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March 24, 2011


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Thanks Simon :-)


Hello Simon,
I find this type of diagram quite difficult to be honest,I hope me including all(ielts students)will benefit form it....Thankyou !

Hello Simon,
Please advise my choice of words below.
1. Intro- obvious/striking changes in the physical structures of the art gallery
2. Paragraph 1 - change in the place of entry ( allows a direct access toward the exhibition area compare to the current route of entry)
3. Para 2- Larger exhibition area compare to the 3 realtaively smaller places at present.
4. Conclusion - This new design has 4 signicant changes offering the new approach to the gallery as well as a greater focus on the purpose of exhibition.
Thank you very much for your kind comments.

Sorry for the misspelt ' significant' in conclusion part.

yeah , I firmly agree , it's difficult , so can we get the model answer , pleas ???

hi simon,

once i got such a diagram for the exam and i struggled a lot to interpret it, so i will be very helpful if you write full report to his diagram.......

thank you

Thanks guys,

I'll do the model answer for next Thursday.


Your plan looks good, although I recommend that "conclusion" is the wrong word to use because task 1 is a description task (no opinions, reasons or explanations). I prefer to call it a "summary" or "overview" of the main points.

Thanks Simon for your advice.

The diagram clearly illustrates two plans designed in order to redevelop an art gallery. The sketch can simply be subdivided into a central part as well as right and left wings. There are three main differences between the two plans.

Firstly, the existing plan intends to make the right wing into an office and a lobby through which the entrance is set, whereas the proposed plan aims to put that wing into an education area and a store plant.

Secondly, the central part of the sketch is supposed to be subdivided into two parts for temporary exhibitions with a third part for permanent exhibition in the existing plan, compared with a one single large continuous part for permanent exhibition to which the gate is opened in the proposed plan.

Finally, according to the existing plan, the left wing is not intended to be included into the gallery, while the same area is specified to be an exhibition store and a special exhibition space in the proposed plan.

No problem Sankalay.


Hi Salih,

You've got the right idea. I'm afraid I can't give detailed feedback or scores (everyone would send me their essays if I did), but thanks for sharing your work.

Hi, Simon
I have one suggestion, I found you really enjoy giving advices and answering questions, why not make it profitable, since you spend time and effort doing this. Some would like you to give some advices on their essays even for fee, so that you can raise funds to improve your website and make it better and more influential..

hello simon
in lesson"IELTS Writing Task 1: two bar charts",dated "Thursday, June 24, 2010" you write "The marriage
rate remained stable in 1980, but fell to 2 million by the year 2000".
but i think when we use "by" we should use past perfect-mean had fallen instead of fell. if i am wrong please correct me.

Hi Steven,

Thanks for the advice. I might introduce a service like that at some point. I'll let you know what I decide to do.


Hi Esmaeil,

The rule isn't as strict as that - you can use both tenses depending on the context. I tend to avoid the past perfect in order to keep things clear and simple for all students to follow.

The diagram illustrates a proposal concerning new changes needed to an art-gallery. It is clear that there are remarkable changes required to re-developing the art gallery.
The new proposal suggests to make the entrance from Parkinson road towards the building through the permanent exhibit , instead of the entrance which is at the east of the building, after replacing the temporary exhibition space by the permanent exhibition space.
As regards to eastern side of the building, where the lobby and the office are located , it is replaced by an educating area constituting almost three quarter of the space with a store making up the remainder..
In the western side of the building , they have established a special exhibition with its store in the new area which was not part of the gallery.
To conclude, the new proposal is taking into account the need to have a spacious gallery room not to mention the need for a room for a special exhibition


Thanks for sharing Sulaiman. Have a look at my full essay by clicking below:


Hi simon
should i mintion the whole changes fo any diagram ??

Hi Asma,

It depends whether you have enough time! Try to mention the main changes - you don't have to include every small detail.

Hi Simon
i am not able to find your essay for this "before and afer" diagram.ive checked all sites. Can u plz send me the link.

Here's the link:



I am very glad to see your website and am going to write IELTS exam, Thanks for your wonderful
job. Can you Plz Send me more Basic questions in exam

I look forward receiving your response.

I can't believe it.. This is the gallery I worked for...

Well.. better practise than making jokes..

hello Simon,
I wonder what kind of expression to give direction of the map? East west north south or Right/ Left/ center?
Thank you very much

thank you Simon

Hi Simon,
I am very glad to see your website, can you give me IELTS writing task 1 some tips

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