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November 19, 2010


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Hi Simon,
Thank you for your today lesson
My question is :what if we go to describe the physical features of the person as an answer to the second question.For-example,we can say ,He looks like a popular movie star with an average body weight,tall stature .he has a smiley face with gray eyes.
Does it make any sense?
thank you

hi sir ,
please give the best response for these questions.
Q.how long have you been learning English?
*where did you learn?
*what is easy/difficult?
*what opportunities do you have to speak?
*is it important?
Q.what you do in your spare time?hobbies and interest?
*when/how did you became interested?
*how do you spend your holidays?
*is there any place you would like to visit?why?
Q.are all your days the same?
*typical day?
typical weekend?
what would you like to change?
*what is the balance of work/study? IMPACT ON YOU
Q.describe a story,book or movie that had a big impact on you?
*describe what it was about?
*what effect it had?
*why it was so powerful?

Hi Marya,

"What is he like?" usually refers to character or personality, but you could also mention appearance. "What does he LOOK like?" refers only to appearance.


Hi Assaed,

I'm afraid I can't answer so many questions here in the comments area. I'll try to cover some of your questions in future lessons on the main page of this site.

Hi Simon,

Is it fine to use past tense in the second paragraph? or would it be better to use a present tense?


Hi Joshua,

It depends what you want to say and whether it's relevant. I've used past simple, present simple, past continuous and present perfect - I think the examiner would be impressed!

hi simon

im in uk suppose if the examiner ask describe your home town what i should do? do i need to explain about uk or my native place where i come from.
thank you

Good question Laveena,

It doesn't matter. Just say "my home town in (name of your country) is..." OR: "I now live in (UK town) which is..."

Hi Simon,

In my last exam. I didn't hear a couple of questions well, so I asked the examiner, what? and She repeated the question for me. Do u think those could have been counted against me?

Hi Mohamed,

Maybe a bit. If it happened a few times, maybe the examiner thought you didn't understand. Try saying: "sorry, I didn't catch that" or "sorry, I didn't hear the question properly".

Thank u Simon, that was helpful.

No problem

hi Simon,

I have read in some web of IELTs and saw that pp use : influence on , not in ? you can show me how it is different? Thanks < he has been a major influence "in or on" my life.>

Hi Nguyen,

Good question.

"Influence" is usually followed by "on" e.g. "he was a good influence on me".

In my sentence in the lesson above, I used "in my life" to mean "he was a good influence (on me) DURING my life".

In other words, the word "in" is connected to "my life" to show WHEN he influenced me.

I hope this is clear - it's difficult to explain.


Hi mr Simon , I have visited your site several times , also did other ielts sites . I cpmpared and came to an opinion - yours is best tutoral ielts site . because i see you approach all task in easy way which users can learn fast. I am from Uzbekistan and ielts is becoming very common nowadays , Your site is much more benificial for me and other ielts preparing friends ,
please bon't stop positive deed, I always wish you luck

Thanks for your positive comments Yusuf. I'm glad you've found the site and like it so much!

hello, simon
i read ur ebook & speaking topic,i like it very much, i wanted 2 buy it.
u ll be able 2 give me hard copy of that,
please reply me

Hi Pallavi,

I replied by email.

Hi Simon,

this is an awesome website.

What's the difference between personality and character~

Also, how can I read your ebook :)


Thanks Zoe.

They have very similar meanings (and dictionaries often use one to explain the other), so it's really difficult to explain any differences. It would be better to see how these words are used in different phrases and in different situations. Try 'googling' each word to see the situations in which people have used them.

The ebook is the only thing on this site that isn't free. It costs £20. If you would like it, just follow the instructions on the "Simon's ebook" page (see the menu on the left). After payment I send the ebook by email.


Hi, Simon
As it was mentioned earlier, your site is very very and million times very useful for all people with different arrange of language level! Actually, I've been learning English for couple of month and tomorrow i'll pass my first Ielts exam. So, i think that all your advices will help me. Thanks.

Thanks Bauryzhan. Good luck in your exam!

how to use would and could give familiar examples........

Hi Veeru

There are hundreds of ways of using these words. Try Googling them to see lots of examples (more than I can give here).

Hi, Simon

Thank you for your extremely useful website.
I have one question.
If I get a part 2 topic about person who I admire, can I speak about dead person? like Ann sullivan, who is Hellen keller's teacher.
I really respect her and I can't think anyoneelso except her.

Yes, that's fine.

Hi, Simon

Thank you for your useful lessons but I'm wondering whether I can describe a famous person I've never met in this question.

Look forward from your advice.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Thao,

Yes you can. Most of us have never met a famous person!

Hi simon

In listening test can we answer all the answer in capital letters.


Hi Simon ,
in IELTS speaking test, in part 2 about desribe a person who has been influential in your country, what is the advanced words that i should use?
Can you send me your book through my email,thanks a lot.
PS: i feel very happy when discover this helpful website, hope you will help not only me but also everyone who wants to improve English. i`m from Việt Nam.
Best wish to you.

