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February 11, 2011


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first of all, Thanks Simon for post this topic and sharing for some important ideas.
I had some idea on this topic that i am going share here...just check it and advise me is that ok or not?

I got the topic that talk about foreigner that I like most…..

Well I am going talk about on my foreigner friend to whom I met in India in year of 2007. He was from USA and I met him in Mumbai.

There were many positive reasons but I would like to mention couple of them those I liked very much. First of all, he knew Indian language and well familiar with the culture. Hence, he was travelling in local trains and chatting with local people in a shop market. Another thing I would like to say that he was from reach family and country but his nature was so polite and respectful towards the local people and he mixed with local people as so friendly.

Many of objects I learn from him but the most important thing I learn from him is that, when you will make plan for visit another country that time if you learn that country’s local language and have some idea about the culture then your journey will be become easy and more enjoyable. And main thing is that no one can cheat you. Another matter I learn is that we have to do respect all religious and people as a human being at anywhere around the world.

If any ways i was wrong than please correct me !!

Thanks !

Good ideas Jay.

One tip: don't say "Many of objects I learn from him". Say "I learnt many things from him".

Best regards

Hi Simon
I'm going to talk about my Japanese friend. Her name is Mijung. I met her first time when I was in my high schools for about 6-7 years ago. In that time, she was a exchange student from Tokyo where is a capital city of Japan. The reason whay i like her is that she got a sense of humour and also got on well with everyone. When I met her,she smiled at me and introduced herself. As a result, we became friends quickly and we have been friends ever since. It seem to me that her personality is simillar to me so we always spent much time together. I knew about Japan quite well because she taught me many things like Japanese cultures. I can speak some Japanese words, cook Japanese food. Finally, I fall in love with Japan because of her.

A foreign person I like is my teacher in English, he's from Australia. His name is John. He is teaching English in our class. I like him because I learned many things from him especially when writing an essay. He is good and compassioante teacher. I learned how to write a good essay and his tips also improved my grammar. At first it was very intimidating to have a foreign teacher because I was not use to have a teacher who speak foreign language, but it helps me to be more confident in my self especially when speaking because of the fact that he was able to understand me. Because of this I was able to apply his teachings before taking this exam.

Thanks for sharing your ideas Partasia and Jeng.

Hi Simon,
if I've prepared the topic "an artist or entertainer",if the artist is a foreigner,can I talk about him/her in this part?then say "I've never met the person , but I hope to meet him/her one day"
Thank you.

Hi Vera,

Yes, that's fine.

Hi, Simon

Sorry I've posted my question on the wrong section.I'd like to ask you whether I can describe a famous person I've never met in this question:'describe a foreign person' (because the question where you met him/her makes me confused).

Look forward from your advice.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Thao,

No, this question doesn't ask you to describe a 'famous' person. You should describe a foreign person that you HAVE met.

please share speaking topic about
a person you know who speaks different languages

hi Simon,

Is it acceptable if I prepare about some celebrity or cricketer for this question?

please show me cue card answer describe some one you know who come from a different country or who has a different origin form you

Please send answer divyeshpatel07941@gmail.com

Can i talk about indian friend which now settled in canada

Can u describe about sonia gandi.. She is also italian..

Boths are same

Hi Simon,

I would choose to speak about an exchange student who lived with me for a couple of years. But should I indicate that I received the compensation for him? I mean the state tax reduction because of the exchange students living at my place. Not sure if it's an appropriate detail to mention. I've been trying to write my essay in an official style, but seems to me it's not possible, cause I need to tell the narrative facts.


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