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October 27, 2010


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Hi Simon
I have a question about million . I do not know if 2 million is right or 2 millions?

Hi Bahare,

This confuses many people.

After a number we DON'T write "s".
e.g. 2 million people live in this city.

Without a number, we DO write "s".
e.g. Millions of people are moving to live in cities.

It seems strange, but it's important and the examiner will notice if you make a mistake.

Good question!

Hi, Simon, i have several ideas:
Technology is partly widening the gap between the rich and the poor. In terms of medical neo-tech, although more and more advanced medicines and treatments are developed to cure a range of diseases, the price of medication is increasingly higher that it is only affordable to wealthy people. So many poor people are suffering from painful diseases and even die without receiving medical care.
However, thanks to the the wide spread of the internet, people who live in poor areas are more likely to become rich now. In the past, only the first class people were able to study in high-standard tertiary education, on the other hand, since more people are able to access various information through the wireless broadband internet, they are knowledgable to gain themselves a wealthy life.

Hi simon.I reckon there is linkage between technology and globalisation.Isnt.
In my point of view,the gap is widening as aresult of many causes ,so we couldnt blame technology for that.the rich use the latest and newest versions of technology ,while the poor are unable to buy the newst models of technology.In other words ,they dont afford to take extravagant electronic items such as smart phones,latest models of personal computers.For this reason,we have to look at this thing from different angles and take into account the benefits of technolgy on ourlives.On one hand we have several latest inventions of technology,on the other,we get old or used technological items which are useful but not fashionable.There for ,personally,I believe that instead of throwing these items away,it could be repaired and given to people who are needy.technology is invented for helping peolpe in their lives without looking at social roles or classes. THIS IS MY OPINION SIMON.AHMED

Hi Simon
thanks for your answer

If I am asked to describe some information about five countries, which of the following phrases are correct?

Among the five countries/Out of the five countries/Of the five countries,...

Thank you.


Thanks for your ideas Michelle, especially the point about medical technology - I didn't think of that, but it's definitely a relevant example.



Good points Ahmed. Your idea about recycling is good - I think a lot of used mobiles go to developing countries nowadays, and this is probably helping to improve the standard of living for many people.


No problem Bahare.



I wouldn't use "among", but the other 2 are both good.

hi simon
I tried to write a conclusion with this topic:
"To sum up, after considering the different notions of both groups, I think the ideas of the latter group outweigh the thoughts of former one. I believe while technology development do not separate nations but people of across the world with technology could be closer to gether in every field. Also the quality of life with technology growth go up in everywhere."
please give me your idea
thanks so much

Hi Goli,

Personally, I would keep the conclusion really short. Have a look at this lesson:



for conclusion,can we repeat the idea in topis word by word?or we should change the topic?

Hi Mehran,

It's best to make some changes - paraphrase your main ideas.

hi Simon,
i made an essay using some of your ideas :

Nowadays, technology plays a big role in our society. Some said that it separates the upper class from the lower ones, while others believe that it is the other way around. I believe that advancement in technology give a way for equality .
The "can afford" people can easily buy new high end product of technology like iPhone or blackberry for cellphones, or apple brand computers and laptops. Moreover, they can easily roam everywhere with the use of their own cars by land, yacht or ships through sea, or maybe first class ticket for air traveling.
On the other hand, developing countries may not have a lot of lines for telephones, or cannot buy those expensive items for communication but they have pre load telephone, or smart phones, low cost with the same effects. Another is internet which is used globally, and gave birth to social networking sites that connects people (big or small) in every way possible. Lastly, traveling is getting more accessible to many people because of the new means of public transportation.
For the reason mentioned above, I believe that technology yield to equality for both upper and lower class society.

Hi KZ,

I don't give essay feedback, but your essay looks a bit short. Also, we need to see clear paragraph separations.

thank you so much Simon!

Hi Simon
I wanted to know that if i adopt a clear opinion in my introduction for this topic and end my first para by saying "i believe that technological developments have increased the gap between different socio-economic groups"
can i start my next para by saying "on one hand,reasons for how technology brings rich and poor together "
then discuss my view in next paragraph.
if i do so will i lose coherence for 1st and 2nd paragraph

Hi Sohaib,

Yes, you might lose coherence by doing that. Always try to match your introduction with the arguments in the main body. If you mention both views in the introduction, it will be fine.

