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November 23, 2010


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Hi Simon,

I appreciate your effort very much,and wonder if can you take a look at this introduction and answer my question about the topic of long daily working hours.
( It has recently been suggested that the countries which have long daily working hours are more financially prosperous,but at the same time this prosperity comes at the expense of some serious social consequences.
As far as I am concerned, I entirely agree with this view for a number of important reasons.)
then I develop these reasons.

OR shall I make the essay to discuss the both opinions on for the +ve effects of long hours and the other for the -ve effects.
which way sounds better in writing this essay?

thanks in advance

It's quite difficult.
1.describe as the statement of world economy
2.(ages) space
3.first private space flight launched
4.spent 200,000 dollars each for 2hrs and half space flight
5.orbit hotel
6.it's a sub-orbital fly

Hi simon;
My answers;
1- It means it is desirable but not likes to happen.
2- Ages of space.
3- 1st privately funded humane space flight is completed.
4- Handed over 200000 dollars each of 2.5 hours space flight.
5- Orbiting hotel.
6- Planning sub-orbital flights.


1. Pie in the sky = a dream, something that doesn't seem likely to happen.

2. The EDGE of space.

3. The first privately funded human space flight.

4. Spent (handed over) $200,000 each for a 2.5 hour space flight in 2010.

5. Interorbital Systems.

6. Flights will be "inter-planetary" rather than "sub-orbital" - in other words, it will go further than other companies.

Good work Nik and M Hatab.


Hi Jane,

I prefer your first introduction. It looks fine.

Hi Simon,it is too difficult!!
Is there any questions on IELTS like these?

Hi Alice,

Don't worry - this is more difficult than IELTS, especially if you only listen to it once. Some of the videos I use need to be listened to several times, but it all helps your English to improve.

-Pie in the sky means, some thing out of reach or difficult to achieve or something silly to imagine.
-travel to the edge of space.
-Space ship the one had completed its fist space filght.
-paied 200,000$ for two and half hour flight in 2010.
-The Lynx or The links.
-better view and price.

I don't have access to this video. Any mp3?

It's a bit long

Thanks for the vedeo clip. Great!

i cant see the video..;(
is there any other way ??

1. seems impossible

2. edge of space

3. first private spaces ship was launched

4. they paid 200,000 dollars for 2:30mins space

5 IOS CM-1


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