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February 05, 2011


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Hello Simon,
Could you please tell me how much do you charge for marking one essay? Thank you.

Hello Simon,

I just wanted to know when you first started teaching ielts from this blog.

I am a new user and wanted to review other lessons as well.

Hi Vilma,

I'm afraid I can't mark anyone's essays at the moment. I think there are websites that offer this service - just google "ielts essay correction".

Sorry I can't help.


Hi Sanam,

I started in September 2009. You can look through previous lessons by clicking on the months in the menu on the left.

I'm glad you found the site!

After reading your advice, I read your sentences again carefully and found your spelling mistake. Did you make a mistake intentionally to train students to be careful readers? (^_^)
'the big pcture' -> 'the big picture'

Hi Jake,

Well noticed! I wish I could say it was an intentional mistake - that would have been very clever. Unfortunately it was a real error, but I'll leave it there to see if anyone else notices!!

hi everyone,

Here is my answers
1. Verb: meet + expectations
Eg: The advertisement has failed to meet customers' expectations.

2. linked to = associated with

3. Im sorry. i cant remember what your ideas about using 'self'. But i looked up dictionary and find some ways in using this word:
+ self-control/ addressed/ taught
+ self-esteem
+ self-image
+ self-pity (eg: she is not someone who likes to wallow in self-pity)

4. I found a plenty of useful words-no-longer-being-new-words which are:
- 'education' topic:
+ fill sth with sth
+ to be more popular with sth than sth
+ to aim for sth
+ need to go to sth
+ achieve good grades
+ base on merit
+ educational opportunity
+ the practical concerns expressed above
+ a selection procedure

- ' studying abroad' topic
+ greater opportunity
+ to be experts in the field
+ enrich/ expand knowledge and qualifications
+ to open the door to better job opportunities
+ broaden students' horizon
+ live and work with
+ various nationalities
+ expose different culture, customs and points of view
+ to be in trouble on sth

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