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October 16, 2010


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hi,the first sentence is incorrect,it should be ,Because of their parents.

Hi Simon
the third sentence is incorrect. in fact it does not need a full stop . all of them have to be written as one sentence.

1. Two ideas are not connected ('at home' and 'at school').
2. Two ideas are not connected.
3. Do not use 'Because' at the beginning of a sentence.


I think the first sentence is only correct.

hi,the third sentence should be written without comma.

I think the second and the third are incorrect.

I would like to ask one more question.

In body paragraph of writing ,how different between using first, second and third words and firstly, secondly and thirdly words?

Thank you

Hello Simon,

I think the first sentence is not correct.

hi Simom,

i believe that the third sentence is incorrect

Hi Simon,

The third sentence is not correct.

the third one is not correct


Sentence 3 is NOT correct. 1 and 2 are fine.



You can use "Firstly,..." or "First,..." I normally use "Firstly" but it's find to use "First".

All the best



Sentence 3 should be written as one sentence with no stop or comma:

"Children's behaviour is getting worse nowadays because parents are not strict enough".


Sentence 3 because it it connects 2 ideas in 2 separate sentences

That's correct Bing. See my answer above.


at my descretion second one is correct.

NO. 3 is incorrect.
BTW, is the sentence of "Which sentence in NOT correct?" correct?
I suppose the word of in is mistake.

Well spotted Tony!

Quick question Simon,

from the second paragraph, isn't "discipline in schools is" supposed to be "discipline in school is"? or "schools are" ?

Please show me some guidance.


Hi Peter,

No, it's correct to write "discipline in schools is". The subject is "discipline", not "schools", so I'm saying "discipline is..."

Ah sweet, Thanks heaps. XD

the third sentence is wrong.
"." make full stop between two sentence.

In sentence number three:
can we write children’s as childrens’?

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