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June 19, 2011


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Actually, I love English language. It`s not so dificult to learn compared to Japanese or Portugal for example. I have read three books of Paulo Coelho in English ( quite difficult ones,but to my surprise I understood everything). I am just very angry with organizers of IELTS test. In my opinion, this exam is not to assess student`s ability to use English language,it`s just a big bussiness which earns incredible amount of money every year.

yes, i think i am expericing this emotion now.

yes i agree with Kristina,the parameters are so different thats why this exam is so tricky.

Hi Simon

can you please tell me whether examiner has to ask all the questions in speaking test? I mean, if there is no time left and there are still few questions in,for example, part 3?

Thank you again

It is crucial to speak with a native speaker.
you can not learn if you speak with foriener .
it is important to learn collocations and phrases. for eample , you can not say different types of people. it should be a wide rane of people.
i think most of our colleaues are lookin for 7 , and, they are from a hihly standard of education. so to learn enlish properly , you should learn as a heavy subject like medicine and enineerin

Hi Kristina,

Yes, I agree that it's a business, but I've also seen how difficult it is for students to complete a degree course in English when their level of English is not high enough. Unfortunately there has to be some kind of test.

It's great that you've read some English books - I'm sure you're very close to getting the score you need, and hopefully it will all seem worth it when you pass. Keep enjoying the language and you WILL get there!


Hi Ruth,

In part 1 the examiner must ask all of the questions for the topics he/she has chosen. In part 3, he/she can miss some questions.

hope so. thanks for encouragement!

I've been always worrying in taking the IELTS exam because I have to get a band score of 7 in each categories. I know that worrying will not make my score high but low instead, so I have to find ways in order to improve and be motivated. I hope 1 month preparation is enough to get a band score of 7. Good Luck to all of us here!

Good luck Mariz. Stay positive!

I Mariz,
I think everyone here is looking for band 7 as it is the pre-requisite for most of the countries immigration process or for getting the admission in a good college.

i had learnt english for about 4 years in secondary school but then i learnt other language in high school in 3 years. now i am learning english to get atleast 6.0 or 6.5 band score. However now i only get 5.5.
Could you give me some advise, i am going to take ielts exam in august.

Hi Huong,

You just need to keep practising and working hard. Try to follow the daily lessons on this site, use the Cambridge IELTS books for test practice, and try to find a teacher or native speaker who can check your work, correct your mistakes, and help you to improve.

Hi Simon,
I'm confused about Speaking test. You told that the examiner have to ask all the question in part 1. Will I get a bad score if my answera are too long and time is up?
And if this situation continue in part 3, does it affect my score?
Thanks a lot.

Hi Ms.U

If your part 1 answers are too long, the examiner will have to interrupt you in the middle of every answer. This can become annoying for the examiner, who is under pressure to ask you all of the questions in a short time. In other words, try not to give long answers for part 1.

Part 3 is different - in that part you SHOULD try to give long answers.

Remember, part 1 is supposed to be easy, and part 3 is supposed to be more difficult.

Hi Simon!
I have a panic attack((
My exam is tomorrow(((
What should I do??
I cant even think because of my nerves((((

Thank you for your website, I wish I saw it earlier and bought your book...(

Hi Helen,

Don't do any more work now - it won't really help. Just try to relax, and make sure you have a good sleep and a good breakfast. Being a bit nervous is good because it can make you perform better, but don't get too worried - it's only an exam, and you can take it again if necessary.

Good luck!

Sorry for my emotions.
I will do my best tomorrow! I promise!

Thank you very much! I will you all best! You are wonderful, kind person! I will always remember you!

Thanks Helen. I hope it went well!


I am fed up with English. To be more precise, I would say that I hate this language having a large number of rules and exceptions. I am bored and I wish I could pass this unfair exam ultimately.

thank u for your advice. Even as taking IELTS test, i also consider it my hobby and trying my best to finish the test with the highest mark in my ability.

i found this site really special.i am trying a way to get band 7 individual within a short time.but i face difficulty.sometime i fed up but reading this site is very informative.thank u saya(teacher in Myanmar)simon.

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