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March 16, 2011


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hi simon,
i was trying to write quick introduction by ur method..but finding hard.please refine what i have tried....
Today is the world of competition and it is quite probable to say that to survive in this completing world,every individual should be competitive.in this essay i am intended to explain that how it influences people and in my opinion,it is a positive quality up to a certain extent.IS THAT OK FOR BAND 7 ?
in first question....we have to write all postives of competition ....if i am right?in next,we can compare and give disadvantages..
thanks a lot...i feel blessed to read all ur lessons.

Hi Ana,

I'm glad you like the lessons. I'm afraid I can't give you a score, but you've got the right idea.

The first question doesn't ask for positives - you can write about any effects (positive or negative). For the second question, give your opinion and explain it.

PS. Use "I intend", not "I am intended" (it's not passive).

Hi Simon,

After reading the topic on "competitiveness", I wrote an introductory paragraph. I would like you to read it and comment on how it is structured...

"Undeniably, competitiveness which is the inclination to compete is believed to be a beneficial quality among individuals. It has a great impact on the efficiency and quality of life."

...I would like to tell you that I have been using your website since a few days which I found while surfing on the internet.
I will be taking my IELTS on the 2nd of April 2011. I found your website very useful and would like to thank you for producing such a beneficial site.

thanks a lot for ur most valuable guidance !

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your detailed information which is of great help for my exam on 12 March in China. I will be keeping learning from you!!
Thanks again!

Hi Simon,
I just want to ask this question " Training for work is far more important than providing a broad-based education. To what extent do you agree or disagree" I'm a little bit confuse on this, does this mean that work is better without education or education is better before you work? thanks

Hi Dr Uzma,

Your introduction looks good - you've followed my approach well.

I'm glad you like the site. Good luck on the 2nd.


No problem Ana.


No problem Rain. I'm glad you find the lessons useful.


Hi Allan,

I think it's asking you whether the role of education should be to train people for future jobs or simply to provide students with a broad base of knowledge.

thanks alot

In recent areas, Competition is an essential tool for every human being such as education, film industry, medical field and start small business to big business. There are various reasons behind for each individual.

No problem Dr Uzma


Hi Nital,

You've got the right idea. Just find someone (e.g. a teacher) to check your grammar and correct your mistakes.

Hi,Simon, could you give me some ideas about the following topic?

some people think museums should be enjoyable places to entertain people. But others think the purpose of museums is to educate. Discuss.

thanks for the ideas Simon.

Hi Simon,
I wished this lesson had been posted earlier.
I took exam on 12 mar in vietnam and this was my task 2. I was really confused how to write it properly.
In basic, i did exactly what u suggested in this lesson. Problem is I didnt have any idea about this topic. So, i used example. However i think i did it wrong as i mentioned that thanks to the competitiveness that people around the world can enjoy the high-end technology such as iphone, ipad... as these are the results of competitiveness.
I dont know if i can give such example to answer the second question. That is an example which is not related to any individual.
Best regards,

Hi Simon your website is really amazing,the way you have organised it is fantastic and the material which you put in website is blessing for us.It is really useful for me, and hopfully for everyone.

Hi Adverb,

I've made a note of that question - I'll try to think of some ideas and put them on the blog next week.


No problem Allan.


Hi Kim,

Giving examples is a good way to answer any question. Maybe you did better than you think - let's wait and see!


Thanks Zahid!

Thank you, Simon.

No problem.

Hi Simon,

Im confused about 2 types of of wrting question: "Do u agree or disagree?" and "to what extend do you agree or disagree?"

Personally, with the first question, I give my opinion (agree or disagree with the statement) in introduction then write only one side in body paragraphs. I don't need to write anything about the opposite side.

With the second question, which structure below should I follow?
1. Only give opinions about the side I agree ( the same to the first question)
2. Give opinions about the side I agree
Give opinions why other people oppose then refute it

Thank you so much!

Hi Quynh,

I tend to treat both questions in the same way - for both, you can mention just one side (if you completely agree/disagree) or you can mention both sides (by saying "I partly agree" or "I agree to a certain extent").

Hope this helps

Dear Simon,

It's Kim who asked you about giving an example for this task that I had taken in VN.

I got result today.
Quite surprise that I got 7 overall band.
The part I think that I did it the best is the worst one :( It's speaking. I had got 7 before, but this time I just got 6.
I think I did it very well to compare with the last time.

The writing is quite surprised.

I think I just got max 6, But I really got more than that.

Thanks Simon for your website.
It's not about the ideas but also the writing and brain-storming technique.

Thanks so much.

Best regards


PS: Yes!it's true that giving an example is a good way to answer any question.

No problem Kim. Well done for getting a 7 - that's not easy!

Firstly, people start a job for their basic necessity but it is very important for that they have to have with them different skills which means that in a existing world everybody lives with competition era. Secondly, people go ahead because they know very well that without hard work they do not reach until their goals. Finally, people want to build up their carrier in a cut throat rivalry they are ready to work anytime. For example, if company is offering a manager job in contemporary world that time people aware about their work and finish a project on time so they achieve their success within a short period of time otherwise they can lose their job as well as future also.

Furthermore, competition is an
indispensable thing for people because when they start small business to big business they need to finance as well as ability also. Sometimes people have money but they do not know that how to run a business hence they fall down before making a plan. In addition, People imitate to each other but it is not good for their development. Comparison is a good thing for people but it means not that they compare all things such as if people drink alcohol and
they start to drink it. People are getting good refinements for their groups it is building up their carrier.

