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May 24, 2011


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Really it is great to listen and focus on words that were used to describe oncoming events (future) thankyou for sharing simon

Thanks for sharing it with us.its really informative.

Hi simon thanx a ton for creating this site. Its really helpful. i hv got a question for ielts writing task 1 from cambridge book 6. Can u plzzzzzzzzzz help me.

Hi Simon here i am going to write in introduction.
The line graph compares usage of water globally by three sector over a period of 100 years or a century and the table illustrates expenditure of water in two countries i-a; Brazil and Democratic Republic of congo in 2000.
It is clear that agriculture sector used more water than industrial and demostic sector for most of the period shown. Whereas, in Brazil consumption of water was higher than DC either it was for population, irrigated land or per person.

hi simon

describe your home town

here are my answers,

My home town is located in spectacular natural settings.it is woven by the blue belt of indian ocean.it is affordable convenient within 5 minutes walk from the city centre.my home town is the major economic powerhouse of southern part of sri lanka. it is the most cosmopolitan city in sri lanka.its cultural attraction looks even more stunning.walking through striking shrine gates you are transported to another world.it just look like extra selestial fancy world.you can explore fish markets state of art shopping malls, and plethora of night life and restaurents. you can enjoy romantic beach walks as well as calm and meditative backwaters too.it is rich with quaint neighbourhood and you can hang out with locals at prestine Galle beaches.
compared to london my home town is pretty small.an ancient beautiful architecture says its unprecedent glory. it shows the great roots of human civilisation of sri lanka

Water is a natural resource.That should be always free. Government should ban the sale of bottled water. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Water is the base of life and the prerequisite for surviving.Although there are some arguments on free water availability and banning of bottled water, i thouroughly believe that water should be affordable to all people free and it should not ban sale of bottled water

Firstly nobody disagree with me that water implications on our diets and daily needs how affects daily life.It is the one and only source could access everybody free of charge.Using tap water is not much dangerous in general when it comes to health.Having said that,there are some health drawbacks in tapwater.In certain geographical regions, natural water sources are riched with too much of irons and minerals like phosphates that can damage kidneys of people permanantly.Furthemore if state does not purify water wih clorine with appropriate amounts it would be a health hazard to public who trust on it.And the man made bad consequences are seems to be spoil our natural water fountains.A good illustration of this in agricultural industry over usage of pesticides and insecticides make water impure to use.With the advancement of science and technology it is more likely to difficult saving natural water resources.

Secondly,state should foster the private sector to purify water with sustainable approach and to sale them affordable convenient prices to public.It would be a sound green light for public health status thus leading to fewer hospitalisation in terms of communicable diseases and kidney diseases.For example contaminated water causes severe types of diarrhoea and gut related illnesses.Another aspect of this situation is bottled water confirm the sanitary needs of tourists that can hugely affect the economy of a country.The most geographical regions are highly dependable on tourism.If sanitary needs like watermakes a mess for themthey would not have any reliability of our hospitality standards.This would badly overwhelm our tourist industry .On the other hand bottled water industry pay taxes for the government highly that can be used for better improvement for water security.

To sum up, while improving national free water supply sound measures must be taken for development of bottled water industry.

I'm glad you found the video interesting.


Rani and Deepika,

Thanks for sharing your written work, but I'm afraid I can't give any feedback. If I start commenting on people's writing, everyone will send me their essays.

Hi simon thank you very much indeed dont give any feedback just let me know whether i hv got right idea abt task 1 or not. I found very difficult to write abt table in this task plz give me advice how i can connect both these.

Hi Rani,

Yes, you've got the right idea. You don't need to connect the tables. Just describe them separately.

thanx Simon 'God bless you'

just better...!

The diagram shows different design principles for building a house in cold and warm climate.
The different principle of design shows how the roof, the windows and use of insulation differs between cold and warm climate houses .In cool climate the houses are built to protect the loss of heat by using heat storage material and insulating the house from inner wall to the ceiling; the inner layer of the wall must be lined with thermal insulating stuff. Housing in the warm climate must be designed to not let the house over heat, the roof must be made by light reflective material and under heath insulating element .Roof must be overhanging in warm climate building to create a shade.
The roof design and use of insulation varies between house of cold and warm climate. The cold climate houses are designed with thermal building material from within inside the room, and on the outside it is covered by insulators. In warm climate houses insulation is required under the roof, and not on the outside of the wall. The roof of warm climate house is lined by a light reflective material to not let the house get too warm.
The window in the cold climate must face the direction of the sun to let ambient light rays come in and give warmth. In warm climate windows are closed and covered during the day and opened during the night to ventilate out the heat that builds during the day.

hi simon
i have purchased your ebook and i was trying to write this essay
Water is a natural resource.That should be always free. Government should ban the sale of bottled water. To what extent do you agree or disagree
i am confused whether they are asking about about two different things like should i write about tap water should not be free ...because water supply system is expensive and requires maintenance we ll take it for granted and then write about bottled water should be banned produce waste , no difference in quality

please help me i am really confused

can i write two sides in this like why it should be free and why should we pay for it

hi simon please tell me if my eassay is confusing or straightforward?

Water is an essential natural resource.All humans need clean,safer drinking water inorder to live. i disagree with the idea of free availability of water and banning bottled water.
There are several reasons why we should pay for water.firstly,natural water needs to be treated inorder to drink.Natural mineral water contain too much minerals like phosphates,calcium and iron which are difficult for the body to excrete.This poor quality water leads to various health problems.For example,those people who drink hard water are more likely to develop kidney stones.Seconndly,people get access to drinking water in their homes through water supply system.THease are huge and expensive projects that require planing , construction and maintenance.And finally,if water is free, people would take it for granted.They would never think about how much water they waste.For example,we often leave taps runing while washing dishes or cleaning teeth.If we would have to pay for water, we would use it more responsibly.
As far as bottled water is concerned,i dont think governments should ban it.People need water bottles when they are travelling, going to gym or at work.so people should be able to access clean, drinking water wherever they are in a portable form.so packaged water should be available.
Though there is a need to encourage people to reduce using bottled water as plastic bottles produce waste and adds litter.
In conclusion, i can not accept the arguement of free water and banning packaged water.

How can I find the video?
The title is "the future? right?
what is speaker's name?


His name is Kirk Citron, and the title was "And now, the real news".

oh thanks a lot!!

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