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March 23, 2011


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This is also good for spelling practice http://www.spellingcity.com/geography-lists.html

Thanks for the link Thanh.

You are absolutely amazing, Simon!! When I first saw the topic, I had no idea what to write. Where did you get all the ideas from, I wonder?
Thanks heaps for your great help.

Really it is not easy question

Thanks Simon

hi simon i want to ask a question should i have to give opinion in introduction?i have read in one book that we should give our opinion in conclusion and in introduction only reveal argument.plz guide me


hi simon in today task can u plz tell me what has to be written in each paragraph?and where we have to give opinion?

here I write an introduction of this task.

In this modernized era, concept of life has been changed but advantage of modern world is making us more dependent on each other or self sufficient has aroused a debate. Although some people argued that in present time they are now being more dependent on each other than the previous, I believe that we are more self sufficient then previous in some extent.

Is it ok Simon?

In fast pace world, it is certainly true that people are becoming more independent than the past because in hectic life there are launched more advanced technology which makes life more easily and they make their own decision.

Firstly, Latest technology is coming in the market which makes our life more easily as well as stress free. Secondly, people do not rely on their parents because internet provides all facilities hence they solve their problems without need any person’s help. Thirdly, Families does not have enough time to sit together for taking dinner so people becomes more independent than dependent. Finally, reading various books make independent to them and for making their own choices also.

Furthermore, Life is becoming more fast so we rely with machines and it suggests to say that how to become independent than dependent. In past, people do not like to live independent due to less money as well as no modern facilities as compared to today.

Life is becoming more difficult and expensive in the existing world hence people are less self sufficient than past. For instance, especially in my country young people are more reliant on their parents for longer because they do not make their decision own self. Although, unemployed people are getting local authority benefits which builds up their dependency for further job. When people are doing job they need to partner because they do not feel lonely.

Dependency means that people rely on their family, friend, state or relative etc.When people are older that time they should have to support with them dependent because they do not work for their self.
To sum up, I would like to say that it’s totally depend on the people’s behaviour because we do not tell that directly self-determining life is better than reliant.

Thanks Yamei,

The ideas came from brainstorming the question with my students.


Hi Sultan,

I agree. Hopefully my ideas help.


Hi Rabia,

From an examiner's perspective, it is better to give your opinion in the introduction, then use the rest of the essay to explain and support it. We don't like "surprise conclusions". Have a look though my lessons to see how I do introductions.

My advice for structure:

1. Introduction
2. Reasons why people argue we are more dependent.
3. Reasons why I believe we are more independent.
4. Conclusion


Hi Zarin,

You've got the right idea (your method is good) but you've made some mistakes through trying to write in a "difficult" way. Try to simplify your sentences to avoid making too many mistakes.

I'm afraid I can't correct students' mistakes here. My advice is to ask a teacher or native speaker to check your grammar.


Hi Nital,

You've got the right idea, and you've used my ideas well.

I'm sorry I can't give more detailed feedback - if I corrected one person's work, everyone would send me their essays.

Hi Simon

Can I ask you the difference between percent and percentage? When should I use percent/per cent or percentage? I have been very confused.
Thanks in advanced.

Or can I simply just write %? Will it be allowed?
Thanks heaps.

this is reli useful:D
thanks a lot

Hi Yamei,

Use "per cent" or "percent" with numbers e.g. "10 per cent of people like coffee." However, we usually just write "10% of people".

Use "percentage" without the number e.g. "there was an increase in the percentage of people who..."


No problem Alice.

Dear Simon,

Would you please tell me that on an IELTS GT module writing task 2 topics comes different or it is quite similar to AC Module

I don't quite understand the following argument.
Why is Life more difficult and expensive?

Thank you

Hi, Simon.
A couple of weeks ago, you posted a lesson teaching us how to use" passive" and "active",. I cannot find it. Could you give me the link?

Thank you a million!

Hi Sayem,

Writing task 2 topics are the same for GT and AC.


Hi Adverb,

It's just an opinion. To explain it, you could give examples e.g. Here in England, students now have to pay tuition fees for university (which used to be free). Also, prices of most things have gone up - e.g. house prices - it's more difficult for first-time house buyers nowadays.

Here's the link:


Hope this helps

Thank you, Simon.
You answer is always concise and easy to follow.

No problem Adverb.

Dear Simon,

Would u plz give me an idea about how can i write an introduction on positive or negative development on writing task 2

Hi Sayem,

Which particular question do you mean?

I think people are not independent to each other and human relations are loosing the battle,but they are dependent to the modren technology.
The technology infulence our lives directly and indirectly for example it is the cause of unemployment. Also it lead to lack of of human attraction, health hazard and the distruction of our planet too.
in addition the young who rely on their parents longer they are also victime of technology dependent most of their personal income goes to purchase h-tech gadget.

Thanks for your ideas Mahado.

