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November 07, 2010


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Hi,Simon.I will memorise these ideas and do it at the exam.cheers

Ok Ahmed.

Hi Simon,
Today, I read an ielts essay on the internet.Its first paragraph is like this:"In present day and age, students are normally exposed to extra jobs as early as they start their university. This phenomenon, although in some extents, are proved to have negative effects, I feel strongly that the disadvantages are far outweighed by the advantages. In this essay, some of the benefits surrounding this matter will be carefully explained."

I find the writer use the passive voice three times in this starting paragraph, I am wandering if overusing of the passive voice will give readers a sense of negetive emotion and make the essay unsmooth to read?

Hi Johnny,

It seems to me that this student is trying to hard, and I find the introduction "forced" or "unnatural".

I don't like the overuse of passives, and 2 of the passives used are wrong or strange: I wouldn't say that students "are exposed to jobs" - they DO jobs. Also, "this phenomenon are proved" is wrong.

I don't recommend using this introduction as a model.

Hi simon,
Thanks for your answer to my question, I suppose this mistake is a popular one in ielts writing.Tring to hard or impressive,but the result could be opposite,so I should alway remind of myself to avoid doing like that.

hii i m preparing for my ielts ... i was looking for a sample answer for writing task 2 of practice test 2 of book one on pg 52 ... if u could give me a few ideas ...thanx v.much

Hi Johnny,

Yes, it's a very common mistake for students to try too hard. Keep your introductions clear and simple.


Hi Anwar,

Yes, it's quite a difficult question. It's probably easier to say that you think rich countries should help poorer countries. Give lots of examples of what they could do to help e.g. invest money in health, education, businesses. You could say that it is the right thing to do to help other people who are less fortunate.

Hope this helps


thank Msr.Simon very much for your advice:)

No problem Fatima.

useful information

Hi Simon.
are you trying to saying do not overuse those three things on speaking test? or writing test or maybe both? I just didn't get what you're trying to say with 'IELTS Advice: 'moreover' doesn't get you a 7'.

Both tests mini.

Those words help to link ideas, but they are not considered as part of your 'vocabulary' score. Learning lists of linking words isn't the path to a high score.

Thanks Simon!
Before I like to use moreover very, I won't use it too much in the future.

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