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March 19, 2011


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Good morning Simon,

Thank you for your today's lesson.
I want to know what do you mean by:
cars that drive themselves



Thanks Simon
I found Your Lessons very usefull.


Hi Simon,

Sorry to take this lesson question now.
"Using of nuclear power not only does it produce cheap electricity, but also it does not have any pollution.
Can we write

Although using nuclear power produces cheap electricity, also less pollution.

Please correct me if i am wrong.

Hi Marya,

I think it means the type of cars that do
not need any driver.

Hi Marya,

Sanam (above) is right - it means the car does not need a driver.


Hi Gurpreet,

I'm glad you like the lessons.

A small grammar correction:

Although using nuclear power produces cheap electricity, IT also PRODUCES less pollution.

Hello Simon
I would so grateful, if you responded to my inquiries.
1- Will chewing gum during speaking interview reduce my mark?
2- Will writing at the page bottom (beyond the paper's laid lines limit) reduce my mark?

Hi Salih,

1. No, but it's better not to chew in a test.
2. No, but try not to do it.

Best of luck!

thank you a lot. you are great helper ^_^

I am wondering about task 2

what are the types of essay questions in IELTS test?

Hi Najla,

There are 3 types:

1. Opinion (agree/disagree)
2. Discussion (2 different views, advantages/disadvantages)
3. Problem and solution

Look through my task 2 lessons to see lessons about all 3 types.

dear simon, pls explain me how to answer the following question. some people say that widening of roads is the solution to reduce traffic problem in cities. Do u agree or disagree?

Hi Kasun,

You could agree (wider roads would provide more space and allow roads to hold more traffic) or disagree (wider roads are not the best solution - then write about other solutions like better public transport to reduce the number of cars).

Hi Simon,

Thank you very much for your effort. I'm new to your blog. My fri recommended to me. Wish to know it earlier. :) So precious to students.

Could I use "Having said that" in writing too? Or is it just for speaking?

Thanks again.


I'd say it's not a bad mistake to use it in writing, but it's more suitable for speaking.

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