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May 18, 2011


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Should a sense of competition be encouraged among children, to what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

competition plays a major role in todays day to day life,some believe that it helps to take them to the top rungs,whereas others think that it has negative impact on children.Discuss?

Should competition be encourage in any stage of life,to what extent do you agree or disagree?

Hi Alice, Shwetha and Maya.

Yes, all of your suggestions are good. Keep up the hard work!

Nowadays competition is prevalent aroud the world plays an positive role in people's lives. Do you think how the competitive concept can influence the public. Discuss and give your own opinion.

Nowadays competition is prevalent aroud the world and playing an positive role in people's lives. Do you think how the competitive concept influence the public. Discuss and give your own opinion.

hi Simon´╝îthanks for your website that I've leant a lot from. And could you pls recommend a writing book for ielts so that i can study in a systematic way?

how people are affected by the sense of competition? discuss


This is a very informative writing since it shows the good way to write main body paragraphs. You have to write down each of your supporting points for the main idea. TheIELTSSolution.com

Thank you.

Max and Deepika:

Yes, it could be a question about the influence or effect of competition.


Hi Will,

I'm afraid I never found the perfect book - that's one of the reasons I started to write my own lessons. I'm working on something more systematic at the moment - I'll let you know when it's ready.


Glad you liked the lesson IELTSSolution.

being competitive is a prerequisite for surviving in a technologically innovative and globalized society.however there are some detrimental effect on this issue too.

competitiveness has emerged so many beneficial outcomes apparent substiantially when it comes to a personal goal setting.Nevertheless even social hiarachy and social mobility are the developments of competence.This can hugely affect when people are reaching decisions on higher education and great job opportunities which can show off material wealth and self esteem.a good illustration of this getting good social standards by means of competition anyone can access state of art belongings such as smart phones, tablet computers.

on the other hand , it is undeniable that by giving priority to competence it has created unwanted social phenomena such as youth unrest, crime , youth delinquency and drug abuse as a result of failure to high competitiveness .A good illustration of this frustration made by daily needs and hopes under this much of competence there has been reported crimes in unacceptable manner.Recent sophisticated police operations has revealed this in a good way.

to sum up there are convincing arguments on this issue for both aspects which can address with proper approach.

Hi Deepika,

Some good ideas. You just need to get someone to check your work and highlight the mistakes.

hi simon every time you make me more courageous

hi simon,

just have few things to ask.

for the task 2 questions like 'Discuss both views and give you own opinion, and 'to what extent do you agree or this agree' ,, i should better not use words like 'I, you, we, us, yours'to express my opinion??

i was using those one or two times to express my idea more clearly but my ielts teacher told me to not use it and i am really confused..


Hi Jay,

Have a look at this lesson:


competition helps us to find ourselves better compair whit anothers.

Hi Simon,

Regarding the following types of IELTS topic:
Different people show different views on whether to encourage children to be competitive or help child cultivate a sense of cooperation, and then dicuss both views and give your own opinion.

Should I hold either of the two opinions, or is it more deriable to hold a view such as it depends on the situation which means both cooperation and competition are equally important for children, and we should teach them both?

I have been feeling confused about organizing this kinds of writing task, becuase Paul seems to suggest that you'd better take either A side or B side.

If I take neither of the above views, how should I organize my essay?

Thanks for your help.

Warm regards,

Hi Summer,

It's your choice. You can either choose to favour one of the views, or you can say that both are valid depending on the situation.

Usually I find it easier to favour one of the views, but it's perfectly acceptable to say that it depends on the situation.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your advice and for updating your blog which really helps me a lot.

Should a sense of competition be encouraged a person life. to what extend you agree or disagree with this statement

Hi Shila,

I wrote a paragraph about that question in this lesson:


Thanks a lot for your help

hi simon or to all
can anybody tell me the meaning of "and should therefore be encouraged. " this sentence ...

hi simon i need your help.
i got my ielts result today and i came to know that i did't achieved my required score
i got 7 in speaking which is ok.
i got less in every module except for the speaking. i have all the required structure in my essay i don't know what happened there every time i practice at home i got higher score in reading n listening. i need 7 in each except for the listening i need 7.5 in that. plz help

i had very good introduction and supporting points with explanations and examples with conclusion at the end and even at the end of each body paragraph. plz help me where i was wrong and how to improve..thanks

hi dear simon this is my first time visiting this site .i am a student of medicin living in kabul city afghanistan .i addmitid myself for the 29th aug 2013 ielts exam in kabul and this is my first ielts exam .The question that i have in my mind is that how will be the exam for the candidates who live in a contry like afghanistan where students do not have much facilities to learn good english ,questions will be easy or the same like in canada,aus etc and i need your sugestion how to pass the ielts exam i need 6.5 over all bond to apply for forther studeis in a foriegn contry .thanks

hi simon i need your helpe
i have a ielts test in September and i want to have a estimate of my writing skill may i sent you my essay? I need a skilled person mend my writing and remake me my fault.

some people think that competition is necessary to make life success, while other believe its not worth to success life.
do you agree or disagree?

As more youngster developing competitive attitude, some people fear competitive attitude will leads to destruction of moral values.

To what extent do you agree and disagree with the statement.

Hi simon,
i found it very useful visiting this page everyday, reading through the examples and tips you have put here is very helpful, i can see now where i have been going wrong in my writing part of the ielts.

Thnak you once again.

hello simon
i`m zakria usmani from pakistan . i have one question from you please guide me how to get plan for ielts essay i can`t getting idea`s about the topic please tell me some practice which help me to getting idea`s about the topic......

zakria usmani

hi, simmon
im jabi jacob from kerala,i have difficulties in writing essays,i didnt geting ideas of related topics,plz tell ur suggestion how to practice which help to getting more ideas

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