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February 17, 2011


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Hello Simon!
In some articles we can see that sentences are begining like that: "And in particular,...." Is it OK to begin the sentence in essay from "AND" or not?

Hi Maksim,

Yes, you will see 'And' at the start of sentences in newspapers etc. However, I think it's better NOT to begin with 'And' in academic essays (it's not really "academic style").

Thanks a lot!!!!

No problem.

hi, simon.
This is a sentence "The score needed for band 7 might be 28"

"needed" here has the same meaning as "that is needed".

or another example
"Walking around very long time she found herself lost."

what is "walking" here?

Simon, can you tell me what secion in the grammer book are these examples from? Where can i refer them to?

Kindly appreciate:)

Hi Elena,

1. Yes, it means "that is needed". Look for something about using a 'reduced passive' or 'reduced relative clause'.

2. It's like "after walking..." or "Looking out of the window, I saw...". Look in your grammar book for 'present participle' and compare that with 'gerunds'. The site below gives a simple explanation:


Thank you a lot, Simon!

No problem.

Hi,I need some examples about IELTS Writing task 1 cycle and processes.Anybody has it?Please send to me!My email:holehuy.dut@gmail.com.

I've done some lessons about cycles and processes. Just look through the "task 1" lessons until you find them.


thank you simon,that is very helpful,really appreciated.

hello...i am confusing in. task1. because my classs in faculty told me write task1 as.
1.. intro
3. comparison
4. conclusion or summaries.
and. i see many task 1 on internet. there is. 4 step(summmraise)is. written in 2nd paragraph. what can i fo?!?

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