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October 17, 2010


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well, to be honest with you I would say i am in group one at the moment but I truely know its not gonna work for me! I definitely need to turn group two!!

For me, I keep updating my vocabulary, writing essay every days.

I strongly believe that practice makes perfect.

I am going to studying oversea after Christmas, but now i am learning IELTS in non-speaking English, are there any useful advices that can help me improve my speaking skill?

Hi Marzi,

Yes, step into group 2!


Hi Phong,

It sounds like you are doing the right thing for writing. To improve your speaking, it really helps if you can practise with someone - maybe you could find an English speaker who would like to do a language exchange.

Good luck!

hai simon,I am taking my ielts test again this saturday . I had got last time and i am repeating as i need 7 in speaking .Any tips simon ?I have to get 7 in each module to be succesful in my registration .Any Advise will be appreciated.

Hi Sam,

My advice for your final week of preparation is to focus on part 2 of the speaking test. Make sure you prepare some good ideas for common topics such as:

a hobby
a place
a person
a possession
an event
some favourites (book, film etc)

I've given examples for some of these in my speaking lessons.

Part 2 is the part of the exam in which you can really impress the examiner. If your part 2 is good, there's a better chance you'll get a 7.

Good luck!

i'm the second and i try to stick to it till my exam.

Good! Stay in the second group!

Hi Simon;
I am Shndula and I study English Language at Manchester , I would like to register with you , because I will have IELTS exam on 12th Feb ,so please could you tell me ,how can I register and which day will be first lesson.
Thank you

Hi Shndula,

Visit the website linked below for information about my courses in Manchester. You can find my contact details there too.


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