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September 09, 2010


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Hi Simon,
Can the introduction be re-written this way:

The flow chart provides information on how the Australian Bureau of Meteorology gathers all the data from different sources to broadcast accurate weather forecast.

Many thanks

Hi Simon,

I wrote the task, but I feel it is difficult for me to fulfill it with more than 150 words. Could you give me some advice? My report is following:

The flow chart illustrates the process of up-to-the-minute information collection used for producing reliable weather forecasts by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Overall, the process could be divided into four main stages.

At the initial stage, up-to-the-minute information on the weather is collected by three different ways, from satellite in the aerospace, radar on the ground and drifting buoy on the sea. The second stage is analysis and forecasting by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, which are based on the data collected in the first stage, including satellite photo, radar screen and synoptic chart. The next step is using computers to prepare the broadcast. Broadcast is the last step of the whole procedure. In this step, reliable weather forecasts are broadcasted by TV newsreader, radio and recorded announcement to let user know.

Dear Simon,

I have written my full essay as my eaxam is in this saturday. i would appreciate if you give me some advice for this essay as I am very stressesd now.

The figure describe the different steps of obtaining information regarding the weather condition by Australian Bureau of Meteorolog for weather broadcasting.
It is clear that there are fours steps of preparing weather data namely, incoming information, analysis and forecasting, preparing the broacast and finally broadcasting.
Looking more in detail shows that in the first step, the weather condition are recorded by three routes, satellite, radar and drifiting buoy. The second step involves the analysis of weather information. The data collected by satellite can be analysed by the satellite photos or synoptic chart. Radar screens and synoptic charts are also employed for analysing data collected by rador, while synotic charts just are used for analysisng information from driting buoy.
Following the first two steps, all the weather information then transfer to the computer where they preapre for final assessment befor forecating them. In the final step, the generated data then broadcaste through Tv, newspapers, radio or recorded on telephones.

Many Thanks,

Hi Nirma, Jean and Felora

You have all got the right idea.

Jean, if I were you I'd separate the essay into 4 clear paragraphs.

Felora, you need to check carefully for small spelling mistakes.

I'm sorry I can't give more help, but I don't really want to encourage people to send me full essays. I'm just too busy to check everyone's work.

All the best,


Hi Simon,
I have two questions:

1. Can I write: "The consumer spending on food accounted for 32%" ?

2. I have problem regarding questions of cambridge test 7 (question 2, page 91):

Clemmons found a starnge hierology on the wall of Egyptian monument (F, T, NG)

The text says:
California software consultant suggested that kites might have been involved. While persuing a book on a monuments of Egypts, she noticed that a hieroglyph that showed a row of men standing in odd postures.

Why the answer is F. I marked it as NG because there is no evidence as to wether it is strange and also not mentioned wether this signs were on wall or no. Just say found in the book.

Can you please help me?
I appreciate all your efforts toward helping students in this web site.

Hi Simon,

Thank you for you suggestion. Although I knew your website just the day before yesterday, I was exited to find there are so much useful information about IELTS test. I hope that with the help of you I could improve my English more quick,especialy on writing and speaking.


Hi Felora,

1. Grammatically your sentence is fine. You don't need the word "the".

2. I think you are "over-thinking" this question and making it more complicated than it really is. The answer is false because she found it in a book, not on the monument. The question implies that she was at the monument when she found it - this is not true.


Hi Jean,

I'm glad you like the site. If you follow the daily lessons and use the "comments" area to ask questions, I'm sure you'll start to feel more confident about the test.

All the best,


Dear Simon,

I would like you to review my essay on writing task 1. Thanks for your consideration.

By the way, have a nice weekend!

Loannie from Vietnam.

The diagram describes the way that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology gathers information on the weather for forecast production.

As seen, there are four steps to translate raw data into trustworthy outcome: collecting incoming information, analyzing and forecasting the information, preparing broadcast and announce latest change of the weather on the media.

