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February 16, 2011


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hi,can we add this negative point too???
robots are technological innovation,if some thing gets wrong with their machinery it will result in total loss.so,their efficiency is unreliable as compared to humans.

Dear Simon,
Would you please let me know how is the Ielts score table calculated in Reading and Listening?
Thank you

Hi Ana,

Yes, that's fine.


Hi Marzi,

Click below:


hii simon, what do u think the score that i will get if i write..

In the last fifty years, there are a lot of technology invention especially in the cybernetics. The robot has the positive effects for reducing the cost of company and has the negative effects for the human role. This essay will giving information about the roles of robot from the company side and the labour side.

The advantage is the robot gives positive effects to increase the income of company. Even though, the company has to invest a lot of money for buying an expensive robot and for maintaining the robot, the company will get a high profit since the robot could produce the goods in short time rather than the skilled labours. Furthermore, the robot also has an effective working hour. The robot could be operated for 24 hours per day. Comparing with the skilled labours, they could be working only for 8-12 hours per day.

The disadvantage of the robot will play an important role in the future is increasing the number of unemployees in the world. Many company will be laying off their workers for long terms and the final results are poverty, drug abuse and many social comunity problems. All the social coummunity problems can breed crime in inner cities. So, we do not feel safety anymore while walking alone in the city center.

In my conclusion, it is a good opinion if we can use robot for the effective and efficient time. However, as a good citizen, we have to think about the increasing number of unemployee problems by providing more working field in different industry and acknowledging in advanced skill.

Hi ccl,

I'm afraid I can't give scores or check students' writing. If I did this, everyone would send me their essays.

You seem to have the right idea and I'm sure your essay will be useful for other students.

Sorry I can't give more feedback.

good ideas. unfortunately, under stressed exam conditions the arguments and other useful ideas are extremlly hard to extract from the head.

Hi simon..

i still sometimes misunderstand on what it should be discussed or argued..
could you show me the way how to identify the topic?

Many thanks..

Hi Elena,

Yes, that's the problem with exams. You will never be as good under pressure as when you're preparing at home.


Hi Menee

It depends on the topic. You need to read the question several times, and think very carefully about what it is asking.

Hi, Simon
here is a question I found when reading your ebook.
2. Animal Rights
Arguments for Animal Testing

Researchers aim to minimise the suffering that animals experience.
Testing for the cosmetics industry is now banned in many countries.
I do not understand why these two sentences can be used to support the Animal Testing.

If we minimise the animals suffering, then the tests would be justified?
and why the ban on cosmetics test can prove the animal testing to be reasonable.?
pls help me It is really confusing....
thanks in advance...

I think these two sentences should be used as opposite arguments. because they just reflect the irrationality of animal testing.

Hi Zhang,

Good question! You have obviously studied the ebook well. I agree that these sentences don't seem directly related to the argument, but I'll try to explain:

1. People who support testing on animals argue that the tests are really important (e.g. for medical purposes) and that scientists do these tests in a responsible way i.e. only when it is really necessary and in a way that causes minimal suffering. They argue that this kind of testing is justified.

2. The fact that testing for cosmetics (e.g. make-up) is banned can be used to show that scientists only do these tests when they are really important e.g. to cure diseases.

The key idea in both sentences is that testing is "used responsibly, causes minimal suffering, and is only done when really necessary".

Remember, you don't have to agree with these ideas - we are just trying to present both sides of the argument.

I hope this helps

Hi, Simon
thans very much...

No problem.

Hi all,

really this website help me a lot in my study

I have an exam in London on 2 April. please wish me a good luck.

I have used the ideas that have been written here and I have wrote my essay.

I hope it will help you guys.

the essay:

With the industrial revolution, many technologies have been invented. These technologies have a major impact in the human life style. Robots have positive effects for companies and individuals as well as negative effects for human role.

From one side, robots have many advantages for both companies and persons. First, the benefits for companies are using robots in the work allow the companies to increase their profits. The reason of that is robots can perform the manual jobs faster than human such as packing. Moreover, robots are operated 24 hours per a day so this will raise the productivity of the companies. Second, the benefit for the individuals is creating extra time for the employees to spend it doing what they want or spend it with their families.

From the other side, the disadvantages of becoming more dependent on robots will play a vital role in the human life. First, people will lose their basic skills such as cooking. Second, there will be less human interactions. Third, people will become lazier and this may cause serious health problems such as obesity. In addition, the number of unemployed people will increase because people will be replaced by machines. For example, today the self-service checkouts in supermarkets are used instead of human. The increase of the number of jobless people will lead to many social community problems such as poverty, crimes and drug abuse.

To sum up, some claim that it is good to have robots in the industries for the effective and efficient time. However, the others refuse it because it’s negative impacts. In my opinion, the uses of robots have proved their efficiency in the work but by providing more working field we will overcome the unemployment problem.

287 words.

Thanks for sharing Aisha. You've used the ideas and advice well.

hi Simon,

this is the first time i am writing to you, i am preapring myself for IELTS exam but i am confused, what to start with?? i have done some practice but need your guidence.

thanks & regards,

Hi Ridhii,

Start by reading the "about the exam" category in the menu on the left of this page. Then look through any of the lessons. Start following the lessons every day, and keep doing practice tests from the Cambridge IELTS books.

Good luck!

hi Simon,
Can you help me with this - Children in other countries are healthier, more wealthy but they are less happy. Explain why
thanks a lot......

Dear Mr.Simon,
could u please send me the new
score table for GT listening n reading as wel as AC reading n listening by email

Hlo simon

I am jazz, I am a fresh student of ilets . My thoughts are not prepare regarding the topic and I want to do improvement in my writting task . So please can you help ? How can I improvement in this task.

Intro about robot

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