Thanku so much.
just one more thing,can i say "i agree with the former/latter view"
is this ok for academic writing?

Yes, that's fine.

Hi Simon,
I tried to write the intro based on your question. Please have a look and give me your advice. Thank you

It is certainly true that technology have contributed to the great change of our lives.Some people believe that technology will widen the gap between the rich and poor people. However, I completely disagree with this idea, as i believe that technology will helps to improves the gap of rich and poor nations.

Some people feel that the increasing rate of technology around world leads to inequality between rich people and poor people, however, others think that technology effect positively to each member of society. Before drawing a reasoned conclusion let us first analyze both sides of the argument.
To begin with, the highest price and the increasing rate of production of new devices such as, smart phones, hidden cameras and that sort of things leads to rising the gap between poor and rich. As an illustration, in modern world a large number of rich people prefer to install remote control system equipments in houses, which costs a certain amount of money which poor people could not allow to themselves. In addition, implementing new technologies to work environment such as VPN (virtual private networking) – enabling a host computers to send and receive data across shared or public networks have revolutionized working life.
Despite the above examples, I believe that people in poor countries also will benefit from technology. It is important to consider that Internet is spreading to all parts of the world. It means that, people from third world countries also have an instant access to Internet. They could do shopping online, receive the same information and benefit from distance study programs which are presented by foreign universities.
To sum up, there are convincing arguments both to support and refute the idea that technology increases the gap between people. But I think, poor people should believe that it is possible to remove obstacles without latest technologies. There is nothing unreachable in the world where the wish.

whether my introduction is good or so... so...

Advanced tecnology has dominated the lyfstyle of human being ,along with it is a passport to modern and convenient life that delimits barriers amid poor and rich classes .In spite of this some people consider that the difference between poor and wealthy person is due to technological developments.

also tell me about my conclusion and what should i have to improve in my writing to get 7 band

On the whole,the advanced technology may have its ugly aspects, however its advantages outweigh them .Therefore,it let the poverty stricken and richer portion of our societies to combat the difference upto some extent.

dear simon
here i want to ask that in this essay u havnt mention about the opposite view of technology.
pls reply,or any one can reply to this

Conclusion example:
In my opinion, the only thing could make gap between poor and rich in technology is adaptation. If people learn to use technology efficiently and adapt themselves with it, could possible to fill the gaps immediately.

dear simon
can i write 5 paragraphs in a disscussion essay?
1) introduction
2) one view
3) other view
4) paragraph about the view to which i agree
5) conclusion

It is true that, nowadays technology plays an important role in our life. Some people think that technology development can cause to unequality between the poor and the rich, while others suppose oppositely. In my opinion, technology has been making contribution to equality for every members in society.

In one hand, technology could increase the gap between rich and poor people. Firstly, wealthy people have opportunity to use the state-of-the-art technology such as smart phone, laptops, while the poor are unable to buy the lastest models of technology. People in developed countries can work at home or from anywhere in the world. Moreover, they can even go online-shopping, things can be delivered to their home by just one mouse-click. Secondly, the proress of medicine can treat a range of diseases, however, the cost for treatment is increasingly high, which is only affordable for the wealthy. So many people in developing countries are suffering the severe pain or even die because of poverty.

In the other hand, people in developing countries can also benefit from technology. Although their financial condition is not enough for them to use lastest version of high-class mobile phone from reputed brand such as Apple or Samsung, they can buy the others with lower cost and same applications. Moreover, internet has been spreading to all parts of the world, which creates greater opportunity for everyone to access to the same online resources. Internet is becoming a powerful tool for people in developing countries to search and update information to broaden their knowledge. Furthermore, they can take online courses that presented by prestigious foreign universities and benefit from them.

In conclusion, there are many convincing arguments to support and refute the idea that development of technology has been increasing the gap between wealthy and poor people in society. But I think, it is possible for the poor to remove obstacles without lastest technologies.

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