However, sometimes competition creates lot of barrier to each individual which impacts negativity for children grown up. Besides, every person has different journey in his life so they do not evaluate
their life to each other otherwise people becomes selfish and greedy as well as spoils their future dreams also. Also, competition break up the friend relationship and they do not speak to each other when they have not solve their problems.
To sum up, I would like to say that competition is making a good relationship but it depends on the person behaviour and nature. There are more advantages outweigh than disadvantages.

Thanks for sharing your ideas Nital.

Hi Simon I did my introduction but i am not sure if i should write my opinion

Nowadays there is a discussion about whether competitiveness can be considered something positive or negative.For one side, several people believe that competition can be a good incentive to get our goals. Oppositors of this point of view afirm that competitiveness can be destructive and even cause psychologist illness. In my view avoid competition is not feasible because is one of the ingredient of our daily.

Please your advise in this topic.

Hi Eve,

You've got the right idea - the second question is really asking for your opinion.

Note: I don't think the word 'oppositors' exists.

Competitiveness is the path to lots of opportunities among human beings and involve advantageous results. However, there might be some effects on individuals which may be considered to be positive and negative.

Challenging to deserve the target creates some inconvenient activities or situations among those who are bound to compete. Individuals might misunderstand each other or be apathetic about respect while competing. In addition, more and more people may feel themselves as important figures and get selfish by showing their ego if they think that competitiveness provides them chance to reach their aims while underestimating others' thoughts. Some people may be even vulnerable to challenge and feel stress in the competitive environment under certain circumstances. Thus, those, who strain such kinds of features of mankind qualities, may lose their hopes on further developments.

On the other hand, competitiveness gives a lot of possibilities to handle difficult problems productively. Because those who stand for competitiveness try to toil so that he or she may deserve respect and reach higher positions in almost many fields such as sports, business and as well as educational aspects. Competitiveness, in other words, has already turned to the demand for people who are not reluctant to the needs of contemporary societies. If competitiveness is addressed with gentle and kind ways, it will be certain to make any society progress and create a peaceful life.

In conclusion, I believe that competitiveness is a positive quality of human beings as it create prodigious results only if they approach this matter with respectable ways.

as it creates*

Is it possible to approach this type of essay?

or am I out of topic?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Baha,

Your essay looks fine. I'm afraid I can't give detailed feedback. If I start commenting on essays, everyone will send me their work.

You really need to find a teacher who can look at your work and give you detailed feedback.

Sorry I can't help more.

Ok, I understand you Mr.Simon, indeed it's here, I am learning how to write essays properly, step by step, guess, everything will be ok, is it possible to get 7 for this essay? i spent 39 minutes on it without prompts and without reading others' opinion or having familiarized any samples, i am just reading every new lessons you are attaching.
Also, I hunger for your lessons...

Big thanks

No problem Baha. I'm glad you feel that my lessons are helping you to improve your writing.

Keep working hard!

Hi Simon

Can you plz tell me how to write the introduction of this type of two-part question?

I always find it difficult to present my idea in the first paragraph because I dont know whether I should mention the causes/reasons to answer the first question

I'll be more than happy if you can give me a brief example.

Thanks a lot! Love your website!

Hi Tom,

Here's an example:

It is true that competitiveness is often seen as a necessary characteristic in today's world. It is a quality that can affect people in both positive and negative ways, but overall I believe that it is a positive trait.

Hi Simon

can you write an introduction for this topic as an example to show me what do you mean by "a general response"

Hi Daniel,

Have a look at these lessons:



Hi Simon
In this type of essay, should i have to add my opinion in the introduction along with general response.

Hi Navya,

Yes, the general response is your opinion about the 2 questions.

Competitiveness plays an important role in developing cognitive and behavioral abilities among individuals.

Hi Simon,
Please send us a answer sample of this type question.

Hi Hathu,

Yes, I'll do a full essay for this type of question soon.

Thanks a lot, Simon
You are nice person ^^. I am very appreciate.

Hi Simon,
I am quite confused about the 'agree or disagree' and the 'discuss' essays. How would the structure of both essays be like? Do I have to state my stand in the 'discuss' essays?

Hi Simon,
I have a question that if I answer the first question and second one in different paragraphs, there will be some repeated ideas because both questions mentioned positive and negative impacts of competitiveness. hope that i will receive your feedback soon. Thanks a lot.

Hi Simon,

Could you please give a comment for below essay.I'm taking exam on8th Nov.I need 6.5

It is clear that people are competitive with each other in terms of wealth,education,status,skills and talents.This competitiveness direct people to become a successful person in the society.On the other hand it is arguable whether the good qualities disappearing due to competitiveness.

It is obvious that people try to improve by looking at others success.For instance most of rich people live in cities rather than rural community.They own big houses new cars and spending a luxurious lifestyle.In village there is a less competition among each other hence, they are comparatively less developed than urban people.Further the level of education and social status of city people are higher the rural community.The main reason for this is due to the competitiveness among people in same workplace, student in same class, within neighbors or relatives.As a result of competition people are trying to be more educated, to be rich, more talented, gain more skills, finally, to become a successful person in the society.

On the other hand the peoples' good qualities such as helping each other,politeness, hospitality, peaceful lifestyle, faded due to competitiveness.It is almost people are on a race to win by exceeding others.Perhaps there may be some unwanted things can possibly be happened to discourage other people.For instance gossips in the workplace, arguments, harassment can happen where competitiveness is present.

In conclusion competitiveness is useful when upbringing the peoples' lifestyle but harmful if they forget their good qualities.

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