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October 14, 2010


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In the following sentence:"Internet usage in both the USA and Canada rose to around 70% of the population, while the figure for Mexico reached just over 25%."
Is it OK if I use "it" instead of "the figure"
If it's Ok,Why is it so.
If it's not OK, why not?
Thank you...

hi Simon
do not we need to conclusion paragraph for graphs?
why you explain the first graph in one paragraph and another 2 in another paragraph?
was not it better to explain the first and second graphs in one paragraph and the third one in another one, because of the difference between the trend for developing countries?

Hi Simon,

When i'm answering questions about writing task 1, I use to follow this structure:

1. Introduction
2. Body - describes the most important trends.
3. Conclusion - summary of the trends shown and comparing them if possible.

Is this structure also correct? I found it quite different from your bar chart's essay, especially the conclusion part.

You wrote the overview on paragraph 2. If the overview also serves as the conclusion, would it be accepted if we write it on the last part of the paragraph?

I'm sorry for asking too much. I'm just a little bit confused.

Thank you very much and you've always been a good help in my IELTS study.


Hi Adverb,

Yes, you could write "while it reached just over 25% in Mexico". "It" means "Internet usage" so it's ok.


Hi Bahare,

Read this lesson about why I don't write a conclusion for task 1:


I put the 2nd and 3rd charts together because they are both about "science". The first chart is about "education". This is not the only way you could write the essay, but I think it works well.


Hi Diane,

Read the link I gave Bahare above. It explains my ideas about conclusions.

Remember, there is not a right or wrong way - you could put the summary last as a conclusion. In fact, your structure is the same as mine, except with the summary at the end as a conclusion.

Hope this helps


Hi Simon,

I followed the link and you explained it very well. I now understand that an overview instead of a conclusion is much applicable in writing task 1.

Thanks a lot.

No problem Diane.

can you tell me how many kinds of exercises for bar chart description there are ? by the way,explain how to solve each sorts of exercises ;;)

Hi Lan,

Bar charts can show numbers or percentages of all sorts of things. However, for all types of bar chart, you only need to do 3 things:

1. State a fact (e.g. 3% of people were unemployed)
2. Compare facts (e.g. 3% of Americans were unemployed, whereas 5% of Canadians had no job)
3. Describe changes (The unemployment rate rose from 3% in 2000 to 6% in 2005)

Hi Sir,
Your essay is quite good. If you do not mind I ask you about the introduction paragraph. You used almost words from question on it. Is it OK or not in the exam? Many thanks to sir.

Hi Tom,

It's only a problem if you copy the actual question. I didn't do that - I used words from the charts rather than the question, and the sentence I wrote is clearly my own.

The essay above would get a band 9, so if you can write like that, you have nothing to worry about.

Hi Simon,
Thank you so much! Now, I have a clear perspective about this. I and some students have worried about these kinds of topic such as 3,4 or 5 pie or tables charts in one topic. Wishing you had those in the next time.

Hi Tom,

I've done something about those before. Have a look at these lessons:



Hi Simon,

Can I use past tense in paragraph 2?

It is clear from the charts that the figures for developed countries "were" much higher than those for developing nations. Also, the charts "showed" an overall increase in participation in education and science from 1980 to 1990.

Thank you.

Hi Virginia,

'The figures were' is ok, but the charts are here with us now, so it's best to write 'the charts show'.

the date are given in the past why you used present tense

Hi. I have an important question related to my Ielts exam. I will be glad if u answer it.
due to my stress during the exam i had mistake in bar chart: i have written 2 years figures in 2 bodies while the cayegories were the same. hI should have been compared those years in a single body.
i guess i am sure that all the rest were ok in task 1 and 2: I mean, vocabulary,grammar,ideas,tense forms,spelling,length of words and so forth.
in that case how much i am expected to get from writing or how much they will cut my score?? (mentioning that last time i got 7 fron writing)

"From 1980 to 1990, the number of scientists and technicians in industrialised countries almost doubled to about 70 per 1000 people. "
I am reaally wondering! The number is 43 and then it is only 75. Is it still doubled?
I really like to use double but i do not know how much approximation is valid? Could you clarify, my teacher?


What are the differences between these sentences with the litter ( s )

The (figures) for developed countries " second paragraph "

The (figure) for industrialised countries " third paragraph "

Thank u

Hi Simon,
Could you explain why you used the Simple present tense in following: "It is clear from the chart that figures for developed countries are much higher than those for developing nations... from 1980 to 1990".
Can I use the Past tense?

Hi Simon, can i write the overview instead of the conclusion? And mix paragraph 2 and 3 to one parapraph

Mr. Simon provides a good direction to every English seeker, I'm also one out of them.

Hello Simon

Can you teach this one?

The table below gives information about changes in modes of travel in England between 1985 and 2000.

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