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October 25, 2010


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Hi Simon
I am going to take the speaking part tomorrow morning. please pray for my success. thank for your good lessons during these months.

Hi Simon
In terms of similar words, I must mention a key problem in my essays-repeating the same word too many times.
For example,"think","people","because","nowadays" and etc.
Maybe next time you can give us some examples to show us how to replace a overused word with a fresh one. Thank you in advance!
By the way, wish you good luck in getting your expected mark, bahare!

Good luck Bahare! Let me know how it goes.


Hi Johnny,

Good question. To get started, here are some words to use instead of "people":

- individuals
- residents / citizens / inhabitants (when talking about people who live in a particular country)
- members of society
- the public

Hope this helps

hi simon
I don't have the answer key for ielts practice 4
would you mind to give us the answer key
thank you

Hi Annisa,

I'm afraid I don't have it in electronic form.

Hi Simon,
I have couple of questions list below.
1. For ideas mentioned part. I chose A,B,C but the answers are A,C,F. There is a word "socialise" in para B (about the end) which I interpreted as B in answer. In addition, I can't find where is the F.
2.In Q.37- Firstly, I thought of G as a corrected answer and then I changed my mind to H because he said "jumping rapidly" to other survival skills and its only one play activity not "wide range." And the word "combined" during play also confused me.

Thx you so much.

Hi Sam,

"F" is a bit of a trick. The whole article is about how play helps to build bigger brains - don't forget that the brain is an organ. There is nothing specifically about "peer groups", so it's not "B".

There is nothing about "teaching survival skills", but there is something that gives the idea of "a wide range" - a behavioural kaleidoscope... jumping between activities" (i.e. between more than one activity).

Hope this helps!

Hi sir, you site is marvelous, I like it so much. This Reading passage from IELTS 4 was really hard, I don't know whether I should read whole passage or not. I read hte passage completely but I miss the time to answer question 27 to 32. Please help me.

Hi Saeedeh,

You don't have time to read the whole passage first. Just go straight to the questions, and search for the answers one by one.

Hi simon
Thanks for all material there are many openion during wrting easy it should be how many paragraphs and lots of type graphs we have to write name of eachone such as line graphs.

Hi simon,

Thank you for your help.
Q.32 the classes of animals for which play is important_the correct letter is B. Could you tell me how to make a correct answer?
Best wishes,

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