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March 31, 2011


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hi simon
in the third paragrah the new gallery plan shows (and) education area and a small sotrage area is that wright.

He could mean:
The new gallery plan shows (an) education area and a small storage area.

Thanks for noticing - it's "an", not "and".

I suppose that's what he meant...(an instead of and) typing error

Thank you so much Simon,you know what,I really struggled while writing about these 2 diagrams before.Mine was not even close to your's:( 'coz you wrote it perfectly and yet so simple. Any way you taught me so much through this,thankx again.

Hi Simon,

Can you please help me in correcting folowing sentence.

"Secondly, as there is a tough competition everywhere, and youngsters can be seen less capable of taking challanges. As the result of this youngsters are dependent on their parents for longer."


Hi Simon´╝î
I have one question and wonder if you can help me out. I got some advices from a book on doing Listening Part, as we know,some of the answers are required to be capital with their first letters,so the book recommend that answers can be totally written in capital to avoid mistakes if confused
Thanks for your time. And look forward to your reply

From you experience, Is that allowed ?

No problem Maya. I'm glad you found my essay useful.


Hi Gp,

Secondly, there is tough competition everywhere, and youngsters can be seen as less capable of facing challenges. As a result of this, youngsters are dependent on their parents for longer.


Hi Steven,

That advice is out-of-date (old). They don't care about capital letters in the listening exam now - probably because everyone started writing everything in capitals!

Don't worry about capital letters in the listening test.

hello simon
i prepared electronic version of question for "IELTS Writing Task 1: four pie charts essay" and putted it in this address:

Hello Simon,

Can you please post more questions where we are asked to describe about existing and proposed plans for different sites.I tried searching online,there are lots of Graphs,pie chats etc but not this type of 'building plan' essays.


Thanks Esmaeil!


Hi Maya,

I know, it's difficult to find this type of question. I'll see if I can find another one soon.

Thank-x for being such a sweetheart Simon !

No problem.

how about describing a map?

Hi Regine,

I've done some lessons about maps:


when u trust your aim Get M

hi simon
cani write introductin as follows:

the figures compare present and future floor plans for renovation of an art gallery.

That's fine.

Hi Sam,

How about using the directions to indicate the positions? like:

the entrance will be relocated from the east to the north side...

The original lobby and office in the right hand side of the art gallery...


Yes, that's a good idea Hung.

Hi Simon,

when your essay includes "and visitors will walk straight into the exhibition area",although its a fact, does it not tantamount to giving opinion which is a strict no-no for task 1. please enlighten me.


Hello Simon

This is the introduction I used:

The building prints given are of the current and suggested floor plans for the modification of an art showroom

1. Is it right to paraphrase "diagrams" to "building prints" and "art gallery" to "art showroom" in such a question?

2.Instead of Saying " The entrance opens to the Parkinson Court side of the building" I used the entrance to the gallery is now on the northern side which opens directly to the Exhibition area", is that going to cost me marks??

Hi Simon,

I hope you're doing well. First, I must say that I admire all the work you've done here. Of all the ielts sources I've gone through, you're the best ever!!

Second, I have a question related to this "building plans" essay. Simon, as far as I understand then both of them are plans: 1 is existing plan, the other is proposed one. However, it seems like you take them as a current situation and a plan for change.

Please correct me if I'm being wrong!

Best regards,
Thi Hai Ha Hoang

Yes, that's right Ha. The proposed plan is for changes.

Thanks for you positive words about my work!


Hi Simon,

Can you comment on my essay below

The first picture shows the layout of an art gallery, and the second shows some proposed changes to the gallery space.
It is clear that significant changes will be made in terms of the use of floor space in the gallery. There will be a completely new entrance and more space for exhibitions.
At present, visitors enter the gallery through doors which lead into a lobby. However, the plan is to move the entrance to the Parkinson Court side of the building, and visitors will walk straight into the exhibition area. In place of the lobby and office areas, which are shown on the existing plan, the new gallery plan shows an education area and a small storage area.
The permanent exhibition space in the redeveloped gallery will be about twice as large as it is now because it will occupy the area that is now used for temporary exhibitions. There will also be a new room for special exhibitions. This room is shown in red on the existing plan and is not currently part of the gallery.

Hi Simon,

can you please comment on my essay below

The figures show the current and proposed floor plans of an art gallery.
It is clear that after the redevelopment is completed the total area of the art gallery will be larger. Also with the implementation of the proposed plan the entrance to the gallery will be relocated.
In the proposed plan art gallery is enlarged with the addition of a new wing which in current layout is not a part of the gallery. It will include a large space for special exhibitions and a small exhibition store. Also with the new floor plan the permanent exhibition space is planning to be enlarged by the addition of two rooms which currently are used for the temporary exhibitions.
In the current plan entrance to the gallery is on the side through a lobby. However, the new plan proposes it is relocated on the front through Parkinson court. After the relocation of the entrance, the two rooms which are currently lobby and the office are planned to be changed into an education area and a store plant.

Hi Simon, I'd like to ask - is "Parkinson Court" the name of the whole structure shown on the diagram or just the facility attached to the north side of the building? Because If the name refers to the whole building then I think it would be better to change this sentence ;
"However, the plan is to move the entrance to the north side of the building".

The map shows the comparison between existing plan and proposed plan of an art gallery.

It is noticeable that more space and function area will be put into use in future gallery. The permanent exhibition space will be doubled, lobby and office area will be replaced by education space, a new special exhibition space will be built.

In the existing plan, entrance is located at the right of gallery. By contrast, it will be moved to the middle of building and open towards the Parkinson court. A whole new education area and store/plant are planned in the area of lobby and office of existing gallery layout.

A significant change is suggested in the middle of gallery. It is divided into one permanent and two temporary exhibition space now, however, all of them will be converted into one large permanent space. The left part of building is not part of existing gallery, while it will become a special exhibition space with a store in the proposed plan.

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