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January 08, 2011


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Thank you Simon, really, it is great lessons. Hopefully, I get a score that I need.


Thanks a lot.
I am really happy to have found this brilliant web site.

I am always greatful for your lessons.
Thank you so much.

I have a question about speaking.
It is said that you could get better score if you repeated a question to start your answer.
For example, if the question followed was asked;'Do you think boys and girls prefer different toys?', then I'd better answer like this;'Yes, I think they prefer different toys' other than 'Boys usually prefer toys that they could play wild....'

Thank you in advance.

Elysia Kim.

Thnaks Sara and Karin. Best of luck!


Hi Elysia,

Yes, it might not get you a higher score (that depends on other things too), but it will definitely help you to answer the question, and it might give you extra time to think of your answer.

Thank you, Simon.


No problem Elysia.

Hi Simon! Just to clarify- you mentioned that using informal words (x. phrasal verbs) will help us get a higher score in speaking. Is this the opposite in writing, because isn't that in writing we need to use formal words instead?

Hi Grazilda,

Yes, the phrases in the lesson above are not so suitable for written essays.

(Please note that not all phrasal verbs are considered 'informal')

So informal expressions in speaking will get ur score higher? are u sure about this

Hi Rey,

There are different degrees of informality. The phrases used above are not "bad" or "slang" - they are normal phrases that native English speakers use in conversation, and would therefore impress the examiner.

Can I use "gonna" or "wanna" at Ietls speaking? :(..

does all the papers held at 1 day?

Hi Simon,

I am preparing myself for ILETS exam and i want to get 7 in each module.

Can you Please help me that what can i do in reading to get 7 bands and in writing as well ?

Manmohit Verma

Hi Simon I have searchd for many videos i am a bit confused can i use informal expressions iin part1 and part2 ?and I have to use formal english in part 3?Thanks in advance please reply

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