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March 11, 2011


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Dear Simon,

I really love your idea and I am convinced that it is definitely one of the best methods for speaking test at present.

Thank you very much for your advice.

Hi Simon,
I think it is very simple but useful.

Thanks so much for sharing, Simon!

And I agree that fast-thinking and note-taking skills can be improved by practicing every day!

Thanks simon

Waran, Elaine, Martin, Mani:

Thanks for your positive comments. I'm glad you found the advice useful.

Thanks again Martin for posing the question in the first place!

Hi Simon,
Will I lose my point when the examiner give me the topic, paper and pencil, I forget what she says and draft on the topic paper?


Hi Kila,

No, you won't lose points, but it will be clear that you should write on the notepaper provided. Don't worry about this.

Doea this sentence make sense to you?
"I really enjoy running, not the fast sprinting kind of run, but rather the more drawn-out jogging kind of run."
Is it OK to say so?

Hi Adverb,

Yes, that sounds fine.


I took the IELTS this morning. I tried to apply your lessons. Task 1 & 2 for speaking subtest went good. But Task 3 was worst. Will I still get 7? Thanks. Please reply.

Hi Christian,

I replied on Facebook.

Hi Simon,

I agree that 1 minute preparing is of great assistance. But,
I took the test 2 months ago, my examiner took my note right away after 1 minute without asking, I was a bit shocked and could not remember anything I jotted down.
Is it normal for an examiner to do that, and am I supposed to remember everything while writing down the ideas?

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