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November 21, 2010


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About this statement -
Countries with long average working days are more successful economically, but there are also some negative social consequences. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Isn't the statement flawed because it takes it for granted that countries with longer working days are more successful economically.
Negative social consequences are understandable.

hi simon,i took the exam day before yesterday,the writing test task 2 was about countries with a long average working day.i am pretty sure that day was written in asingular form i used twice in my writing because i couldt find a correct sentence similar to it.so,to be on that safe side i used that sentence written in the question.i haope i could get 7 in writing,cheers.

my ideas were;
1;no correlation between too long working day and economic improvement because workers nowadays could make thier jobs at home via the internet
2;drawbacks such as no enough time given to thier families,hurry sickness,living under pressure and psychological and social problems
3;many demonestrations were performed to decrease the work time
4,worldwide governments should stop treating labourer as machines and should put humanbeings at the first place on the list before its economies.thanks

Hi Kiran,

I don't think the question takes it for granted - the question is asking whether you agree or disagree with BOTH parts of the question.


Hi Ahmed,

Yes, it could be written in singular or plural. Your ideas seem good - I hope you get the score you need. Let me know when you get the result.


Hi Simon
some of my views in relation to the "long average working days" topic:
1.Long average working days can undoubtedly lead workers or employees to several physical and mental diseases. Thus, although it seems that workers can earn more money and communities can also benefit a lot, whereas both of them in return even have to pay far more than the income.
2. Long working time will detract individuals from their family bonds. Obviously, if people spend more time in working affairs, they have to accordingly decrease the time staying together with their families. After long working hours of one day or week, the majority of working people must take a rest to relax and ease their minds, they even have no time and energy to go shopping with their spouses or go to cinema with their children.
3.Altough, the long average working days can bring several merits to economic success and social progress, yet it is unacceptable to do that at the expense of doing harm to people’s health and family bonds. Besides, the original aim of economic success is serving and bringing benefits to the whole human beings.

Great ideas Johnny. I did this topic with one of my classes, and we talked about the stress that longer working hours causes, as well as the effect on families and friendships - similar ideas to yours.

All the best


Hi Simon,

One of my friend attended the IELTS exam today, and according to her memory, here is the the writing task 2:

In some countries, small town-centre shops are out of business cause people are driving to large out-of-town stores. As a result, people without cars have limited access to stores and an increase in the use of cars. Do the disadvantages of this development outweigh the advantages?

I am a bit confused of the question here. Does the question talk about the development of the shopping shift or cars increasing? Can you analyse it to me? Thanks!


Hi Joshua,

The question is about the advantages and disadvantages of large out-of-town stores. The "cars" issue seems to me to be just one of the disadvantages. I'd focus on the large stores if I were you.

Hope this helps

Thank you Simon. If I had taken the exam, I would have run away from the topic.


No problem Joshua.

Dear Mr Simon,
Here is my answer for: Nowadays, many people have an unhealthy diet and do not take enough exercise. Why do you think this is, and what can be done to encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle?
Please correct it for me, and If possible you comment a band score I could get. Thanks a lot.
There is no denying that more and more people are eating the foods which is not good for health such as high fat foods as well as they do not have time for physical activities such as cycling. This has negative effects on not only the personal health but also the sustainable development of society.
In fact, in a competitive working environment, peole seem to have no enough time for relaxing and even eating. As a result, they do not care about what they will eat. For instance, fast foods which have less healthy ingredients are the instant choice of many busy employees. Besides, due to saving more time in working, people are not also often to doing exercise. These things lead to the unexpected consequences of healthy conditions. Many people have to cope with the number of serious disease related to their eating habits and doing exercise such as obesity, heart disease.
It is clear that solutions must be offerer before this phenomenon is out of control. From a economic point of view, if more and more peole in society were unhealthy, the economy of a country would be affected rapidly. Therefore, the governments should play a major role by encouraging workforce saving time for eating and doing exercise. In order to do this, the governments should issue the regulations of reducing working time. Take European countries as good examples. In the past, the authorities had issued the rule that decreased working time from 48 hours per week to 40 hours per week. Moreover, the individuals in society also need to be educated the understanding about the importance of a healthy balanced diet such as eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, plenty of starchy foods, some protein-rich foods. As a saying goes, “eat well, be well”.
In conlusion, a healthy lifestyle should be encouraged in a country which wish to become weathier by ensuring labour force having more time for well eating and frequent exercise doing.

Hi Long,

I'm afraid I don't check essays or give scores on this website. Too many people ask me to do this, and if I said yes to one person, it would be unfair to everyone else.

My advice is to find a teacher or native speaker where you live.



Hi Simon

Today's Topic for Ielts exam in sydney

Writing Task 2:Marriages are bigger and expensive nowadays than in past.
why is this case?
is it a positive or negative development?

Speaking:happy event in school days or in childhood?

what goes into this topic can you please give a bit?

Dear Simon,

Writing task 2 was the following in Hungary on 15th of January:
It is getting more common for people to live alone or in smaller families rather than in extended families in big cities. Is this tendency positive or negative?

Thanks Hetal. I'll try to look at these questions this week.


Thanks Balazs. That's an interesting topic for a future lesson.

Do well

Hi, Kiran Makkar

Could you tell me the IELTS writing task 2 expectation for general training exam on 19th february in Inbdia ? I hope you will send me reply as soon as possible

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