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April 13, 2011


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Hello Simon,

I think these are the band7 vocabularies.

.Difficult to imagine a world in which
.work in order to earn a salary
.The need to earn money
.is of much greater concern
.in fact,I would argue

In writing1/2,numbers like 100% or 10 million or in 1982 and so on.I was wondering whether they count them as words for achieving 150/250 or not? Please do let me know...thank-x

Hi Simon

my answers are:

1. difficult to imagine a world in which 2. truly satisfied
3. work in order to earn
4. The need to earn money to/for
5. of much greater concern than
6. I would argue that

Dear Simon,
Please advise my inroduction.
It is true that everybody needs to work for his/her own living where the importance of personal fulfillment in their workplace plays a major role in adult life. Although different people may have different reasons to enjoy their profession,it is quite reasonable that both employees and employers should focus on a win-win strategy in order to achieve greater productivity.
I cannot keep it short. It is my weakness to follow your introduction guideline. Moreover, I am confused with some 'article'usage. For example, in my last scentence, ....' to achieve the greater productivity or 'to achieve greater produutivity'.
Thank you very much for your lessons. You are really great!

I have learnt the following Band 7 vocab...
It is difficult to imagine a world in which..
they would probably not choose...if they did not need (SECOND CONDITIONAL)
pay mortgages
everyday living costs
of much greater concern than
the majority of people dislike

Thanks for your suggestions about band 7 vocabulary - I agree with all of them!


Hi Maya,

Yes, numbers are counted as words.


Hi Sankalay,

Your introduction is fine. Use 'productivity' without the article - you're talking about productivity in general.

Thank you Simon. You are superb for giving a prompt feedback.

Job satisfaction is a dialectical topic that has always been a subject to debate among scholars. Since there are various factors contributing to satisfaction, it is unexpected that every worker is satisfied with their jobs.

Being satisfied could mean different things to different individuals. Many people would agree that satisfaction is determined in a discrepancy between what one wants and what one has in a job. In this way, one tends to feel satisfied when his expectations are met, and disappointed when they are not. There are, however, other influences that could also determine how content a person could be with his job. A major factor is the relationship between supervisors and their subordinates. Workers who think negatively of their chiefs are often less satisfied, while employees who find their bosses friendly and expressive are usually more content with their work.

Other possible reasons that may lead to positive attitudes toward one's job is the feeling of pride, personal fulfillment, and achievement from one's work. So, when people feel that they are doing something useful with their careers, they would be more pleased. Finally, some scientists argue that there are innate factors resulting in satisfaction. In other wards, humans are innately disposed into a certain level of satisfaction, regardless of one's job quality.

Based on the above variety of influences, it is difficult to imagine a world in which everyone is truly happy with their employment. Moreover, many people are forced to work in stressful and even financially unrewarding careers out of necessity, not choice. As a consequence, one would probably conclude that there are more people who dislike their jobs than those who are really happy with it.

All in all, attainment of job satisfaction is highly influenced by multiple determinants, and it is therefore difficult to achieve.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

Intro = It's true that most people spend almost more than half of their life at work.And it is also irrefutable that job satisfaction is an fundamental component to ones mental and physical well-being.

Conclusion = In a nutshell,depending on the type of work,factor contributing to job satisfaction may vary and it is not practical to expect everything in one job,employees should also consider what they are capable of and how demanding their role is,before making expectations. Is it appropriate to conclude like this OR not?

In the intro,should I also write, factors contributing to job satisfaction and how realistic expectations are,will be discussed in the following paragraphs.Or is it fine if I omit this part?

I personally find it bit difficult to conclude,should I give opinions like,it is better for both employers and employees to co-operate and agree to make some compromises at some point,so that no one is undervalued.

Hey Simon, are you planing to upload a complete essay for this topic? Please do so.


Hi Simon

Sorry for bothering you so often.
I know you have been talking about lead to with Noun quite often. But here are the two sentences that confuse me.

driving for long distances can lead the drivers to fatigue

driving long distances can lead the drivers to become fatigued

Thanks in advance for your answering.

Should I never put amount with people?

No problem Sankalay and Maya.


Thanks Salih.

I haven't counted, but it looks like you wrote well over 250 words - you probably didn't need to write 5 paragraphs.


Hi Maya,

Your introduction and conclusion are fine, although "in a nutshell" seems a bit too informal for an academic essay.

