times and alwys scored 6.5 in others and 7.5 in listening but i need 7 in all.Could you please tell me how i can improve my speaking more.I will wait to hear something from you ..thank you buddy.

There are many sources for advertising a product in this technological era. The number of different goods gone up and main way of marketing a product is advertise.there are many ways for advertising like through postures,radio,magazines and ofcourse television. Television is a best way to marketing a product. It gives a audio - visual medium and easily influence children with these way.my favorite advertisement is kit-kat break company keeps changing the advert. Which is very famous all around the world. The latest one shows a youth just bought a kit-ket for a refreshing change and as he break bar he seen surprising and hilarious seen.as he break bar there in a room chubby and angelic babies start dancing and clapping their hands . the boys are also dancing side by side and thus its make us laugh too. I am sure after advertise this product this sell definitely goes up .

Hey , Simon
Could you help me getting 7bands in writing .I've tried twice bt didn't get success.

Sir i want to improve in my speaking skils so how i m improved my skil in english language

Most advertisement make products seem much better that they really are.

I hope my answer below is found useful :)

"I am going to talk about an advert that I saw on a billboard in the city centre that struck me at the very moment and got me engaged enough to think for a moment.

The advert aims to draw the attention of people to deforestation around the globe and to raise awareness. The picture illustrates a forest in the shape of pair of lungs, however some parts of the lung have been exposed to deforestation and look severely unhealthy and diseased. Finally, the quote underneath the illustration says “Lost there, felt here” in order to imply that deforestation has a direct impact on our health.

I find this advertisement very interesting because it associates deforestation with pollution and reduced oxygen levels by sending a very strong message to its viewers."

hi Simon. I am going to sit for IELTS test as it is one of the requirements needed for me to pursue my studies. May I know which topic should I focus on for part 2.

Hi Simon
I am tanjina from Bangladesh.
I want to improve my speaking.bt when I speak about any topic, I cannt find word.Even though I cannot understand how I will start about this topic.please help me to get good score.thank you.

I need to improve my speaking skills
Please help me to improve my skills

Sir I need speaking skills.....when I start my speaking topic then I have no words for speaking I can't manage that so plz cann u help me

Can u help me my Ielts speaking test,tmr I will speaking exam,can u give some important topic sir,nobody helped me,

hi Simon how are you . I have some problems with my speaking and writing. can you give me so advices please. what should i do. My IELTS exam on 4 of august

Hi simon sir

My exam is on 13 of august can u plz plz give some tips of speaking and writing

Hlo sir how are you.i hv lot of problems with my speaking. You can help nd to improve my speaking skills plz plz plz.....

Hi Simon,

I really appreciate you contribution to IELTS community.

Do you think your answer is too short because I just cannot make it more than one minute with you sample :((

Thank you Simon

Hi mam I required 7ielts band within 1month but in my mock I just got 5plz give me some suggestions I need ur help

I require band in classroom each6 and when my mock test i just got 4 band please i need your tips and some suggestions

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