Hi Simon,

I got problem with writing task 2. My recently score is 5 and my target is 5.5/6 .
I will get my IELTS test in 16april
Will I pass the test? If I keep practicing???


Hi and,

Nobody can say for sure what will happen, but the only thing you can do is keep practising. Keep working hard and you will get the score you need in the end.

Good luck!

Robot likes an automation machine, which is running as compared to machine speed; hence, factory has not created any problem. Industrial company do not need more labour because robot works as behalf of it. In addition, robot does not need to break time but it needs to battery when it has not powered in their body. In exiting world, there are lot of improvement developing by robot. For instance, if people do not pass their time that time robot helps to you and whatever they want it and they ready for them hence people life becomes easier as well as stress free.

Furthermore, latest technology is launching in the market and they are changing people’s life as compared to improve quality of life. Robots make by men but men is making by god so we give first priority to god than after men.For example, recently i watched robot movie and it explians that robot have same feeling as a humanbeing because men trains to robot and he transfered a some power in their body hence it has also emotional skill.

Some people think that it is worse machine for people because when it is coming in the world that time human beings lose their job and they become unemployed. People’s skill die out because of robot is playing pivotal role in today’s world. For example, IT people lose thier job because most probably in supermarket needs IT professional.

Hi Kavita,

Thanks for sharing your ideas.

I'm sorry I can't give feedback - if I corrected one person's work, everyone would send me their essays.

hi simon,
can u please write introduction of this topic in ur style?i am having difficulty in writing introduction by ur method....please!thanks a lot,God bless u!

people are of different views about whether we have become mor dependent or indepenent in this modernized world.Although there are some good arguments to prove that we are relying on others more,i believe that modern world has made us more independent.
i will appreciate if i can get feedback on this which i have tried...

Hi Ana,

You don't need my help - your introduction is really good and follows my approach perfectly.

Hi Simon,
in another post, u said that:
"In a discursive/discussion essay, you talk about OTHER people's opinions, or the advantages and disadvantages - you don't make it personal i.e. YOUR opinion is not important"
but in this essay u do like following structure:
"My advice for structure:

1. Introduction
2. Reasons why people argue we are more dependent.
3. Reasons WHY I BELIVE we are more independent.
4. Conclusion"
I think in graph 3, you made it PERSONAL, we should write like this instead:
"However, there are also strong resons why we're now becoming more independent"....

Hi Dung,

I made it personal because the question said "Discuss both views AND give your own opinion". In this essay I'm making it clear that my opinion is the same as one of the views.

Your alternative would be perfect if the question only said "Discuss both views".

Hi Simon,
Yeap, admittedly, it is partly true, but in my view, your opinion is the same as one of the views DOESN'T mean that u have the same arguments as others', I mean it's highly likely that they might use arguments which is different from yours to support
Best regards!

That's true Dung. Suffice to say that the way I did it is perfectly acceptable to examiners. It's easier, given the time, than writing 3 main paragraphs: one view, the other view, my view. However, you can do that if you want.

All the best

so what do you think if I just write 2 main body paragraphs: one view (there are some good reasons in favour of...)and other view (However, there are also strong resons why ....) and JUST give my own opinion which view I agree with in introduction and repeat my response in conclusion ???

Hi Dung,

Yes, that's fine too.

hi Mr. SIMON

I'm so happy with your pages on the Internet. just I;d like to say that when I am writing, I try to use your helpful offers.

thank you again

Some people think that in the modern world we have become more dependent on each other, while others think that people are now more independent.
Discuss both views and give your own opinion.
Nowadays, as the world is continuing to develop and get more complex, people get the notion that we are getting more dependent on each other while some people think otherwise. I believe that people nowadays are becoming more independent. 39

On one hand, people think that we are getting more dependent on others because there is a notable increase in the dependence on services from others. As the development of technology progress, more people are in need of assistance with the use of modern technologies. For example, in my country, more people are being hired as telephone or online customer support agents for telecommunications and internet based companies. Furthermore, as online shopping is getting more popular, people tend to rely on others to deliver their purchases instead of driving to malls or shops. Finally, the reliance on fast food instead of cooking for ourselves is getting more common. 107

On the other hand, independence also surface with the development of technology. People are getting lesser help from others through the availability of information on the internet. For example, we could surf the internet for information regarding our subjects or lessons in school and even on the things we do at home like cooking and doing the laundry. In addition, post office services are no longer common since we can communicate to others from far places through the use of cell phones and the internet. As the world modernizes, more jobs are available to the younger generation. These jobs provide people with adequate salary to encourage them to separate from their parents and become more independent. 118

In conclusion, as the world become more advanced, social dependence changes. Although others may tend to be more dependent, I believe that majority of people are becoming more independent. 29

293 words
comments and suggestions from fellow examinees are appreciated. comments and suggestions from simon will be worshiped. thanks every1

Today, advancements in every walk of life have made our lives more comfortable in many ways.While people seem to be more dependent for many,I believe humans are increasingly becoming self reliant in various fields.

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