First, incoming information is collected by various tools from different places such as satellite in the air, radar on the ground and difting bouy in the sea. Photos on weather are taken from satellite camera. Screens are assembled on radar. And synoptic charts are drawn by drifting bouy. It is constantly gathered minute by minute. Second, based on the received photos, sceens and charts, the raw data are analysed and forecasted.

Third, when the process of analysis and forecasting is completed, the broadcast is prepared to announce with computer’s assistance. Finally, broadcast on the weather are timely provided on public media such as TV news, on radio, and recorded announcement.

Hi Loannie,

You have definitely got the right idea. You have followed my advice well.

I'm afraid I can't give you any detailed feedback - my rule is that I don't check people's essays on this site. If I did this, everyone would send me their essays.

Keep up the good work!


Dear Simon:

Many thanks for your guide.

I would like to read your full essay as soon as you mentioned.

Again, thank you!

Best regards,

Hi Loannie,

The full essay will be on the site tomorrow.

All the best,


Hi Simon ,

Do we have write a conclusion ?

No, you don't need a conclusion.

Hi Simon,

Can I write an introduction like "The diagram illustrates the process used by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology to gather the most recent information in forecasting the weather"?



Hi Simon, u r doing great service. Keep it on. Thanx

The diagram shows the process how Australian Bureau of Meteorology gathering current information on the weather condition to deliver dependable predications.

As we can see form the picture there are four stages in order to collect reliable forecasts which are: incoming information, analysis forecasting, preparing and broadcast and broadcast. The first way the incoming data is received by satellite then it is showed on satellite photo after that the information is passed to preparing and broadcasting then the data is delivered to the people by broadcasting even by TV or radio or recorded announcement. The second way the incoming information is taken by radar then is showed up on radar screen or synoptic chart. The following stage which is preparing and broadcasting by computer after that the predication is given to broadcast to give it to people to know the condition of the weather. The last way to produce the forecasts the incoming information is received by drifting buoy then the data is displayed on the synoptic chart after that it is gone to preparing and broadcasting and the last stage broadcast the information to the people

The diagram illustrates the ways that the Australian Bureau of Meteorology gathers information on the weather for forecast production.

It is clear that the country used three different methods for collecting and broadcasting its weather changes.It is also noticeable that the most advance technology is used for gathering environment related information.

The below figure show the way of Australian Bureau to gather lastest information of the weather from multi chanels to make more accurate forecasts.

many thanks for your guidance.
Iwounder if you could answer
is it enough to get score of27 in listenig in chabrigh books
to get band 7 in ILETS-

The flow chart illustrates the process in which Australian Bureau of Meteorology gathers and analyzes data on weather condition to produce trustworthy forecast. Overall, there are four stages in weather forecast production.

First, the weather information is collected from space, land, and sea through satellite,radar, and drifting buoy respectively. Then the information will be analyzed and forecasting will be produced in the form of satellite photo, radar screen and synoptic chart.

Once the forecasting is done, broadcasters prepare the weather news using computer and disseminate it through TV, radio and recorded announcements.

In conclusion, weather forecasting in Australia is a systematic process of collection and analysis of information from different sources and preparation of news before broadcasting in different medias.

hi simon,
when can I read th efull essay?

hi simon,I am waiting for your full essay on saturday.

Hi Pachu,

The essay is here:


The following chart describes the process of collecting data via different channels to ensure the reliability of weather report.

The whole process comprises of four stages, starting from the incoming sources of information. After an estimated outcome is generated, it will be entered and stored into a technological devise such as computers. When it is well-prepared, it will be disseminated to the public.

To begin with, data is collected through satellite in the space, radar on the ground and drifting buoy in the sea. As long as this information is gained, a series of data processing will be followed such as analysis and forecasting. It is interpreted into visualised format including satellite photos, radar screen as well as synoptic chart. The speculative result will be saved in the computer once the analysis is done, and be ready to broadcast. The public can get access to this information via different forms of media- TV newsreader, radio and recorded telephone.


Hi Simon,

I have already faced up with the writing task 1 module like this, and I have no vocabulary to describe the process. Could you teach me how I should do in Task 1 like this module?

Thanks so much!

Thank you Simon,

Not easy for me but your website is very useful.