Personally, I'd answer the 2 questions in a general way in the introduction e.g. "Various factors can lead to job satisfaction, but in my opinion it is unrealistic to believe that..."

You don't need to find a compromise - I prefer your first conclusion.


Hi Yamei,

You will hear people saying "amount of people", but strictly speaking "amount" usually goes better with uncountables e.g. money, time. So I'd prefer "number of people".

I'd write: "can lead to drivers becoming" or "can cause drivers to become"

As most people spend a major part of their adult life at work, job contentment is an important element of individual well-being.
What factors contribute to job satisfaction?
How realistic is the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers?
In today’s life , there are a wide range of people who work under flexible environment , while others are exposed to stressful conditions. It is unadvisable to proceed with any job , if the employer is not taking into account the vital paths required in convincing their employee to continue their jobs properly. in this essay, I am going to address the contributing factors to job satisfaction these factors are in terms of working hours, salaries and graduates.

It has been essential to understand individuals ‘commitments in order to exclude this particular fellow from 9-5 working hours. For example, some people can not be punctual at work because they have disabled daughters or sons, who could not be able to travel to school independently . therefore, it is important to change the original time schedule to give these people flexibility .So this type of help would give them more job contentment

The fact that could not be denied and provoke the employee remarkably is the reliable salaries in addition to promotions to the highly achievable workers. For example, if a worker in a factory is able to fix a broken down one of the machines , it is illogical not to award this worker for his great help to the factory. Therefore, if we award this worker , he will be grateful ant more confident to his job. Awarding and reasonable salaries are essential element to job satisfaction.

It is essential to accommodate the right person at work on the right place according his degree or certificate. If the individual is graduated as an accountant, it is unrealistic to work a job as a carpenter. The consequences of that, is the worker is not going to like his job because there is no sensible relationship between this job and his main occupation.

To conclude, if every worker is able to take part in a job that suit him financially vocationally and academically, it could contribute to climbing the career ladder successfully

Hi, Simon.
In answering the following question" Whether modern technology has increased the gap between the rich and poor" should I focus on the effects of different technologies such as communication technology(the cell phone and the Internet) transport technology(air travel...)seperately, or should I mainly write about the impact of technology generally?
Give me some advice please. Thank you.

Thanks for sharing Sulaiman.


Hi Adverb,

You can use any of those ideas - there is no "right answer", it´s the language that counts.

Dear Simon,

I have got a topic on "Some people think that student should attend the extra classes after finished their school, some others believe that allowed them to play. In what extent do you agree or disagree?"

Would you please give some idea about this topic.
Particularly "extra classes after finished their school".

Hi, Simon.
Recently, I got kind of confused about how advantage/benefit can be used in a sentence.
Here are the examples.
1.There are several advatages to/of studying abroad.
2.There are several advantages for students who study abroad.
3.There are several advatages to students studying abroad.
4.There are several advantages of machines taking over work previously done by humans.

I don't know which one of these is right, and why.

Hi simon. Your website is really helpful for me.

How do i make 4 paragraph for this question?

Some people claim that what people eat in many Western countries is unhealthy and that their diet is getting worse. Critics say that these countries should change their diet.
What are you opinions on this??

Hi Sayem,

Extra classes = more time for learning, improve students' knowledge and skills e.g. students could use the extra classes to learn another language or to work on their weaknesses.

Play = children need time to relax and enjoy themselves, play helps children to develop their creativity and learn to cooperate, share, win and lose.

Hope this helps


Hi Adverb,

3 is wrong, but the others are fine.


Hi in su,

This is an "opinion" question, so you need to say whether or not you agree that Western countries should change their diet.

Give your opinion in the introduction, then write 2 paragraphs supporting that opinion e.g. one paragraph about the bad diet people eat and the problems it causes, then another paragraph about the healthier foods that people should eat and the positive effects this would have.

Hope this helps

I wrote two sentences. Do you think they are coherent and do you think the examples I give fit in this situation. And can parallel structures be used in this way? If not, How can I make improvement?

Some old buildings are often considered to be works of art, which gives cultural identity and character to a city or country. For example, we identify Egypt by the architectural symbols of the Pyramid , China by the Great Wall and London by the Buckingham palace.

Hi Adverb,

Your ideas are really good - nothing to worry about.

