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October 23, 2010


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Hi,Simon.I am not excellent at punctuation.My question is if I write down the sentence like this{Because the weather was bad,I satayed at home}So,the comma here is correct. Isnt.While we dont need commas if I write the sentences as you wrote. Kind regards.

Hi Simon. Thanks so much for the information on your website.Can you please help me on how to answer this question."Parents are going to other countries to work taking their families with them.Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?THANK YOU

Hi Ahmed,

The use of commas is quite flexible and even causes problems for native speakers. Don't worry too much about commas for IELTS, but correct use of full stops is VERY important.


Hi Jennet,

I've had a lot of requests to look at different questions, so you might have to wait a while, but I'll try to give some ideas for this topic soon.


When it is a must to use full stop

Hi Moka,

For big grammar questions, a short explanation from me will not be enough. Try searching on Google or using a grammar book. Here's an example website that might help:


Simon. is it possible to say " I stayed home" instead of I stayed at home? by just omitting the preposition at.

Hi Gwapo,

Yes, I think Americans say "I stayed home".

I appreciate because I could learn a lot of vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure from this blog how to use complex and compound sentence between simple sentence. I can do it properly. For example, The man who is encouraged to learn an international language, must be learnt in some simple ways. This sentence is completely complex, it will be increased to get a good band score in writing parts of IELTS

thank you, simon

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