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May 11, 2011


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thanks for help

hia simon i am going to take ielts on saturday in manchester.i have done all preparation from ur site can u plz give four pie charts picture u have taken from cambridge ielts 7?i cannot see that chart.plz help melot of thanks for ur amazing work

Hi Rabia,

I'm afraid I can't give you a digital copy at the moment. Try going to a bookshop or library to have a quick look at it.

I'm glad you like the site. Good luck on Saturday!

It has been subject to debate that whether museums play a greater role in education or entertainment.In my opinion it seems to be both of them acceptable in same pathway as enjoyment or educational.

firstly ,a great conviction can be made by indicating the range of facilities they offer for joy.A good illustration of this they exhibit their value cultural artistic and scientific artifacts in attractive way supporting sound commentaries with headset to use.nevertheless museums play a pivotal role in entertaining all people in spite of age gap with depicting statues imaginary beings and items which show roots of human civilisation.for instance tools which has used for hunting in "stone age".

nobody deny that facilitating sound resources for educational purpose are a great opportunity who do research. anybody can absorb knowledge on ancient history which are portraying powerful strength of our ancestors.Certain museums are fully equipped with electronic access of information and trained staff for guidance.

to sum up by balance approach towards both of above views it can be easily made a sound environment for education and entertainment.

Hi Deepika,

Your vocabulary ideas are really good. You just need to work on accuracy - try to find a teacher or native speaker who can check your grammar and help you to reduce the number of small mistakes.

Keep up the good work!

hi simon , i feel you are the redeemer of our lives

Should arts-related entertainment venues such as museums and art galleries be free of charge for the general public, or should a charge apply for admittance?

Some people claim that public places like the museums and art galleries should be free of any entrance fee. In my opinion, I would oppose a fee for such venues because of the educational purposes and entertainment qualities that are involved.

On the one hand, museums and art galleries are expensive to maintain in terms of workers' salaries, expenditures, furniture and fittings and the like. They are providing and building storage cabinets to house the exhibitions for public to view and all these cost money. Secondly, funds are needed to secure extraordinary items for display and they are expensive to be included as assets. Even renting some items involves money and entrance collections are important. For example, to exhibit the Egyptian Pharoah collection will cause millions of dollars in insurance, transportation costs, securities costs and much more. Collections from admittance fees will be able to offset or perhaps making profits to showcase future exhibitions.

On the other hand, charging a fee for public venue or event might have a low participant of guests and as a result, the whole exhibit or display may be cancelled or stagnant. Families, on weekend outings, face the impossible task of paying expensive admission fees to have fun and entertainment values. Often people are charged for exhibits or events that are deemed to be ordinary or not worthy for the price they paid. This happens when the organisers are subjected to make profits instead of giving an outstanding performance show.

In conclusion, public venues and events are to be free of admission fees. This gesture will definitely be applaud by the public and generate much more interest in charity, appreciation and values.

I wrote this test essay, any comments / improvements?

I will be having IELTS test on Thurs in Kuching, Malaysia. I will try to post the questions here after the test. Wish me luck!
Previously scored L-8.0, R-8.0, S-8.0, W-6.5
Hopefully score better this time.......

Hi David,

Good luck in your test! Your essay looks fine - you've got the right idea.

There are two groups of people having controversial views about museums. One group think that museums motivate people to further education whereas others think that people visit museums to entertain and amuse. I believe, museums are having an educational support to a wide range of people .

Museums play a significant role in educating people in terms of what the past used to look like, how the animals were and ech-system it gives the general picture of how people in specific period of time were governate and how socialising . take a person who studies a specific subject about history which is sometimes difficult to digest without physical aid. Museums provide the physical aid to study history philosophy, art, science, culture ,etc,

Museums are the source of tourist attraction. Tourism is a flourishing industry supporting the economy of the nations all around the world these days. It is a main source of income in countries like Egypt to mention as an example. There are many other countries around the world which are of a major tourist destiny. Their museums play a phenomenal role in playing a backbone role in the general scheme.

To conclude it is important to have the opportunity to visit museums because we could improve our horizons in terms of history, art, astronology. So, if people take their time well and motivate their children to visit local museums, they might contribute in teaching their children indirectly about a museum piece or tool .

You seem to have the right idea Sulaiman.

Could you please tell me how to know the dates of the IELTS exam in Brimingham?

Hi Moka,

Go to ielts.org and search for your test centre.

very good

Gooood Luck Alya patni

Hiya Simon,
would you please suggest a good vocabulary book for IELTS.

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