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October 30, 2010


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Hi,Simon.In my opinion,I prefer a moderate climate such as the mediterranean weather ,which is not too hot and not very cold.in hot climates ,local people suffer from a high temperature ,for this reason many air conditions are used in their buildings.Whereas,residents in cold weather are complaining of a low temperature,so they couldnt live without central heating.
Kind regards.

For people who are living in hot areas where the temperature and humidity are good for grains and vegetables growing, the wide array of food supply are able to meet the large population's demand.
However, People may suffer from extraordinery dryness in some perticular tropical regions such as north and middle Africa. That is one of the reason why others prefer colder environment where they can have lots of fun with snow, like skiing, skating and enjoying fantasic Christmas.
For me, hot place is definitely an ideal choice. I enjoy days with bright sun when i am free to hang out with my friends for diverse outdoor activities such as swimming and sun-bathing. Another benefit is that i could spare more money that should have been used on thick coats and heating budget.

Thanks for your ideas Ahmed and Michelle.

Could you tell me some alternatives for the following sentences.

1.There are several reasons for this problems.
2....may cause several problems.
3.Measures could be taken to tackle this problem.

Thank you.

Hi Adverb
Let me have a try!
1. There are multiple reasons behind "drug problem" or "the problem of.." or "why ..."
2. .....can trigger ...problem
.....can give rise to .....problem

3. We should take actions to adress this problem immediately.

Hi Adverb,

There are many possibilities.

Johnny's ideas are good. Here are some more:

1. This problem may be caused by a variety of factors.
2. There may be several negative consequences of...
3. Governments/parents/schools/members of the public (etc.) could take action/steps to address this issue.

PS. Johnny:

Use "take action" not "actions" because "action" is an uncountable noun in this situation.

Hope this helps


thanks for your correction, Simon!

No problem Johnny.

Hi Simon,

What is the band score for this writing ?

Many thanks

Hi Hore boy,

Even though it might seem quite simple and easy to read, this is actually a well-written paragraph. It reads in a clear, 'natural' way and is typical of what a native speaker might write.

I'd give the paragraph a 9. I could improve it by adding a few more 'less common' words and phrases, but it probably has enough for one paragraph (words and phrases underlined in green are what I'd consider less common).

ho simon
I would like to ask you a grammar .
can we say people have or has
i mean we should use people as single ?

Hi Asma,

"People" is always plural, so write "people have".

Firstly, living in a warm country offers its residents the chance to spend more time outside, in the open air. Therefore, outdoor activities are very popular when it comes to people's leisure time. As many warm countries have access to the sea, sunbathing and passing time by the beach are activities enjoyed by people of all ages. Secondly, sunny weather also means lower heating taxes, an important financial benefit for citizens.
Even more than that, in countries like Italy or Spain, with a Mediterranean climate, fresh fruit and vegetables are at every street corner. This happens because the soil is fertile and many inhabitants practice agriculture. Therefore, you can either cultivate your own garden, or pick from the variety of fresh local goodies available on the market.

These are my 2 paragraphs about the advantages of hot countries(I haven't read your notes yet). What do you think? Thanks a lot.

Good ideas Oana. Your paragraphs look fine.

Hi Simon,

In my opinion winter time and cold weather can represent great occasion which all parts of the family get together in the house and absolutely it shows the alliance of the dynasty.


Hi Reza,

I agree with your idea, but I wouldn't use the phrase "alliance of the dynasty". Try to find another way to express that.

Body Para 2

On the other hand, the advantages of spending a time in cold weather cannot be disregarded. One of the clearest advantages of cold weather is that it is less common for people to be damaged by harsh sun rays, causing sun burn and possibly the skin cancer “Melanoma”. For Example, In Canada, there are far fewer number of reported cases of skin cancer than in Australia, where hot climate is quite common. Another benefit is that people can enjoy spending time with family by organising winter feasts and preparing lovely Christmas menus for family gatherings. Also, it is often said that winter is the best time to do exercise and maintain fitness as due to high energy levels. Thus, it would be perfect for mostly obese people to start jogging and lose body weight.

Hello Simon.

Could you pls take a look my essay and give me some advices. If can, pls you give it point.
Thank you very very much.

It is true that climate plays an important role in our lifestyle. Many people want to live in hot weather, however, others desire to live in cold climate. In my opinion, I prefer to enjoy my life in warm climate.

In one hand, there are several benefits of living in a country with hot climate. Firstly, there is usually plenty of sunshine in almost of year, which allows many people to be engaged into the nature. Forexample, they can take rainforest adventures to discover natural wildlife. The others spend their weekend time for many outdoor activities such as sunbathing on the beaches, going pinic with their families and friends. Secondly, cost for buying clothes of people in warm countries is cheaper than in countries that have cold weather. Moreover, the proportion of heating taxes in total living cost per household in tropical climate countries is lower than in cold countries.

In the other hand, the advantages of spending time to live is cold weather should not be disregarded. One of most clearest advantages is that people’s skins will not be done damaged by harsh X-ray from the sun, which is also the most dangerours factor leading to skin cancer. Furthermore, some countries which are close North pole of the Earth are famous for popular snow sports like skiing, skating. People can experience fanstastic feeling when they take part in these activities. Another benefit is that winter creates opportunity for every members in the family gather together for meals, especially preparing for lovely Christmas. Thus family relationship will be be stronger.

In conclusion, each weather has different advantages that affects to lifestyle of people all over the world. But in my opinion, I love to enjoy my life in warm weather.

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