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November 20, 2010


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Hi simon;
I wrote the following sentences.
1- A lot of people prefer travailing by car, while others choose the train. (Contrast)
2- The phone rang, while I was sleep. (At the same time)
3- Some people like hot, weather while others not. (Contrast)
4- I want to graduate from Oxford University, as it an international one. (Because)
5- My brother called me, as I reached the station. (Exactly at the same moment when)

Hi Simon´╝î
My sentences:
1.Mark fell asleep while the boring film was showing.( at the same time or during)
2.Mark sees this film as a tedious one while Jimmy feels it entertaining and amused.(contrast)
3.During leisure time,Mark likes to do some outdoor exercises, whereas Jimmy prefers to stay at home.(contrast)
4.I feel so happy today as my team wins the final game.(because)
5.Jordan took the last shot,as the final buzzer sounded.( at the same moment )

Good examples m hatab and Johnny.

M Hatab:

2. Don't use the comma when "while" is used for "at the same time".
3. Put the comma before "while others DO not"
4. No comma
5. No comma



2. I'd put a comma before "while".
4. "won" or "has won" would probably be better.
5. No comma

Thanks for your examples

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your corrections and reminders,I learn a lot from you.
By the way,drawing on my own experience,the electic Cambridge Dictionary is recommendable to all English learners.
I see this dictionary as a effective method to address similar questions as you mentioned above,it offers nearly every word with several wonderful and clear examples,and absolutely be worth a try!

No problem Johnny.

Yes, most new dictionaries give clear, real examples to demonstrate how to use words. I always say that "understanding a word is not the same as being able to use it" - examples are crucial.

Hi, Simon.
Can you explain the different sentances structure, such as simple, compound, complex and combination...and how are they usually used.
is it realy that important to have various sentances' structures in the essay for band 7?
thank you

Hi Elena,

I'll write a lesson about this at some point, but you don't need to worry about it - you don't need to do examples of each type to get a 7. Try to write sentences that answer the question, and focus on good vocabulary rather than trying to use 'difficult' grammar.

Hope this helps

alright. thanks, Simon

No problem.

1.Mother was washing the dishes after the supper ,while I were watching TV.(at the same time)
2.I am studying in university, while my best friend already married.(contrast)
3.I want to see my boyfriend whereas I have no time.
4.I did not go home in this summer holidays as it is too far from shool to my home.

Hi Hope,

1. Use 'I was'
3. Use 'but'

Life is so unfair, whereas people do the best to make something the right way.

Hi Simon

May I know do I need to include comma before the "while" for these few sentences? Thank you

1) It can be seen that oil constituted the main source of energy in both years, while coal produced the least amount of energy

2) Production by coal rose from 22% to 27% in 1990, while there was a 5% rise in energy from nucleur power to reach 10% in second year.

Yes, I would use the comma in both.

Can I start the sentcen with "While"?? (contrast) and shall I put comma after it?
90% of patients reach the target response. While (Whilst), only 20% of ther other group achieved it.



No, don't use "while" with a comma after it like that.

Here's a lesson that shows you the 2 ways to use "while". Look carefully at where I put the comma:


In Mohammed example, could I use "90% of patients reach the target response while (Whilst), only 20% of ther other group achieved it."?
I mean without put dot(.) before "while".

While I am driving, I like listening to podcasts. (at the same time)

Whilst I wanted to go for X-men, the others would like to see Beauty and Beast. (contrast)

The majority have wanted to be governed by a president, whereas some liberals have strongly refused this. (contrast)

As I crossed the red light, I was fined for 50$. (Because)

He hit me as I turned back. (exactly at the moment when)

while we have faced the lack of fuel resource, the amount of fuel that is using has been increased.

whereas smoking in family-friendly places has been banned, the number of younger turn into smoking has risen.

As pollution is a threat to people with heart disease, they have been recommended to live in the suburban areas.

Hi dear Simon
is it correct to use " AS " to make adv clause maker showing cause and effect (reason ) ?

Dear simon,
Thanks for your fantastic website .I am grateful regarding the whole educational materials .
Are the below complex sentences correct ?

While majority of people travel by plane, a small proportion use bus.

I am enthusiastic to get admission from Oxford University as a renonwed educational center.

Whereas most people take safety driving guideliness seriously, others are careless regarding this matter.

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