Is it a good idea to mention that organizations operate in a business model and hence, owing to cut throat competition, not all individuals' needs can be met.
This could be why it is unrealistic to expect job satisfaction for everyone at work place. Also adding to the problem space is the fact that not all employees are equal in terms of their skills and experience.


Yes, good point Gopi.


This is very helpful. I have noticed a few band 7 vocabularies such as: imagine a world, need to earn money, and much greater concern.

Thank you.

hi simon i found a smilar essay task which asks numbers of questions.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of thefollowing topic

:News editors decide what to broadcast on television and what to print innewspapers. What factors do you think influence these decisions? Do we become used to bad news? Would it be better if more good news was reported?You should write at least 250 words.

The arguments relate to the last 2 questions but how do I approach the first question?

I'm also confused on this question

Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of thefollowing topic:The idea of having a single career is becoming an old fashioned one. Thenew fashion mil be to have several careers or ways of earning money andfurther education will be something that continues throughout life.

what does the second part of the statement on further education refer to? experience of the job?

Hello Simon,
Here is my introduction.Isn't it to informal? thanks

It is true that during adulthood most of the people spend time in work and job satisfaction play vital role in individual's life. There are several reasons which influence job satisfactions and it is quite difficult to predict how satisfied they are with their job.

do i need to write in my point of view? because in question they did not ask for my view. please help me.

Hi Liy,

1. I'd write a paragraph about the factors that influence news editors (e.g. how popular the story will be, how important it is for the audience etc, giving examples of news stories) and another paragraph to answer the last 2 questions about good/bad news.

2. Further education in this context refers to courses that people can do at any time in their lives e.g. a 50-year-old person might do a training course to become qualified in a new or different profession.


Hi Jams,

There are one or two small mistakes, but your introduction is fine - it isn't informal.

You are giving your point of view by saying "it is true" and "there are several reasons" - this is fine.

Thank you for you guidance.

hi simon must the introduction also include the "realistic" part of the question or can I choose to save it for the 3rd paragraph?

Hi Liy,

I'd try to put it in the introduction.

hi simon,
what does the last part of question actually mean? could you please help me?

hi simon

can i start my essay this way?is the usage of "wellness" is correct?please advice.
it is certainly true that every man spends majority of his life time in work environment to have a content and luxury life. some people are exposed to stressful working atmosphere while other group of working population really enjoy there profession.therefore ,job satisfaction plays a vital role for the wellness of both employer and employee.in the following paragraph, i shall discuss some of the factors that are essential for job contentment.

Hi Mannan,

It's asking whether we should expect everyone to be happy in their jobs. Would it be possible for everyone to like their jobs?

Your introduction is fine, but it's longer than necessary. It's important to spend more time on the main paragraphs, and the introduction certainly shouldn't be longer than these. Have a look through my lessons to find advice about introductions.

'Wellness' is ok, but I'd probably use 'well-being'.

Dear Simon, I have some questions while writing this essay

1. If I use firstly for the 1st paragraph and secondly for the 2nd paragraph, would the examiner ( You ) be bored because those words are overused ?

2. Can I use " Last but not least " for the last detail paragraph ? .

For example : Last but not least, it is said that no employees would be happy if their pensions are not ensured by their companies .

3. Lastly, Could you kindly check my introduction ?

While a large number of workers are seeking for more job satisfaction, others hold that it is extremely hard to achieve nowadays. The former seems to be right because there are a lot of factors that affect the level of job satisfaction , as will be explained .

P/s : I hope you do not mind me asking questions every day . It is because studying on your blog has become my habit. When I get my dream score, I won't have to bother you this much anymore :) . Thanks in advance.

Hi Kevin,

I try to tell students to stop worrying about linking words. Your score does not depend on your use of words like "Firstly" or "Finally", it depends on the quality of the ideas you express in the rest of the paragraph. "Last but not least" isn't really right for 'academic style' essays. Just use the simple linking words, and focus on answering the question well.

You introduction is fine.

Simon, how to address the introduction and 1st body part of the sentence?

Hi Gwapo,

I've done many lessons about introductions. Here's an example lesson:


Look through my task 2 lessons to see more.

Dear simon
can u help me this topic

Education in financial management should be a mandatory component of the school program. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?


Hi Nisha,

That question is similar to the question on the page linked below (just ignore the part about practical skills, and look at the arguments against teaching children to use a bank account - this is the same as financial management).


