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November 17, 2010


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Hi simon
My suggestions are
1- Sports activities in school should be encouraged
2- government should explain hazardous of lazy life styles
3- special manual activities at home like gardening should be encouraged

Good suggestions. For number 2, I'd probably write "explain the dangers of a lazy lifestyle".

Hi Simon:

Good day. I like your site very much. Thanks.

My answers to your question are stated as follows:

1) Competition at work, stress at work, tired at work - hence no proper meals - e.g. fast food or skip meal hence do not have balance diet
2) No time to exercise even the gym facility is in the office. they are too busy, workerholic..
4)lack of wisdom in juggling job promotion and healthy lifestyle

What can be done:
1)government promotes healthy lifestyle - encourage people to eat balance diet and regular exercise and annual medical checkup
2)company promote work life balance culture
- family days events, work from home arrangment
3)self awareness and self responsibility of own health.

Hi Simon,
In my view, I would give some solutions from both internal and external in pairs.
For example:
External:National governments are responsible for the quality and safety of food in the market, they should take effective steps to make sure that public heath will not be damaged by polluted or expired food.
Internal: Individuals should choose more suitable food according to their own physical conditions, and retain a kind of good eating habit for long term.
External: Governments should introduce more strict laws to force factories and companies not to preoccupy employees’ leisure time, in the meantime, create more entertaining and meaningful activities to distract people’s attention from hectic pace of daily life.
Internal: We should have positive and upbeat attitudes toward our lives, no matter what hardships and intense pressure we have, we should always keep smiling and calm.
External: By common consent, polluted air and water is the root cause of some diseases. So, we should exert ourselves to protect our environment from being polluted more deeply, not just stay on propaganda.
Internal: We can benefit from clean and hygeian habits, such as non-smoking, non-alcoholic, periodic cleaning for our places, etc.

Hi Yuki and Johnny,

Thanks for your fantastic contributions to this topic! You're really got the right idea, and the vocabulary you both use would definitely be good enough for a band 7 or higher.

Keep up the good work!

Hi Simon,
here are some suggestions to overcome this disaster .As nowadays ,unhealthy lifestyle is considered a widely increasing problem that has a several drawbacks not only on the individual but also on the whole society.
there should have been a perfect and interested care from the government towards this issue to give awareness to people on the importance of a healthy lifestyle through advertisement in street ,on TV and in national health services hospital.
Moreover,encouraging people everywhere to practice some exercise at home or in the fitness center .In addition,getting people feel how serious a lazy life style is !and what its consequences will be!.It can lead to several disease such as increase in blood cholesterol,raise in blood pressure and obesity.

Thanks for contributing your ideas Marya.

Hi Simon,

Could you please show me how to write an introduction for cause-effect-solution types in writing task 2? I could write a topic sentence but I don't know how the other sentence should be.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Martin,

Here's an example introduction:

Health problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease are becoming more widespread in parts of the developed world. There are several reasons for this problem, and various measures could be taken by governments and individuals to improve the situation.

Hi Simon,

Thank you for your simple introduction.
I'll take the IELTS exam on Dec, 11.

Best regards.

No problem. Good luck on the 11th.

Hello Simon,

I have one question for your paragraph. I do not understand why you use " As a result,....." in the third sentence as a linking word. To be honest, personally I do not think you talked any cause in previous section of the paragraph. thank you for your attention.
hope to see you comment soon


Hi Richard,

Good point! There is a small connection between machines doing traditional jobs and people working in office jobs - but maybe the connection is not strong enough for "as a result" to be used.

Well noticed.


how the last paragraph (4th - conclusion) could be structured?

thank you

Hi Yannis,

Have a look at this lesson:


Hi Simon,
-Environmental pollutions do harm to individual's health.
-People like driving car instead of walking.
-Advanced technologies make us lack of activities.
-Too much work pressures exert negative impact on our bodies.
-Food additives are overused nowadays.

-Government should take action to protect environment.
-Healthy lifestyle like balanced diet and regular exercise should be encouraged.
-Companies should allow their employees to have enough time to finish their meals and also set up a gym room in the office.
-Authorities should introduce laws to regulate the usage of food additives.

Good ideas Lei.

Remember that 'pollution' is uncountable (never use the plural 'pollutions').

Thanks for reminding me. I will be careful to use uncountable nouns next time.

can i write "the" instead of "a" like Lifestyle is the major cause instead of Lifestyle is a major cause?

Hi Dave,

Yes, you can use "the" instead.

Hi Simon,
here are some of the viewpoints.

On one hand, because of increased pace of life, people tend to eat more fast food and have limited time for excercise, which lead to some chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and hyperliperdimia. On the other hand, with the development of new technology, we eat more food with aductives and we use more equipements with radiation such as microwave and mobile phones, which increase the chance of getting cancer.

Hi Simon!
I notice you use semicolon in this passage.
At home, people are also less active; most adults ....
Could you please tell me how to use semicolon?
Thank you!

Hi simon
can you send me a website adress
which contain an sample answer for any topic for 8 band

Dear Simon,

Thank you very much for your daily lessons. I found it simple yet really effective.

Following is my essay:

The fact that healthcare condition has significantly been improved, yet the overall level of physical health is considerably decreasing is a headache issue in many industrialized nations. In my point of view, there are two main causes and two respective solutions should be done by government and individuals to tackle the above mentioned problem.
I personally believe that unbalanced lifestyle and unhealthy diet are major causes of poor health. In era of modernization, people are fully equipped with facilities, which enable them to work and play more comfortably with less physical activities. For examples, people can drive to works by motorbikes and cars instead of walking or riding bicycle. Many people also prefer staying at home playing games or watching TV to playing outdoor sports. In addition, due to good taste, low cost and convenience, fast food and frozen products have increasingly become favourite choices of many consumers. However, most scientists agree that these kinds of food contain less nutrients but higher level of preservatives, cholesterol than fresh products, which makes them more prone to serious diseases, i.e. obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease.
Fortunately, this condition can definitely improved by encouraging people to do more physical exercises and choose healthier meals. Life is so boring if people just spend all day at work then come back home and sleep. Government should spend more money on facilitating equipment at public parks as well as organizing campaigns about the significance and benefits of playing sports, outdoor activities. In such a way, people will be keener on doing exercises every day. Furthermore, the importance and good impacts of fresh products, especially vegetables and fruits on health should be informed in more details in various public means of communication. Particularly, governments may financially support market of those kinds of food so that they are affordable for all people.
In conclusion, imbalanced style of living and unhealthy diet have made overall health condition in developed countries go down. However, I strongly believe that more physical exercises and fresher meals are able to mitigate the problem.

Thank you for your reading.

Hello Simon,

You are doing a gret job here.

I have one question, should we write just about one reason, because in the topic it is asked in singular: What could be the reason for this trend, and what can be done to reverse it?

Thank you!

Hi simon,

My ielts exam is si near. So i want to help you. Please give me any solution " how we can elaborate and gentare ideas".

I want to help you

I am planning to give my exam by end of September so please help share the ideas to how generate ideas and use the same in writing.

To reverse the effects of this less healthy life style, people should be encouraged to become more active. Big corporations can have some exercise equipments such as treadmill and cycling machine in their buildings. Using these equipments regularly can decrease the stress level and provide healthier life for the workers. For children, parents should encourage them to do at least one sport. This will help children to maintain healthy lifestyle and to gain some physical benefits.

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