The diagram illustrates the method of collecting up to the minute information on weather by Australian Bureau of meteorology to obtain reliable forecast.
The method consists of four steps starting by collecting informations then analysing and predict them each one by the source of information then comes the next step which is preparing for broadcast and eventually broadcasting.
It is a precise method which requires a lot of accuracy and commitment,starts by gathering the data and information which came from three sources : satellite,radar, drifting buoy .Each information will be analyzed and transformed into visualized data presented on satellite photo , radar screen, and synoptic chart respectively according to their source . Then preparing for broadcast by using computers and finally broadcasting through television newsreader, radios, recorded telephone announcements.

Hi simon,
I just got this site now and found it very interesting.
The diagram above illusrate how Ausrialian Bureau of meterological collect up to the minute informatio on
the waether in order to produce reliable source, these involve four processes which include, incoming information, analysing and fforecasting,preparing the broadcast and lastly broadcast.
The incoming information can be obtain through satellite, radar and the driffting bouy in the sea. The information from the satellite will be analyse by satellite photo, while the information from the rader will be analyse and forecast by rader screen and lastly the information from driffting buoy will be analyse by synoptic chart.
Once the weather information is collected and analysed, the next phase is by using of computer to prepare the broadcast follow by broadcasting the weather information for the people to watch through TV,Newsreader and listen through radio and recorded announcement.
Thank pls what can my band be...??

Hi Simon.

Kindly do a feedback on my sample essay.

The diagram illustrates the process of collecting up-to-minute information by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology in order to relay factual weather forecasts.

It clearly shows that there are four steps in collecting weather information namely incoming, information, analyzing and forecasting, preparing for broadcast and lastly, the broadcast of the reliable forecasts.

First and foremost, incoming information is transmitted through the satellite, radar and drifting buoy. The information is sent either by a satellite photo, a radar screen or a synoptic chart respectively. The information received are then analyzed and forecast.

After the information is screened, it is prepared for public broadcast.There are three ways in which theses reliable forecasts are relayed. It can be done through television newscast, radio announcement or a recorded announcement.

The graph illustrates the process of Australian Bureau of Meteorolog obtaining the updated weather information for broadcasting to the viewers and listeners.

There are four main steps in the preparing the broadcast to the public. That is incoming information,analysis and forecasting, preparing the broadcast and broadcast processes.

Firstly, the weather information was collected through satellite, radio and drifting buoy, respectively. Then, the updated weather information was delivered to satellite photo, radar screen and synoptic chart for analysis and forecasting.

The information gained in the second step was transported to a computer terminal for preparing forecasting. Lastly, people obtain the updated weather information by TV, radio and telephone that records announcement.

The Diagram explain how the Australian Bureau of Meteorology Collect Data on the Weather Forecasts.
Overall, There are ten Procedure to illustrate the weather forecasts by Bureau of Meteorology it begin from satalitr and ended on Telephone announcement.
First the college of satalite recieve by radar and presented on Radar screen collect in computer prepare for
The same data analysis by satalite photos receive by Radar Driffting buoy or synoptic Chart collected in computer for broadcasts
Finly, prepares data in computer broadcasts the weather information on TV, Radio,telephone

THE Diagram Illustrate information of weather to the view and listeners by Australian meteteorology.it's procedure to share data in few step.

OVERALL, There are main Steps update the weather information for viewers and listeners Incoming information,Analysis and forecasts and broadcasting.

First, Data recieve from Satalite by Radar
,Radar screen,,synoptic Chart, Drifting Buoy presented on Radar screen and computer.
Secondly,COLLECTION DATA IN SATELLITE ANALYSIS IN SATELITE PHOTO,Radar,Radar screen,Synoptic chart Drifting Buoy.
Finly,The present data in computer recieved by incoming information update the weather information on TV,Radio and telephone for public.

Deat simon..i. Cant find ur full essay here about this process diagram..can u help me please..thank u

The diagram depicts the number of steps, are taken by Australian Bureau of metrology, since they need to forecast weather , for gathering updated information.

Is this type of introduction accepted in ielts.

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