PS. I send the full essay for the 'practical skills' question to everyone who buys the ebook.

hi simon,im new here on your blog let me see how far can i go in my preparation with you.

Hi Sana,

I'm glad you found the blog. I hope it helps you!

Hello Simon,

Have i included right points?

Words: 273

Job must be enjoyable and satisfiable because most of the people spend their major part of the life at employment. However, all jobs cannot be fun and entertaining; some are too tiring and boring.
There are several factors involving in satisfaction of job. Firstly, the field of interest is the considerable factor. If the person is working in his own interested field, it is always fun to work in. Every day in office will go like playing an interesting game. It doesn't give any extra burden to the worker. Some office organizes party very often, which helps to forget the pressure of weekdays work. Secondly, working environment must be charming at office. If the boss is supportive and manager is co-operative, it aids excitement in daily work. In addition, friendly colleagues also help to pass the leisure time in office.
However, every level of staffs cannot get same satisfaction from employment. Some jobs needs strenuous work and much mentally challenging. For instance, plumbing work cannot be much entertaining and enjoyable; it's a risky and tiring job. They satisfy themselves at the end of the week when they get good salary. And there are some jobs which don't require physical energy but are really boring and mentally stress giving. Dealing with clients and creating marketing strategy can be taken as an example. Moreover, some jobs are repetitive. The job which has same work each day is somehow boring for some employees.
In conclusion, job is something where people go everyday and spend around whole day on work. However, some jobs are boring by nature; it must be fun and entertaining along with the work.

How can i get more then 7 in short possible time....

Hi Simon,
I've been studying through this site for days and I am extremely impressed by the contents. You wrote your essays with fluidity apart from the excellent substance givent the common IELTS topics.Good job!
I will take the exam on the 20th.I have high hopes because of your site.Thanks a lot!


Thanks Jesmar. Good luck!

Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Today, a variety of advertising has been flooding into ordinary people’s life through widespread of mass media, such as TV, radio, Internet and newspapers. This has led to high expenditure patterns in our current society. However, I think that the high sales of popular goods largely depend on an individual’s buying habits and real needs of society irrespective of their advertisements.
To start with, although the celebrity effect in advertisements drives a great number of young people to buy products blindly, the largest consumer group is adults. Economic statistics illustrated that people from 28 to 45 years old purchase more than 70% of popular goods. These adults have their own attitudes on buying products, many of whom pay more attention on product's quality rather than attractive advertisements. Thus, excellent quality of popular goods is a major factor to get high sales.
Secondly, apart from the quality of goods, distinguished feature of product is another factor to promote better sales. This is based on the belief that individuals make comparisons in different products and then choose the best one rather than buying a useless product. Therefore, as a result of irresistible features, some products (like ipod, iphone, ipad etc) without too much advertising are still highly attractive and easy to get top sales.
Lastly, people would not buy any worthless products which cannot meet their needs. During the initial period, when new products are introduced, high sales can be achieved by using attractive advertisements. However, when buyers find that goods are lack of quality and not real needs, these useless ones will be abandoned and the sales will be decreased sharply. So, it suggests that the power of advertising is not a reflection of the high sales for a long term.
In conclusion, though advertisements boost the high sale of products, consumer's buying habits and real needs are the most important determinant factor. In order to get satisfactory sales, companies should emphasis on improving the quality of products and developing user-friendly features based on the current needs of people in the society.

Hi, Simon
Could you please have a look at my essay and give me some suggestions if possible?

Hi Mr. Simon! I found this site just now and I can't believe that I have learned a lot for a single topic. I am not as good as the previous writers since I am just preparing for a week by myself, but I hope I could improve on my most fearful task - writing. Kindly critic my essay if you have time. Thank you!
In response to the topic above, I tried to answer it this way:

Majority of working individuals spend most of their time doing the job they dedicated themselves into. It entails some factors that lead to satisfaction in order to stay. However, expectations may vary on individual workers’ perception on how satisfied they are at work.

Firstly, almost all of the employees consider the salary and benefits their employers offer. These, act as determinants for their willingness to stay. For example, having a monthly pay of twice the cost of living and fully subsidized health care package for immediate family members are not bad. These two give workers peace of mind and sense of security.

Secondly, the way the company is managed could mean a lot for the workforce. How the administration runs it obviously affects the attitude of their staffs towards work. For instance, the consideration of their emotional and social welfare inside the workplace matters such as harmonious working relationship between and among the owners, the team players and the clients.

