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October 29, 2010


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6 I think :)

Hi,simon.if I was the examiner I would give him 6.If I was generous I would provide 6.5.cheers.

I think he got a 6.5 :)

You're all in the right area.

Of course, it all depends on the other parts of the exam too, but I think he's better than 6 because of the phrases he uses (treat equally, I rarely talked, gave me advice, deal with people, increase my confidence, have a good impression), and also because his pronunciation is good and he is able to self-correct.

If I was examining, I'd need to listen very carefully to his part 3 in order to decide between 6.5 and maybe even 7.

It's easier than you think to get a 7!!


Hi Simon,
I sat for IELTS academic once, I got a band score 7.5 but unfortunately it is not the score that is required for my studies. They look at the individual scores and I needed to get 7.5 in speaking, I got only 7. I'm not sure what I could do more to get this 0.5 mark. Could I somehow send u a video of me doing part 2 so that u could review and probably give an advice to improve myself?
My exam is just in 2 days, Would u be able to answer me in that short notice?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi Mohamed,

I'm afraid I can't help individual students in that way. My advice is to focus on good vocabulary (words and phrases), especially for the part 2 presentation - that could make the difference and give you the 0.5 that you need. To prepare for part 2, look through my speaking lessons, and think of what you would say for each topic. Prepare some good ideas before the exam.

Sorry I can't give you individual help.

Good luck with your test.


Thanks a lot Simon for ur help, God bless u :)

No problem Mohamed.

Hi teacher,
Can i speak about a mobile phone if the topic on card is " A piece of equipment "?

Yes, that's fine.

I Can not see the viedo...

Hi simon:

Could you gei me the title of these videos,I use a website to watch the videos in youtube,and if you can add a title in your following youtube video article,Thanks!

Hi Daniel,

The title is: "IELTS speaking part 2 (Franco)"

I'll try to remember to add titles in future.


Dear Simon
I cannot watch the video would you write it down in comments


Hi Azar,

I wrote the important parts of what he said below the video. In future I'll try to include an MP3 recording of each video for people who can't see Youtube.



Hi Simon
Do you have any comment on his fluency ? I'm a bit slow at times, maybe slightly slower than him, so I don't know if I will be penalized if I talk with such a slow pace :(
BTW, your website helped me a lot, thank you very much :)

Hi Phuong,

His fluency is quite good. There are some hesitations, but the speed of his speech is good - it sounds natural and doesn't need to be any faster.

If you talk more slowly than him, and pause or hesitate more, you will probably get band 6 or below for fluency.

I'm glad you like the site!

Thank you Simon !

No problem.

if i talk about an advice that my friend i received from my friend and she advised me to use facebook, then i will use the benefits of facebook to answer the question of what it is.
but i was wondering what tense should i use here. can i use the present simple to talk about the benefits of facebook( because i think they are still true) or i have to use the past tense.
thank you.

Hi Tosiba,

Good idea. I'd probably use the present tense - as you said, the benefits are still true.

Hi simon
In my listening exam i wrote Dj instead of DJ
i would like to know if it would be counted as a wrong or right answer?

That's fine. They don't care about capital letters in the listening test.

ohh Simon, even though on that speed you will give him 7? good..=D I think I finished my speaking earlier because i talked faster than him.. uhmm because of nervous haha'.. Most of the time I find it hard to choose the correct preposition for my sentences.. What is your advise ? Is familiarizing is also a good way?

(should be 'impression of me') -- i think i will also say "impression to me/ on me" haha'.. ill take down notes your corrections

he improved alot~ :')

I think Simon said so in order to boost our confidence in the IELTS speaking test. Thanks for the positive encouragement anyways! :)

Oh my god, Simon, you are so generous to give seven for him. You made me become confident. Thank you. I guess I am too late to watch your posts.

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