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January 05, 2011


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Hello Simon,

As an admire of your website and yourself, I am really astonished by your dazzling help provided to us.

I had a little concern, you seems like to follow a particular format of writing in almost all your samples,and this is really simple and logic.

qestion 1 is, what exactly kind of format are you fancy of?

question 2 is, how will you justify a good essay (>7) in terms of the 4 different area of requirements? could you explain it with an example?

The reason for question 2 is, as i read through all your paragraphs and samples, i did find a good flow overall which can be over 8, i did find you tend to focus on answering the question which may lead a 8 or higher, but, vocalbulary and grammers, i did not find them outstanding, they are good, indeed, but are they really band 8/9? how would you justify them?

Thank you for your time.
I you could spare a few minutes to slove my puzzles. Ta!


Sorry, I meant "vocabulary" and "If".

Hi David,

Thanks for your comments about the site. I'll try to answer your questions:

1. I always try to write in the same way so that students have a definite method. I have a certain way of writing introductions, conclusions and main paragraphs, and I teach my students to try to write 4 paragraphs for almost any essay. You'll see examples of all of this in my blog lessons.

2. I think you've got the wrong impression about what it takes to get a band 9 in IELTS. The definition of band 9 is "native speaker-like", not "nobel prize winner" (sorry if this sounds sarcastic, I just want to make the point).

As a native speaker, all of my writing is band 9. The paragraph above is EASILY band 9. In terms of vocabulary, just in the final sentence there are a couple of band 9 collocations. In terms of grammar, it's all about avoiding mistakes, NOT trying to use "complex" structures (for a native speaker, there aren't really any "complex" structures).

I hope I've managed to persuade you to change your perception of 'good writing'. As a rule, the best writers are those who make it seem deceptively easy.



Hello Simon,

I really need your help please, I want to know how can I understand the question of the writing task 2 and answer only what the question about or ned becouse I some times go out of the subject and makes me lose points. I need a way that can help me to use it in the exam and I need to have at least a band 6 in writing.

Thank you simon

Hi Noora,

Just read the question carefully, make sure you understand what it asks you to do, and spend some time planning. If you do a good plan (5 to 10 minutes) your essay will be better organised.

Good luck!

Great web site.

Hi Simon, I want to ask you some question.
Normally, in one essay, we will need 2-3 paragaphs, but the same ideas as above we can write 1 paragraph only( for example, essay about benefits of mobile phones). I'm sorry, but can you show me if there's a way to use the same ideas(as above) in your book to write 2 paragraphs?

Hi Simon

I purchased your Ielts ebook last year and i found that the ideas in the ebook are very useful. But, in order to write a full paragraph using the ideas, i need to add a few other things, right?

Can you give me some instructions about how to add those few things??


Hi Lu,

Often you can just join the ideas from the ebook together to make a paragraph, but sometimes you might need to add one or two things. There isn't a 'best way' of doing this, but the easiest way is to simply add linking/organising words (e.g. firstly, secondly, furthermore etc.) and an example (e.g. For example, people of my age use their mobile phones to listen to music, take photos, or chat on social networks).

Dear Simon,

What an answer to David...
You simply enhanced your credibility... You are incredible...! All the best..! I'm extremely impressed...!!

Thanks Dawn. It's nice of you to comment on that!

HI simon
very useful suggestions,especially your answer to David,
I learned a lot from your website.What a pity I did not find your website earlier.
Merry Christmas!!

Hi simon, your website is very useful and fantastic way you answered your writing essay 2. you always answer in very simple yet powerul way. I am quite impressed about your way.my problem is in exam i can not come up with good ideas and structure. would you please suggest me how to create appropriate ideas for new topics? many thanks

Hi, Simon. You used "listen" "take" "surf" but "making" calls before/after the phrase "as well as". Why are they different?

I need 5.5 in each 9th August

simon i have my ielts test on 4 dec 14
and i am very week at reading and writing, and moreover i am running out of time to prepare. plz tell me how do i solve this problem.

I am csjith from India.I need 7 in each sections as I am a doctor by profession .i never attained 7 in speaking even though I tried several times.on 13dec 2014 I wrote the exam and my score was 7.5 for listening and writing ,8 for reading and 6.5 for speaking.I am disappointed once again a.Could you please help me to achieve a better score. I don't have Cambridge books to practice speaking.right now iam staying at Coventry .

Hi simon I just purchase your ebook.What should i do next.Will it arrive at my adress?Or i need to download from some links?

tommorrow is my exam but my read and write is not well soo Help!me

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