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May 20, 2011


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hi ! good morning
thank you very much for this helpful site
I were asked by examinar some qustion in speaking part but i did not know the best answer , so , if you have time plese just answer the qustion
1- what do you think about inside and outside job ?
2- do you think people like inside or outside job ?
3- what are the different between both of them ?

I think that will be my answer
1) Inside job for me is that work which can be done in offices or white collar job or in institutes. whereas, outside job is something which is related to exposure outside for example drivers , delivery van, postman, etc
2)different people have different choices, every job has its own importance...describe both aspects
3)it is the obvious difference for example banker and cab driver ...... explain each nature of job..
i hope i am right!..

Hi Simon,
Do idioms make my speaking score higher?or I should only focus on vocabulary and ideas?

hi simon
Last time i was given a questionnaire when i had to get registered with my local general practitioner as it was very important for them to have proper records of my medical history.And i was supposed to give my all personal details like my full name,address,weight and other vital stats.my father had diabietes so, it was very cardinal for me to mention it in family history.moreover,if i have been suffering from any disease i had to mention it too but it wasn't a case with me.Then in end i also had to describe my fag and boose habits if i had so.and one more thing as i had recently arrived this country i had attached a xray which showed i was not suffering from any viral disease or any other disease.even i was told to had my chest xray done so that if i l be suffering from tuberclousis ,immediate actions could be taken.being an immigrant, i had to give proper information.

really i had a impressive questionnaire at the end of my 3 year nursing course at the farewell. they have asked multifaceted questions in terms of quality of teaching methods, success of approaching to clinical experience,facilities that affected learning nursing and apart from those we had to express our opinions on entertainment and work life balance. At that moment i was so delighted to give my opinion on work life balance and entertainment rather than academic approach as we were fed up with educational matters.we could hardly find the time for enjoyment at the university because of it was compulsory for us to complete 8 case studies within 6 months. So my opinion on that questionnaire wasnot optimistic as that course really made us huge tension mentally .actually we didnot enjoy our course at all

Hi Simon,
Your tips and strategies are very impressive. I picked up a few from this site during my IELTS preparation. I am glad to share my results with you on this site.
I scored 8.5 overall with a 9 in writing.

Thanks for your selfless service. You are building people's future here. May god bless you and all the IELTS aspirants.

A heartfelt thanks to one and all.


-a few thougths on IELTS from my end. Thanks.

I really got excited after reading your post ! thanks for sharing with us

Describe a time when you were asked to give your opinion in a questionnaire
It is service industry companies. When I was an undergraduate student in Egypt , I was asked whether I will continue into pathology as a career or not . I declined , the reason being , though I believe in pathology as a key subject in medicine , I did not want to deal with a dead body . especially the way the pathologist doing post mortem examination was appalling. There was well-equipped histology class, post-mortem examination department well organised, seminar classes well-organised and interactive. When you get educated and know what pathology stands for in medicine you know that it is a key in medicine. I enjoy it, it is one of the subject I loved in my live I scored well at class .

What kinds of organisation regularly conduct questionnaires?

It is service industry companies. Recently I was about British Gas and how I was feeling about them. They were asking me to give an opinion whether I was satisfied with their service or not. I replied without mincing my words because the bill was long overdue . I wanted to pay my bill long time ago but I was not in a position to push myself too much to pay. Then the bill buck it up . it is while I was in this state that they asked a question about their efficiency. I told them they were not efficient. And they asked if you give a range from 1 to ten , I gave them 5.
Do you think schools should ask children for their opinions about lessons?

Mostly I do not agree that children should give opinions about their teachers because the children are not mature enough, responsibility of well established system or institution which we must have trust in. For example teachers must be well trained , responsible, law abiding, good truck record, vivacious and bubbling and friendly so that they make children feel at home. For example I became a good professional because of my elementary school background. so that there must be some body who represents their interest and talk and give opinion on their behalf. This responsibility is squarely lies in the hand of their family and institution.

Dear Colleague,deepika gunasekara kankanamge
I wish you put your opinion this way. Your formal paragraph was without structure sentence and punctuation. Try to compare what I have done with what you have done and see the difference.

Really, I had an impressive questionnaire at the end of my 3 year nursing course farewell. .they asked multifaceted questions about quality of teaching and their methods, success of approaching to clinical practice . we had not been allowed to express our opinions on entertainment and work life balance. i was delighted to respond this question and it was a day I found happy because thgerec was a lot of pent up feeling . I gave vent to my anger . I felt a bit relieved . I wish I could have been asked while I was in college and make change with a little way I do.. in our college there was no balance between education and recreation. That will cause exhaustion and you will loose the enthusiasm for the profession

thanks for your advice sulaiman

Hi Rawan,

An "inside/indoor job" would mean you work in a building e.g. an office job. An "outside/outdoor job" would mean that you work outside e.g. builder, gardener.

Just give your opinions about these jobs - explain which job you would prefer.

Also, look at Shahla's answers (below your question).


Thanks Shahla!


Hi Ngan,

Focus on ideas and vocabulary. An idiom or two can be nice, but it often sounds 'forced' and 'memorised' when students try to use them too often.


Hi Gopi,

Thanks for your positive comments, and congratulations on getting such high scores! I like your blog post too.


Kani, Deepika, Sulaiman:

I'm afraid I won't be able to give any feedback on your descriptions (because I receive too many comments), but it's great to see that you are sharing and discussing your ideas.

This article helped me a lot. Thanks for wonderful piece of knowledge.

Hi simon, i''m sonu from india, I wanna improve my speaking. It's very poor. Pllzzz help me . Plz give me some tips how I can improve my speaking?

It's good

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