Best regard

hi simon
thank you for your information.i needa to learn of couples of ielts speaking items.pls send to my email

Hi simon!
Could you please write an article about how to describe a person's external appearance? Thanks in advance :)

Hi Ryan,

I don't think you'll be asked to do that (I've never seen that question). If you're describing a person, you could say a few normal things about appearance (e.g. height, hair and eye colour) but that's enough. Most of the description would be about personality / character.

hi Simon!
Could you please write about
you know the man who speak multinational language

hi Simon
i wanted to know that what can we speak in topic 'an interesting person you met'

hi semon
how can speak a talktive person

hi simon
any tips to improve reading module??


I’d like to talk about my mother because she has been a major influence in my life.

She is an intelligent, hard-working, and active person who still works over 40 hours a week, at an age of nearly 60. She is a very well-reputed person in her field as a medical doctor. She is really strong. Although she grew up in a family full of problems and conflicts, she never let herself become disappointed or depressed. In contrast, she turned into a very caring and loving person.

I admire her, because she devoted a lot of time and energy for upbringing of my sister and I. For example, despite working hard, especially as a doctor with night shifts, she always made time for me and my sister. Since I was a little child she encouraged me to try to write down about my emotions, feelings, and things that were bothering me, instead of keeping them inside. So, I started writing from an early age and now, I indebted my success in writing short stories to my mother, as my first and main motivator.

Hi simon,
Can you please give me some advice???
I speak in English fast but make many mistakes while speaking. I can't stop doing it!! What can i do to improve my speaking?? Please help me. I have only a month.
Regards from Azerbaijan!!!

Hi simon,
your website is very exciting and easy to understand.
I can improve my writing skill thank to your web. Thank you so much! :)

i want someone to speak with me on skype to improve my speaking.
if any one wants, then he or she can add me ..


my skype ID is...


Ur advice really work thanks for tips n advice.

mam i want your email.i.d. could i get it.

Hi Simon,

I'm from lebanon.
how can i get your book ? can you please reply by e mail ?

Thank you :)

hello, simon
I read speaking topic,i like it very much,Ilike to buy it.
you'll be able to give me that,
please reply me.Thank you

hello simon

i had a speaking topic a famous person outside your country.
can you suggest me about this topic.

I like ur site...on first visiting

Hi simon
I never travel by Air I mean never did plane journey . My question is if I asked to speak about "your first plane journey" then what should I do ?? Could I have any alternative ??

Hello IELTS Takers,

My exam is in Next January and I want 7.5. This website has so far have been proven to a great sources for my preparation.

Two other websites I have found very handy for Cue cards and Writing task part 1 & 2 samples and those two websites are
http://www.ielts-mentor.com/cue-card-sample & www.ielts-exam.net.

Could you please email me some more online resources to help me achieve my target band?

Hiii Simon ...could you snd me speaking tips. I shll b vry grateful to you

Hi simon
I have lack of ideas
When i was given a topic . after one minute i have only 3-4 lines to speak . What i will do ??

I want to take part in with everyone

I want the speaking book.

What if the ask u to write about ur father and ur family, what are things u need to talk about.


you wrote"he was a good influence on me"
wouldn't it be"he has a good influence on me".
i am very confuse

Hi, Simon
I hope you are ok. I just want to know the speaking about environmental group , could you give me an example
Thanks very much for co operation .

Hi simon please describe a person which u dnt like y u dnt like who z the person where u met hom

Thank you for the useful post, Simon!

Hii simon
I always read comment and topics which is post by u..my writing and speaking is vry poor .how i can improve it.

Hi simon
I need help I cant memorize new words and because of that I cant use it in my speaking please showa way for memorize words easily.

Hi simon..please write about the person u resemles..

hello Simson
could you tell me how long it takes to get prepared for ielts perfectly, concerned to low level?

Describe mother
I would like to talk about my mother who has been a major influence in my life. She is an elegant woman, especially, when she wears Ao Dai, a traditional Vietnamese costume. Moreover, she has a heart of gold that she offers some free courses for the non-haves, especially homeless children. Once in a while, she takes part in social events to build up valuable relationships. Especially, she is always the first person getting up in the morning to prepare meals for us.
If I hadn’t belonged to her, I would never have had brilliant achievement in my life. She takes me under her wings whenever I feel blue or over the moon. She always told me to believe in myself to do the best that I can. Slowly but surely, she climbed the ladder of success and finally reached the top position.
I love her because she inspires and encourages me to reach the highest aspirations. I would love to be like my mother. She is gorgeous, carrying and seems very enthusiastic. My mother was a great model for me when I was growing up. She’s also a fine example for women nowadays.

I what to incrrease my speaking skill and want to now how it is possible.
Thank u

I want the speaking book

can u give me a answer for this question
Describe about a famous person in hyderabad
who it is
what they are famous for
what you do if u meet them
explain y u would like to meet
describe about a famous book
describe about a favourite festival

Hi Simon,
I find this is good web site to get some help for my ielts exam.Will u please give me some clues to improve my speech .Because I have done twice previously.Both times I couldnt continue up to two minutes& I think that I need to improve my vocabulary.What do I reffer.Im going to do the exam again on December 2nd.
Thank you!

Hi Simon,
Can you give me a answer for this question 'describe a person whom you hate'

your grammar is not good so improve it

Hi Simon

Can you give me a answer for this question

Describe a person you have recently met

Plz anyone tell me..
Describe a sports person that you admire?
Who is the person
What is his/her
What do you admire him/her

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