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October 22, 2010


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Hi,simon.If you were the examiner,what score would you give her and could you tell us the best things that make her get that mark.thanks alot.AHMED.

Hi Simon,

If I answer the first question, my answer is following:
Currently, I'm a student dependant, neither working nor studying, but I plan to apply a master course in the UK.

I'm not sure the word "the UK" is right here.


Hi Ahmed,

The examiner can't give a score after only the first part. However, she has done the first part really well because the examiner wants to hear short, simple answers with no hesitation and no mistakes (or not many mistakes).

If her part 2 and 3 are good, she could definitely get a 7.


Hi Jean,

Your answer is fine. "The UK" is correct. Just remember to say "apply FOR a Master's".

Hi simon
Your site is very priceless for me.
I want to answer your questions.
I am a nurse .I have 12 years of experience .Although it is a demanding job ,i like it so much because it deals with life and death.
Is it a good answer?

Hi Simon,

Thanks a lot!

Hi Simon,

Could you explain why this girl cannot get band score 9!

Ca you give example of band 9 answer for those question ?

Hi Simon

I have a question in the speaking test. Can I use "you"?

Hi Soodabeh,

Your answer is good. I'm glad you find the website useful.


No problem Jean!


Hi Hore Boy,

Maybe she could get a band 9 because there is nothing wrong with her answers. However, it all depends on part 2 and 3. Part 1 is supposed to be really simple, but parts 2 and 3 need to be excellent if you want to get a 9. Have a look at some of my lessons about parts 2 and 3 to see what I recommend.


Hi Quynh,

Yes, you can use "you" in the speaking test.

Best regards


Hi Simon,
May I ask you? because this was posted a long time ago.

I want to express that : "I am studying and working at the same time". How can I express this in academic English?
Thank you a lot
I really love this website.

Hi Ngo,

It isn't an 'academic' question, so there isn't a better way to answer it. Just say "I am studying and working at the same time".

Glad you like the site!

best way to help students by you

Hi Simon,

I confuse how to explain my situation. I am working as a risk analyst, I finished university last year and decided to take a gap year, and this year I will continue my Master's course, so how I can construct this answer?

Thank you in advance!

Do you work or are you a student?
Presently, I am a student. I have been studing at simple college for two years. I will finish in a year...

Actually .i am a student..i was just complete my h&c from dhaka city college .now i was preparing the ielts cours ...

hi simon , how can I answer this question when I am a MSC student but I used to work for a several years before ..
what is the correct way to say this

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