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June 24, 2011


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i just attended speaking part of the exam. My part 2 question was "talk about a newspaper or magazine that you read recently. What kind of people follow it? What topics are included?"
Other parts were questions on happiness, internet, good and bad sides of them etc.
i tried to do it in a natural way and i used various adjectives when describing. Tomorrow i am taking the other parts.

Thank you for your advices

Thankyou very much for speaking topic
I hv one question regarding gramatic structure can u help me in this plz.
can we write down like this
(the proportion of consumer appliances owned by Britain families) or families in britain. and can we use bought instead of owned.

Dear Simon,
Can I talk about a lecture that I received during my marketing training? I mean, selling skill workshop and role play session at a seminar.
Thank you.

Dear Simon,
I have just got ielts result. It was 6.5. I just want to thank you for your useful blog. It helped me very much. Hope all the best things will come to you and me also.

People are getting throw older things or replace them with the latest model.Do you think that the disadvantages of throw away society outweigh possible economic advantages?

We are drowning in free trade liberalism where the availability of latest sophisticated items are remarkable.I completely agree with the above statement because of various factors are leading this concern.

Firstly, throw away behaviour has replace items which have not wore out and still working with higher efficiency.The very much desires of the people are driven badly towards material wealth.Ethical shoppers could hardly be seen due to availability of wide range of modern items which attracts the eye of buyer.There are certain economic advantages related to the purchasing new products.Some of the are directly linked to recovery of economy,decreased unemployment rates through new economic participation ,efficiency in house hold works thus leads to sound time management to daily shedule and boosting economy.Large volumes of productivity has lessen the difficulty in accessing the trade market and has facilitated buying new things at accesible prices .A good illustration of this ,the prize of electronic appliances has fallen recent years due to the increased production and higher consumer demand .Apple brand electronic devices are now sale at reasonable prizes ,

Secondly,the habit of throw away goods has created irreversible effects on bio diversity,natural resources depletion,environmental degradation,devastation of marine life,not only that but also,detrimental effects on human health are also being observed due to the toxins from thrown away articles.Eco system is overwhelmed by voluminous plastic which is not biodegradable.Chemicals are highly lethal for individual and marine life and fumes could be generated by fly tipping.Coral reefs are devastated by chemicals and ocean acidification thus leads to mass coral reef extinction.Respiratory problems and lung cancers are now common among affected inhabitants due to air pollution caused by throw away utensils.These changes would be constant if we accept this throw away culture further.

To sum up,drawbacks of throwaway things and buying new items outweigh the economic advantages

hi, deepika this looks like really good essay to me.

hi bimala thanks for compliments

I am going to talk about an interesting English literacy lesson that I attended at university when I was 20 years old. Although the teacher is not a native speaker, he was able to influence me and my peers to learn English properly. The reason is , he studied English language not just for profession but it is one of his hobbies, he tries sometimes to experience his talent with us. The first lesson catered by this teacher impressed me and motivated me to study harder . The teacher implemented a new technique in his delivery of the English language. in order to Keeping and memorising words according to our ability it is essential to keep songs authorised by him, by our hearts As he is a very good singer and Oregon player , he authored pieces of songs with the vocabulary and phrases that he wants us to learn . we sang the song while he was playing with his Oregon. All the words I learnt with this teacher are still in my memory and I can memorise some of them very easy. Although the first lesson was something strange, we laugh a lot and we considered it as an amusement class, the subsequent lessons were not as cheerful as 1st lesson was. The reason was it is essential to memorise 2 new songs in every class.

Hi rr,

You can say 'British families' or 'families in Britain' but NOT 'Britain families'. You can use 'owned'.


Yes Sankalay, that would be fine.


Congratulations IpThao! I'm glad my lessons helped.


Thanks for sharing your ideas Deepika and Sulaiman.

God bless you Mr.Simon

give me some tips to improve my spoken english as i m not having lessons from any tutor

Hlo sir
i have problem with writting task second.l gonna confused when i elaborate my ideas andi am not good at sentence making.yo
ispite of i have problem with reading module . Please sir give me some tips to improve my writting and reading.
Thank you.

Please anybody tell me how improve reading please

What can be done to improve the reading

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