Lastly, at this age of globalization, people desires to be equally knowledgeable and skilled as with their competitors in a certain field. Business owners with continuing professional development plan for their workers are valued because they consider their people’s aim to further their qualifications. Take in-house and external trainings as examples. These are devised to update their personnel with the latest around the globe.

Job satisfaction is a very subjective idea. It depends on how an individual look at the work he or she is doing. In addition, it becomes realistic if there are bases to be considered.

In my conclusion, one’s idea of a satisfying and rewarding job is dependent not only on one, but also several interacting factors. These include, and not limited to economic, social and professional reasons. Moreover, when these areas work dynamically together, then there will be a so-called job satisfaction.

Simon can you write this essay ""as most people spend a major part of their adult life at work job satisfaction is an important element of individual well being what factors contribute to job satisfaction ? how realistic is the expectation at job satisfaction for all workers give answer"" for band 9.

can you write this essay "some people think that children are given too much free time.they feel that this time should be used to do more school work how do you think children should spend their free time."" "it is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents for instance for sports or music and others are not however it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sports persons or musician " for band 9

Most of us spend one third of our day time at workplace. Job serenity is vital for an employee’s health and prosperity. There are many elements involved to satisfy someone at his/her at work, those factors can be financial reward or verbal appreciation.
To begin with, verbal appreciation is very important for an employee at work. As a human, when we perform well, we expect appreciation from others. Some organisations have a great culture to recognise an employee’s performance publically. For instance, when we visit superstores, they hang a picture of an employee as “Employee of the month” near to entrance. It could not be conspicuous for shoppers, but employee feel proud and happiness that his efforts at work have been recognised.
Secondly, some businesses have culture to offer financial rewards on good performance of employees. Employee put more efforts to perform better than others for rewards. Thus, a healthy environment of competition starts in organisations. When employee receive rewards on their performance, they feel satisfy from their job.
Moreover, a clean and safe workplace atmosphere is important for job fulfilment. People do not feel comfortable to work in a noisy and vulnerable working environment. Therefore, companies provide relaxed and safe office to satisfy their employees and workers also desire to work for those organisations
In conclusion, it is very important for job satisfaction to recognise employee’s performance through awards, financial benefits and provide tidy and safe workplace.

It is difficult to imagine a world
truly satisfied
in order to earn salaries
they whould choose not to spend
if they did not need money
dislikes job
unhappy about salaries, workload, working hours.

The need to earn money
is of greater importance
to pay morgadges,bills and
daily living costs.

can you please help me to this topic;even in just a simple essay..thank you so much..
As most people spend a major part of their adult life at work, job satisfaction is an important element of individual well-being.
What factors contribute to job satisfaction?
How realistic is the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers?

Mr. Simon. will you help me to check my essay? iam going to take the ielts test next month. thank you.
Topic: Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society. Others, however, believe that school is the place to learn this.
Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

People have different views about whether pupils should be taught the way they can be good members of the community by their nurturers or teachers. In my point of view, both family and society should take part in the educational process of a student for many reasons which will be discussed below.
On the one hand, it is obvious that school has better conditions to educate students how to be good citizens. First and foremost, most of the educators in an educational institution are highly well-trained to lecture in pedagogy, which means that students are expected to get a formal education from them. It also means they have a large knowledge and experience about society as well as a psychology of youngsters to guide them what they should and should not do. But educational institutions may have a bad influence on youngsters when they can learn vices from their classmates. As we probably know, young students are definitely sensitive and they can be impacted easily by others who may bring them wrong habits. For example, little pupils will tell lies, pilfer or even saying bad words as they witness their friends do that.

On the other hand, a family also plays an important role in nurturing and giving the lesson to young members since it is the priority to reform and navigate a person’s character. In case a person is taught what he can do to behave well at an early age by their carers, he will have a rewarding personality when he grows up. In contrast, should a child who is influenced bad manners from their nurturers, it will create bad habits which may destroy the child’s personality and even cause dangerous for the society. Furthermore, it seems that most of an adult are too busy for their carriers when they do not have much time to guide their younger members in the family so that the result is not as well as we expected.
In conclusion, I believe that it is better for students to be taught in a family and school because of its effectiveness and benefits that I have mentioned above.
Total words: 348

hi simon
can you please help me how can i do my best on reading

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